Features holiday: Vietnam in July

Vietnam - a country rich in the ancient temple complex and beautiful nature.In addition, there is excellent snow-white beaches and long coastline, which is washed by the waves of the South China Sea, and attracts visitors from literally all over the world.There is also the famous Halong Bay with more than three hundred disparate islands.Vietnam in July, and in any other month of the year is perfect for both beach and informative sightseeing holiday.

The climate of the country: general information

climate of this country is mainly a tropical monsoon.However, in the north it is more like a subtropical, and in the south - in the sub-equatorial.No significant temperature change during the year is not observed.In the north of the hottest season lasts from May to October.The temperature during this period, as a rule, raised to 30-33 ° C.Fans heat is best to go to Vietnam in July and August (this applies to the north of the country).In the south, the temperature is relatively stable throughout the year.I

t gives visitors the opportunity to come permanently to Vietnam.Holidays in July there will be as good as, for example, in October.At the same regardless of the month the average moisture content is about 80%.In addition, the striking feature is the fact that absolutely all areas of the country are both dry and rainy seasons.

Beach vacation

If we talk about the features of a beach holiday in this part of Indochina, then, on the one hand, because of the high temperature characteristics to someone may seem that summer - it's not the best time to visit these places.Those who go to Vietnam in July, should be prepared for the fact that, in addition to high temperature, they can expect a fairly large rainfall.Humidity on the coast in this period may reach the level of 80-90%.

On the other hand, at this time the water is very warming, the temperature is able to rise up to 29 ° C.This makes it possible to swim calmly to everyone.Also, do not forget that holidays in Vietnam in July, is a sufficient budget, since the summer in South East Asia is officially the low season.During this period there is a significant decline in prices, there are no problems with the booking of hotels on the beach and in the fight for the attention of tourists, many companies are willing to provide the highest level of service.In addition, for the most comfortable beach holiday tour operators are advised to choose the south and central Vietnam in July.

list of the best places for a beach holiday

One of the best places to visit at this time is considered to be a small town of Hoi An, which is located in the central part of the country, on the coast of the Gulf of Tonkin.In July, there is very hot weather and rainfall reaches only 110-150 mm.The air temperature is heated to 30-32 ° C, and the water temperature - up to 25-28 ° C.Apart from Hoi An, those who want to travel to Vietnam in July, you should pay attention to one of the most famous seaside resorts - Nyachang- and tourist capital of the country - Mui Ne.These cities located closer to the central portion, and the temperature in the middle of summer is increased to 27-30 ° C.With regard to the sea water, it has time to warm up to 28-29 ° C.

sightseeing vacation

rest in the hot summer months on the tropical coast, do not forget about the great opportunity to visit a large number of Asian temples and various landmarks.This abundance is primarily due to the fact that this is an original country, wherein a very rich culture, where philosophy is intertwined and four directions in religion (Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Taoism).Arriving in Vietnam in July, be sure to visit and amazing beauty of Halong Bay, which is home to the mythological dragon is one of the varieties of Loch Ness monster.Here you can also see the puppet show, to learn the characteristics of silk painting and plunge into the world of national dances.In addition, any tourist who scheduled your holiday in Vietnam in July, should also look at the famous Marble Mountains, which formed the islands, or take a tour of the unique Mekong River.