"Mazda Bongo" - the story through the generations

first minivan "Mazda Bongo" was born in the distant 1966.At that time it was a rear wheel drive car with very modest by today's specifications.The machine mans a small gasoline engine brand F800 with a working volume to 0.782 liter.After some time, Japanese engineers launched the serial production of the new minivan "Mazda Bongo" with one-liter engines brands F1000.Then was born the first all-wheel drive modification of the already popular at the time of the car with 4 doors.Closer to the 70s of the last century car factory has developed a completely new version of the legendary "Mazda Bongo" - light trucks and pick-up.

Production of the second generation

Unfortunately, the Japanese minivan had one significant drawback - low resistance to corrosion.These machines can be operated not more than 5 years, after which the whole body is completely covered with rust.Therefore, "Mazda Bongo" needed in many technical revision of this part of the car.Thus, in the late 70s (to be exact, in 1977), the company h

as developed and launched the serial production of the new, second generation gruzovichkov account.Due to successfully elaborate new advertising campaign has been the sales leader among all the vehicles in its class.Soon, the old 1-liter, three more were added to the unit volumes of 1.3, 1.4 and 1.6 liters.Technical data "Mazda Bongo" was on top.

production of the third generation

next generation of minivans was published in 1983.Legendary "Mazda Bongo" substantially changed its appearance, and technical specifications.It was the first generation of machines, which are installed on the diesel engine.And these engines had two.He is set to "Mazda Bongo" diesel engine with a displacement of 2.0 and 2.2 liters.Three months later, in the same 1983, the plant has produced the first long-wheelbase vehicle modifications.It was "Mazda Bongo Brownie."This generation of vans were produced over the entire 16 years.During this entire period, the Japanese company managed to develop several modifications "Mazda Bongo", including cars on the drive.Also, it was equipped with the first generation of automatic transmissions, which at that time were excessive rarity on the roads.

development of 4th generation

In 1999 he started the production of new vans and light trucks under the name "Mazda Bongo."When creating a new generation of the legendary 'Bongo' engineers have paid great attention to the security of a novelty - the first time this car has staffed several airbags and anti-lock wheels.I do not go unnoticed and design, which to this day delights motorists.Also, we should mention the emergence of an entirely new modification - a refrigerated van.

Unfortunately, last year the concern management announced the termination of serial production "Mazda Bongo."The fourth generation was the last one, which is made in Japan.