Terracina, Italy: the city's attractions.

picturesque resort of Terracina (Italy) is at the Tyrrhenian Sea and belongs to the Lazio region.The city is considered one of the most famous resorts in the region and is famous for its excellent sandy beaches.In addition to natural resources, Terracina boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage.There remained a lot of unique structures that have survived since ancient times.

picturesque town

city is divided into lower and upper Terracina and is on the way famous Appian Way.In the upper part of the village there are buildings of the medieval period, the fragments of the fortress walls, defensive fortified towers, and other structures of the Roman Empire.The city covers an area of ​​136 square meters.m, its population is about 43 thousand. man.

Lower the city - this modern neighborhoods with lots of shopping malls, shops, luxurious hotels and magnificent sandy beaches.In this area, excellent infrastructure and favorable conditions for rest.In addition to water sports and sunbathing, the reso

rt offers travelers sightseeing tours, visits to discos, boat trips and a host of other entertainment.Terracina (Italy) - a beautiful and breathtaking landscapes, beautiful architecture, the mild climate, clean air, which is very rich in iodine.All of these resources are essential attributes of a romantic Terracina.


Terracina existed before our era, and a couple of times mentioned in historical annals that date back to the time of Carthage.After entering this settlement in the Roman Empire it became the largest port in the region and even in those years was a popular resort in the local scale.In the era of the Romans here we paved the Appian Way, built large structures.According to legend, this is where Paul met Jesus Christ, and then went to Rome in order to promote the precepts of Christianity.Significant impact on the city and made the Byzantine era that influenced his cultural development.Status resort city of Terracina in Italy was in the middle of the last century.It developed in the shortest possible time, and to date has achieved the reputation of decent tourist center in the region of Lazio.


the local weather conditions in the region are soft.The Mediterranean climate provides hot summer, the thermometer bulb in the summer usually does not fall below 25 degrees.Precipitation in Terracina commonly observed from November to March.In cold weather here is usually not below 6 degrees C. The swimming season at this resort is fairly long - from May to October.These are fertile conditions can provide Terracina (Italy).Reviews of the resort as a whole are positive.


Getting to this luxury resort can be from Naples or Rome (in these cities have international airports).From there to the resort can be reached by bus or train that constantly go in this direction.In short, the problems get to the resort you should arise.


Who among us does not dream to go to vacation in Italy?Terracina - it is a great place to spend your summer vacation with your family.Waterfront Resort boasts a fairly wide and just an excellent place for peaceful holiday.Beaches in Terracina landscaped - there is all that is required for a complete comfort: deck chairs, umbrellas, showers, sports facilities, changing rooms, rental of various water transport, discos and so on. D. The most active tourists are invited to learn the skills of diving and dive intothe fascinating underwater world.If you do not want to dive deep into the sea, you can ride with the breeze on water skis.

Terracina, Italy: Sights

Terracina main asset is considered to be a historic district of the city.Sign it is possible through the majestic gates Neapolitan.On the central square tower theaters and temples of the Roman republic.In this resort town, you can also see the charming houses of the Middle Ages.Among all these ancient buildings stands out the Cathedral of St. Cesare.Floor of the temple is decorated with a unique mosaic, which dates back to the 5th century AD.

If you decide exactly what your vacation will be a place of Terracina (Italy), do not forget to admire the exquisite castle Venditti, which is located next to the arch on the Appian Way.Opposite the palace is the ancient Tower of roses and the Bishop's Palace.All these old structures can not fail to impress you, do not feel the spirit here that ancient era is simply impossible.Apart from all these amazing landmarks, Terracina also submit your gaze ancient temple of Jupiter - his tower majestically right on the beach.

Water Activities

Antiquities - not all that can give you Terracina (Italy).Sightseeing - is, of course, very exciting, but want a little extreme!Vacationers have an excellent opportunity to join the water sports.You can also go to the local water park Miami Beach and beach volleyball.

Romantics will love the exciting boat trips, fishing enthusiasts and for organizing the entire tours to remote areas.There you can also swim freely in the open sea or even scuba dive.In order to diversify leisure, we suggest you look in the evening at a local restaurant or disco.


First-class service for a long time is the main element, which is associated with tourists Italy, Terracina.Hotels in taking hundreds of tourists every year.The hotel is indeed possible to choose for every taste.List them all is impossible, so we decided to acquaint you with only the most famous of them.

1. Grand Hotel Palas (4 *).This hotel is located near the central area of ​​the city at the foot of San Angelo.The hotel has 72 rooms, terrace restaurant, bar, and solarium.The rooms - the arsenal of all necessary: ​​TV, bathroom, minibar, air conditioning, satellite TV, and so on. D.

2. Grand Albergo Miramare (4 *).This hotel is surrounded by a magnificent park with unique trees and flowers and located on the beach.Previously, there was the summer residence of the Queen of Italy.Rooms represented private villas, and this creates the impression of a small town.In houses with amenities.

3. Albotros Hotel (3 *).The hotel has 40 rooms with all amenities.At the hotel has a solarium, an outdoor pool and a garden.For children up to 3 years old in the room you can put an extra bed.

4. Al Canto Delle Sirene (3 *).The mini-hotel is located 12 rooms with mini-bar, TV, telephone, refrigerator, tea and coffee maker.The territory has an outdoor pool and a garden.

5. Aportamenti Torre del Sole (4 *).All rooms have high comfort and very cozy interior.This hotel can offer a room-Hour, bicycle and car rental, ticket booking, tour arrangements, and so on. D.

It's not all hotels in Terracina (Italy), which you can choose.There are cheaper or expensive options, with a choice of hotels with tourists, usually there are no problems.


considered the most romantic restaurant "Saint Patrick" and Trioni, which are located in the historic district of the city.In addition to delicious Italian dishes, you can enjoy the unique medieval atmosphere that is created with antique decor.The lion's share of cafes and restaurants located on the city's central square, in their menu you can find a variety of goodies.Seafood, a famous Italian pasta, ice cream, delicious desserts - after all these dishes you really feel full and happy.


In stores and at many souvenir shops can be found a wide range of goods.Footwear, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, and just nice gadgets - from such a wide choice simply dazzled.It is worth noting that the prices are low can not be named, but at the same time, they are smaller than in Rome and in other "promoted" resorts.

Terracina (Italy) - is an elegant resort with a wide choice of entertainment, an incredibly beautiful nature and unique ancient architecture.He is perfect and youth, and couples with children.Bright and memorable vacation at this resort at the tender of the Tyrrhenian Sea you exactly guaranteed.Come - you will not regret it!