Cargo Fugron Mercedes-benz Vito

Mercedes-Benz Vito - is fugron freight, cargo collation built on a platform type W638.Offers two main versions: a van, carrying capacity is from 895 to 925 kg and devyatimestny minibus carrying capacity of 740 kg.Vito are equipped with diesel or petrol power unit, the power of the diesel engine 79 and 98 horsepower, gasoline - 129 and 143 hp
As the car is produced since 1996, naturally, he succumbed to modifications.In 2003 came the second generation Vito, which gradually began to replace low-tonnage cars for commercial purposes.
Vito second generation is available in three body lengths: Compact, length 4748 mm kotorgo, Long length of 4993 mm and Extralong - 5223;two options presented and the size of the wheelbase: 3200 mm, 3440 mm;and five engines which power 88-218 hp
new generation has received a completely new body.The angular shapes become fluid and dynamic, which is considerably in full face and profile.Evident and traditional features of Mercedes-Benz - the harmonious lines of the bumper to the

windshield, a smooth transition to the side elements.Installed a new radiator grille, there was a dramatic vyshtampovka on the hood.Rear view of the cars is determined by the vertically arranged headlamps large.Regardless of the wheelbase Mercedes-Benz Vito sets new side doors, a sliding which facilitate the process of loading and unloading.The rear-hinged doors open at an angle of 180 ° and 270 °.Under the front seats can also put the goods - it is 200 mm plus the additional length.Roof load of 150 kg.
interior restyling touched almost everything.On the dashboard compartment appeared to A4 paper, and folders, maps, etc.Obmom glove compartment was increased to 11 liters.Adjusting the driver's seat and front passenger's longitudinal occurs at altitude, so it is possible to change the inclination of the backrest and seat cushion.In all of this, there is in the car and omissions.Poor visibility: wide front desk closes overview cornering and middle rear seat head restraint is almost completely deprive review.Mismatched and color versions of symbols on the instrument panel, it is orange and sunny weather is necessary to close the unit by hand so that you can understand the testimony.Despite its shortcomings, the positive side is much greater.
Structurally, the new Vito is significantly different from its predecessors.If the former were front-drive layout, we had a transversely extending powertrain, the new version of the engine and gearbox are located longitudinally, and the drive is now back.Since the rear-wheel drive is prone to drift, engineers equipped the car next to electronic security systems: the EPS system with ABS, traction control, brake force distribution and emergency brake.Increase the strength of a car in a collision with an obstacle.In front of the deformable zone established that in case of collision to absorb most of the kinetic energy.If you have questions for repair Vito can turn to books Repair Mercedes Vito.Repair Manual Vito was published in 2011 by publishing house Monolith road.
Vito has a wide range of engine, consisting of five engines, which meet the standards of Euro-4.Engines have become more dynamic, economical, quieter.Improved transmission provides comfort and confidence when driving.Cars equipped with independent suspension for all wheels.Depreciation racks mounted on the front axle for the rear suspension uses coil springs, shock absorbers with separated.
Mercedes-Benz Vito is a great option for the transport of both cargo and passengers.Minibus provides a decent level of comfort and security.