Rainbow Falls in the suburbs - ordinary miracle .How to get to the waterfall Rainbow : reviews

Falls suburbs - who knows them?It is safe to say that these natural wonders are little known.We will not describe everything, but focus only on one thing.Rainbow Falls (Kaluga region) - a truly heavenly place.It attracts numerous excursions, and tourists traveling alone.Rainbow Falls on the river Nara is located near the capital of Russia - about 45 kilometers from the city.


The area is very rich in springs and keys.They, in turn, are a kind of arteries, which are joined together to form a giant stream, flowing from the five-meter height.Nara - the left tributary of the Oka River - originates in Peletskom lake.In this area, water flow makes a sharp bend.This enables the viewer to admire the unique views, opening onto Rainbow Falls.In the valley, which occupies a small area, climb out of seven springs.


itself tear down the flow can not be taken as some kind of a stream.Rainbow Falls is an amazing natural phenomenon.A scenic surroundings regularly attracts visitors here.By the

waterfall bend and Nara are high steep left bank, and the indescribable beauty of the valley, which is surrounded by high hills.It really amazes with its magnificence.The waterfall is relatively small, located in the bush.From there, all three streams cascade down.Rainbow waterfall flows down the mountainside, densely green moss.The water is icy and fast jets gush in all directions.Spring-source document originates very high and coming down, making for a pleasant murmur of the hearing.Next on his way there is a steep cliff, and it breaks down rapidly in the capacity of a waterfall.Bend of the river itself as it creates an exclusive setting for him.A bright sunny day it shimmers like a perfect multi-faceted diamond.If you watch him at such times, it is easy to understand why he was nicknamed the Rainbow.It really is the greatest treasure, created by nature itself.

right time for visits

Rainbow Falls, as well as all the waterfalls near Moscow, extraordinarily beautiful at any time of the year.Nevertheless, for the rest in the family is more suitable summer.During this period, possibly shallowing of the waterfall, but it will not affect the overall picture of the region.Warm and clear weather, a pleasant breeze blows the warm air and the peak flowering flora definitely not spoil the impression.This confirms the huge number of people willing to spend the weekend right in tents and feel tremendous oneness with nature.For lovers of the aesthetic beauty of the best time for a trip to the waterfall will spring.It was in these days of water always poured rosier than in others.The snow-white snow slowly melts and merges with a stream, complementing and enhancing the flow of water.The spectrum of its iridescence becomes truly extraordinary.Unfortunately, in the autumn due to adverse weather conditions to visit the waterfall maybe not so often.Only since the beginning of September to early October is considered relatively suitable for the trip.An important condition is the dry weather.Without exaggeration, this place in the winter like a fairy tale.Newcomers immediately find themselves in a snowy forest.Their eyes opened a wonderful source that falls downhill crystal ice flow.In winter its power considerably weakened, but the creek does not freeze completely and smoothly flows into the river.This spectacle is able to charm everyone.

Important rules that comply with recommended

spring roadbed erodes much.To visit the waterfall at this time, will have to make a serious risk.Continue on such tracks rather difficult, so the wheel must be an experienced driver.On the day of departure should pay close attention to the draft.If the rain has just ended or is still going, we should postpone the trip, as a prerequisite for a safe journey is the dry weather.Another no less important requirement - the existence of the right shoe.It should be noted that the soil of the area is mainly wetland, there are many streams and approaches to them are filled with water.Shoes should be waterproof and such that it does not slip out of the legs.

Amazing Rainbow Falls.How to get to this miracle of nature?

Despite certain difficulties, each year the number of tourists and bus tours is increasing.To reach the waterfall you can walk and, of course, if someone is able to overcome the fifteen kilometers from the station "250 km circular railway."But it's best to hit the road with a special bus tour or on your own car.If you choose the second option, you should turn on the asphalt road before refueling, and a monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, before you reach the village of Papineau.A reference point can also serve as a summer camp, you want to pass and then turn left.Then be overcome dirt road leading through a large field.Once this stretch of road will be left behind, there will be several options for further road to the destination.

Selection of the optimal route

For those who enjoy mountain climbing.You must get to the end of the road through the field.Then turn right and overcome a few meters until the slope of the mountain will not appear within reach.It was on this hill will go down right to the very waterfall.

For those looking for extreme sensations.You should also get to the end of the road, which runs through the field.We must leave the forest that grows on the left slope behind and follow that road that the rights of others.Then will descend to the river across the lawn, and then turn left.

for romantic natures.This category of people is enough to drive and refueling bridge over the river and immediately turn right.To be quite smooth ride on the road.Upon arrival you can arrange a small picnic and enjoy the beauty of nature.