Car Mercedes Sprinter in freight and passenger versions

vans This was presented to the public in early 1995.It was created for a multi-operation in various fields of transportation, from passenger to cargo transportation, and can be used for personal use, and for work in transport companies.Car Mercedes Sprinter has a total weight of 2.6 to 4.6 tons and vehicles of its kind it is different economy and its versatility.

Possible delivery of the car can be in the form of a van or minibus, as well as the chassis.The chassis can be a dump or on-board platform with a double cabin and different wheelbase: 3000, 3550 and 4025 millimeters.In the manufacture of the most profitable car used for this weight class design: a bearing body, longitudinally mounted front engine and rear-wheel drive.Due to its high quality and performance of the Mercedes Sprinter has been two years in a row ", the minibus."

in a performance of the closed van vehicle has a useful volume of 7 cubic meters.meters in the smallest embodiment to 13.40 cubic meters.meters for version with long w

heelbase and high roof.In this case it will be possible to load the board or four europallet length of 4 meters.Fully swing open the rear doors and sliding side doors make quite convenient loading with a forklift.If the Mercedes Sprinter is in the form of the truck, its load capacity ranging from 750 kg to 3715 kg.

When it is set-row cabin, it is possible in addition to cargo transport team has up to 7 people.In the case of execution of a two-door version of the car in the bus XXL size it can be transported in a comfortable environment of 15 to 17 people.This version can be installed as options VCR, refrigerator and a table between the seats.Car Mercedes Sprinter has the characteristics of convenient, it is prepared for virtually any transport task.It is easy to operate in confined and narrow city streets because of power steering rack and pinion steering.

For driving in difficult road conditions are available all-wheel drive versions.And here also available as a permanent all-wheel drive and manual transmission with a transfer to a lower gear and connects the front axle.An important advantage of the Mercedes Sprinter is its efficient engines: a gasoline engine and an advanced four new models of diesel CDI.Their power ranges from 60 kW (82 hp) to 115 kW of power (156 hp).On request is possible to install an automatic transmission with switching to manual mode that allows you to leverage the high torque.

Compared with previous models of engines in the modern Mercedes Sprinter reduced fuel consumption by 3-5%.On request is possible to install the automatic startup and shutdown of the engine, it saves fuel, even at traffic lights, and fuel consumption is reduced by another 2-8%.This design also improves engine life and durability mileage engines.In this connection, maintenance and repair Mercedes Sprinter becomes more advantageous, furthermore, if desired, can be installed Assyst active service system, which regulates intervals before replacement oil, depending on the actual conditions.As in all Mercedes cars in Sprinter great attention to active safety systems.It has implemented a set of them, responsible for the safety of passengers.Buses Sprinter is extremely popular in the US and Europe, and the main factory in Düsseldorf working in three shifts.