Zephiros Beach 4 * (Greece / Crete) - photos, reviews

Zephiros Beach 4 - this is a hotel, which is located in an area which is one of the most beautiful on the planet, where people go to all corners of the world to spend a few days of good rest.And it is the island of Crete.Indeed, it is the center, which was formed mysterious Minoan civilization - they come here not only to lovers of the sea, but also lovers of archeology and architecture.Because somewhere, if not in Greece, it is possible to admire.


Tourists, choosing the most suitable option of the hotel, in which it would be possible to stay for a few days and be sure that he is fully satisfied with them in all respects, pay attention to such an important factor, as a place whereIt is a hotel complex.It's really important.For example, the hotel, located somewhere on the outskirts of the city, will not be popular, in contrast to the hotel, which is located right on the beachfront.And in this case we are talking about Zephiros Beach 4. This hotel is not that close to the sea - it is locate

d right on the beach, less than 200 meters away, guests of the clear azure water.Also want to mention close proximity to the airport - a little more than 20 kilometers.This is also important because some tourists stay in hotels, which are to go to the airport an hour and a half or two.And it's not very nice, especially after a long flight.

About Hotel

should say a few words about the very hotel complex.It was built not so long ago, but has already gained popularity and established itself as the budget option with good quality service.Everyone knows that Greece - a very friendly and hospitable country, and the hotel Zephiros Beach 4 exactly the same affable.It is made in typical style, with strong Greek architectural features.It should be noted that the area of ​​the hotel is very well appointed and neatly decorated.The original octagonal pool is illuminated with bright lights at night, beautiful palm trees, exotic flowers, green vegetation - there really good time.


It was said that Zephiros Beach 4 is located directly on the beach and that it is relatively close from the airport is located, but it's not all territorial advantages.For example, it does not say that the hotel is on a very busy street.There are numerous souvenir shops, shops, cafes and taverns.Because if you want to go for a walk - not pleasant souvenir shopping in a tourist hotel just do not come back.And I must say, having been in Greece, we can not look into one of the shops and buy there a fragrant olive oil, wine collector or real coffee.

options and costs of accommodation

total Zephiros Beach 4 not too many rooms - 85. They are divided into standard single and double and triple.More to potential guests can be offered apartments.And, of course, class rooms Superior - the standard has improved.I must say, despite the fact that the hotel is class four star hotel, the cost of accommodation here is pretty small.For example, if we take into account the two-week tour, the man runs out in the amount of about 11 thousand rubles.This, as you can see, very little for their services and comfortable rooms.When booking guests can indicate potential personal wishes regarding placement, for example, order a double bed in a room or two single.Only deal with redundancy is better in advance, at least one month before the departure date, as apartments in Zephiros Beach Hotel 4 literally snapping.

Home furnishings

A few words should be said about that, look like hotel rooms.One can say with absolute certainty - Apartment 4 Zephiros Beach will appeal to people who are accustomed to home comfort and warm, relaxing ambiance.The rooms are decorated in warm tones, all details of the interior complement each other.No surpluses and absolutely inappropriate here pathos.In general, the rest in these rooms - a pleasure.Moreover, in addition to the stylish interior, it should be noted that inside there is everything you need - from the terraces, finishing refrigerator.Fully equipped modern bathroom, radio, telephone, safe, hair dryer, air conditioning - well, really, everything.So the tourists who plan to rest here and worry about whether they are comfortable, there is no doubt, Zephiros Beach Hotel 4 (Crete) - a worthy choice.

Restaurant treats

This hotel has its own restaurant with an outdoor terrace, which is surrounded by lush flowering gardens.All guests are treated under the "buffet", with a variety of food and delicacies are always fresh.Also "Zephyros Beach" (Crete) offers a tavern a la carte, serving Cretan and Greek cuisine.Be sure to take time out to enjoy traditional sweets, drinks and delicacies.Greek cuisine is really unusual - lovers of exotic and real gourmets will appreciate the unique local cuisine.And, of course, the complex has several bars.There visitors can enjoy a variety of drinks - both intoxicating and soft.Total offers two bars - in the hotel and the pool.


"Zephyros Beach" - is not just a hotel, it is also a place where you can spend your leisure time.The hotel made sure that guests do not have to be bored.Of course, the first thing we should note the swimming pool.More guests can visit the hot tub, enjoy a sauna, watch movies or TV-transmission in the cabin.You can also play billiards, table tennis and water sports.By the way, in the evening the hotel hosts various entertainment programs.

When guests come on holiday with their children, they do not need to worry about what their kids will be bored.On the territory of the hotel complex has a swimming pool designed specially for them, is also a children's playroom and even a mini-club.

should say a few words on a beach holiday.Guests surcharge may be offered umbrellas and sun loungers.And yet something about the entertainment.This hotel - more likely option for families.However, young people like it here, because the hotel is close to Heraklion, to which less than an hour to go.This is not only a cultural center, it is also the place noisy parties, parties, nightclubs and entertainment.So if you want a larger fun, should go to Heraklion and spend a few amazing nights that will long remain in the memory as the brightest moments of life.

Comments seasoned guests

prices in Greece, as you know, is quite low - 30 thousand rubles (with tickets) can meet to spend an unforgettable week of rest.And Zephiros Beach 4 (Crete) - is an option for those people who want to relax cheaply, but without sacrificing comfort.Those tourists who have stayed here, for the most part speak of the hotel complex is positive.Note that an atmosphere of grace, quiet - that is necessary for people who dream of a break from the bustling metropolis.Of course, all happy to say that the sea is very close - a definite plus for those who like to sunbathe and swim.The favorable location, too, do not leave without attention - many guests, especially avid shoppers, attracting numerous souvenir, food and other shops.If we talk about what advice give guests, many guests who stayed more than once at this point, saying that the best rooms are on the top floor, and it is better to book them.In general, this is a great hotel.Staff friendly, helpful, professional.Cleaned thoroughly daily, decent food, and the atmosphere - what you need.For lovers of comfort and relaxation - perfect.