Van Volkwagen Transporter

prototype is now famous Volkwagen Transporter (T4), developed in 1938.The first cars had the name Bulli .Every year, the car improved.Fourth revolutionary generation appeared in 1990.First of all, it is a completely new generation of remarkable design. Volkwagen Transporter has polukapotnuyu arrangement, the drive on the front axle line engine located longitudinally in the engine compartment.

We VW Transporter has its own characteristics: drive on our roads converted into freighters passenger cars.Just to clear of the truck is cheaper than the passenger version and many lend themselves to possible savings.If you wish, the car can be transformed beyond recognition.This will help you book on repair and maintenance Volkwagen Transporter publishing Avtoresurs.

Based VW Transporter created a lot of modifications, even loading platforms.Basically there are three variations: passenger, cargo-passenger and cargo.These versions are all-metal vans that can carry loads of up to one tonne.Utility v

ersion of the truck features a large glazed on the perimeter of the body, as well as the lack of partition that separates the cockpit and the cabin in the presence of one or two rows of seats.

All seats are removable, if necessary, dismantled or turned over counter-movement.Shop VW Transporter the quality of materials and ergonomics close to the cars.Passenger model VW Transporter called Caravelle - more expensive execution T4.It is characterized by a complete set of accessories and quality finishes.
In 1996 Volkwagen Transporter slightly modernized.External changes have occurred only on the passenger version of the front bumper changed headlights are slightly beveled and have a white optics turn signals.Conversion front were made for reasons of practicality.After changing the engine compartment has increased and it is possible to place any of the engines Volkwagen .
have VW Caravelle and VW T4 after the upgrade, a new instrument panel and steering wheel, tachometer have also been installed.It was released as the luxury variation VW Caravelle dubbed VW Multivan , followed by isolation in a separate family.All
Transporter and Caravelle available as standard (1940 mm) and high (2430 mm) roof.Tailgate full lift, the lift door dampers durable.In Caravelle , mainly hinged door type.In relation to body 4, it is no particular comments.Problem areas are sliding side doors and racks.
For many years on the issue Volkwagen Transporter different engines installed.Initially set two petrol 2.0-liter and 2.5 liters and 84 hpand 115 hprespectively.There were also diesel engines: a 1.9 liter turbo diesel engine and a power of 68 hp, the second atmospheric diesel 2.4 liter, with a capacity of 75 hp

After modernization became available to new powertrains.The main engine was the 2.5-liter with several possible capacities: 88, 102 and 150 hpThe maximum speed of the last 180 km / h and accelerates it to 100 km / h in 12.8 seconds.There was a petrol engine with 2.8-liter and 170 hpBut he is established solely on the top-end versions.Such an engine maintenance of roads, and the fuel consumption is 15-16 liters per 100 km.Usually
VW T4 equipped with low-power engine and a manual transmission, but the passenger versions equipped with more powerful engines.Drivetrain four-wheel drive can be considered only conditionally.Viscous coupling connects the rear axle only when the front wheels slip.
Usually VW T4 equipped with five-speed manual transmission.Four-stage "machines" are rare.
Volkwagen Transporter can meet the needs of a large number of consumers, because it has different versions and has a large range of applications.