Gouves Sea Mare Hotel 4 * (Crete, Greece) photos, prices and reviews of tourists from Russia

Gouves Sea Mare Hotel 4 * - is a hotel complex located on the Crete.It is a picturesque, amazing island which fascinates visitors for its rich heritage and beautiful nature.Holidays in Crete quite popular.This is not surprising, since there is everything: the sea, the sights, the magnificent climate.And besides, the heat at any time of the year.And this is only the minimum benefits of recreation on the island of Crete.

Location hotel complex

Gouves Sea Mare Hotel 4 * - a modern hotel located directly on a private beach close to Hersonissos, which is known, is the main tourist center of the island.With its close proximity to water (less than two hundred meters away), this hotel is very popular among potential tourists and visitors who come here regularly.It is also just 16 kilometers separates him from the airport in Heraklion, which is one of the richest in all respects places in Greece.By the way, the first coastal line - this is not only the sea.And yet, and numerous bars, cafes, taverns and sho

ps that attract tourists and its diversity.In general, the hotel is located in a place is beneficial from all points of view.

Entertainment and leisure

Many potential visitors are concerned about what kind of entertainment can offer one or the other hotel.Indeed, sometimes you do not want to go anywhere.And there is a desire to just relax at the hotel, without straining, slowly nowhere.It is worth noting that in the Gouves Sea Mare Hotel 4 * thought out every detail.There is an outdoor swimming pool with sun loungers, as well as picturesque, condusive to a pleasant pastime garden.Fans of active rest will appeal to a tennis court.Fitness center, basketball court, sauna, sun terrace - on site has everything you need for a variety of leisure activities.And for those people who like to try something new, exotic, enjoy a wide range of alcoholic and other beverages, offers a bar.You can also visit the restaurant, which serves fresh and diverse treats.In general, in the Gouves Sea Mare Hotel every person will find something to do that will definitely have appealed to him.

rooms and apartments

Guests who decide to spend their holidays in this hotel offers comfortable rooms.A choice of single and double as well as family-style apartments.Non Gouves Sea Mare Hotel are furnished with new comfortable furniture, soft beds, which are covered with high-quality linens of the best tissue.And that's not all.Also, each of the rooms has a terrace or balcony.The hotel guests - a bathroom in which there is everything you need to care for themselves.Also has access to the Internet (Wi-Fi), it is very important to always be aware of what is happening on the planet.In general, there are literally all equipped with hair dryer, refrigerator, air conditioning, safe, telephone, toilet and even a music channel.Because to the level of comfort you can not worry - the situation is fully consistent with the level of four stars.

Tools and Services

Hotel Gouves Sea Mare applies to every guest a personal touch.The administration of the hotel complex takes care of that leisure travelers met all their expectations, so try to respond quickly to any questions and requests.So, they are given food and beverage service in the apartments, car rental, currency exchange, laundry services, and even the possibility of photocopied documents or send a fax.It should be noted that the reception is working without breaks and weekends.This is a definite plus, as the arrival of guests and their departure is fixed at any time, giving full freedom to the settlement.Do not need to wait a few hours after arriving on the island due to the fact that the aircraft had flown before registration starts hotel guests.More hotel has a banquet and meeting room.Because often hosts various events.

Special conditions

addition to all the above, guests CHC Gouves Sea Mare Hotel can take advantage of, and other services.For example, if a person can not imagine your life without a car, and even when on vacation, remains "on wheels", he may be invited to a free private parking space adjacent to the hotel.It has been said that the rooms have Wi-Fi.But if there is a need, then you can get online, even when you're at the pool, on-site access to a wireless network too.On request, an individual can be offered non-smoking.A few words should be said about the power.Administration feeds its guests breakfast buffet, and for the rest there is a restaurant, where real professionals of culinary affairs.If guests come on holiday with their children, they can not worry about their kids.The hotel offers a babysitting service and a nurse.They will take the children while their parents are relaxing in one of the bars, relax on the beach or anywhere to walk.

Guest Reviews

And finally, one more caveat, which certainly should be mentioned, talking about Gouves Sea Mare Hotel.Reviews of the people who have visited this hotel - that's what really matters.It's hard not to agree that they are of utmost importance, because comments can either spoil the impression, or intrigue in good terms.This hotel guests respond in a positive way.Of course, emphasize the excellent location.After the sand clean beach nearby.It does not go unnoticed range of drinks offered two bars.Moreover, it should be said, like a hotel, not only for tourists from Russia, but also to foreigners.The British, for example, are very satisfied with the level of service, friendly staff, and the quality of cleaning.There enjoyed by young companies, couples, the elderly.The only young people who want to relax in nightclubs, is to seek entertainment in Heraklion.After all, there are concentrated all parties.In general, the hotel offers excellent budget holiday for people who love the comfort and economy.Room rates at Gouves Sea Mare Hotel 4 * per night can vary from 900 to 1500 rubles, it all depends on what kind of apartments will be selected.