What is the cost to clear of the van at the new rates of the WTO?


It has been over six months since the introduction of new tariffs on machinery and commercial vehicles.Commercial, incidentally, it is called because used exclusively in order to benefit from the business.Example - you build a house for his family, we have to pour the foundation - concrete mixer needed.Would you buy a truck mixer with a view to a single pouring of the foundation?Of course not.it is ridiculous and absurd.Similarly, it is with truck tractors and trailers to them - they do not get to carry out the move from apartment to apartment, bulldozers and other special equipment.That's why these customs clearance and other forms of transport can not be a private person and it is prohibited by law.We are not going to do a global analysis on the subject of any reduction in taxes benefited, and what - no.We analyze the closest to a small sample of private carriers - customs clearance van on new duties, and does not forget to mention about this innovation as the recycling.

Customs duties

What can affect the amount of import duty on the import of the van?That's right - the year of its release.Even before the new rates were introduced, it was not profitable to import trucks older than 5 years - tax bite.Now the trend has continued, so for example, we take the customs clearance of the van with a diesel engine, produced in 2011, the relevant eco-standards Euro 4, with a total weight of more than 5 tons and engine capacity of more than 3500 cm. Cube.After determining the code TN VED we learn that the import duty on such wagons will be quite low - 10% of the duty + 18% VAT.Bring their most economically feasible.For example, take the customs value of the desired wagon equal to 40 000 (almost a new machine, there is a freebie).We calculate our costs based on the conditions that the rate of the Euro on the day of customs clearance is 40.74 p.for 1 Euro.Costs go following:

Import duty - 183331 p.- 15% of the customs value (it includes the cost itself, the cost of shipping and insurance - if such be the case),

VAT - 252 997 p.,

Charges for customs clearance - 5500 p.(taken on the basis of the cost of the vehicle and a method of submission of the declaration. For example, if the return is filed on channels ED2 - fees amount to 25% or less than 4125 rubles, but it is the nuances of customs clearance).

tax for scrappage - 237 180 (base rate-150000 rubles. * Factor in this case - 1.34)

Thus, all the costs of customs clearance and payment of utilization fee will be approximately 680 thousand rubles.Rise in there.The government is trying to maintain a domestic producer, it is known to all, but every year the quality of its vans in the country is not improving, and European trucks have long earned a reputation as trouble-free working "horses" service which goes where as less money.

In conclusion, I want to give advice - if you are going by yourself to clear of the van and at the same time you do not know how to define a class of environmental bezopassnosti car, you do not know what to do in case the customs authorities will want to make adjustment of customs value - refer to customsbrokers in the region, have the right to provide services of customs clearance of commercial vehicles.Customs broker - a company that provides services in the customs authorities, and knowing all the details of design.