Chevrolet Niva reviews of the owners tell a lot.

Well sometimes recall the well-forgotten old.That is exactly what the designers thought of the domestic AvtoVAZ and gave us an update and edit the Chevrolet Niva.Now the false radiator grille of the car is decorated not "rook" and "butterfly".Chevrolet Niva receives positive reviews of the owners due to the significant improvement in performance cars.Of course, the price has risen, but it is quite justified.

This SUV embodies all the best qualities of the previous models and new creations WHA properties that have been introduced in this car brand Chevrolet.From its predecessor VAZ-2121 car this compares favorably with the presence of a five-door body, which is as close to the current standards of ergonomics.The machine is equipped with a 1.7 liter engine, which has an electronic fuel injection.It meets all the requirements of the norms of toxicity "Euro-3".Chevrolet Niva enough for fans of the domestic automotive industry praise novelty.

It is a versatile, stylish and contemporary SUV that will cop

e with any situation that arises on the roads.He can accompany you on the road to nature for recreation, as well as on city streets.This car will be indispensable and means of transportation.Chevrolet Niva reviews of the owners basically collects enthusiastic and laudatory.In addition, this car managed to become a real leader in sales in recent years.You want to know so?Spacious interior, superior build quality, reasonable price and excellent ergonomics have done their job.

Chevrolet Niva reviews of the owners received more and excellent handling, throughput and an appropriate level of security.All this is achieved thanks to the creators of the machine in such nuances as the five-speed manual transmission, power steering and two-speed transfer box.This vehicle was developed for your comfort and convenience.

Niva Chevrolet trunk provides not only normal, but also on the roof.For the sum in the region of 4 thousand rubles, you can buy the trunk having a rectangular or arc airfoil.They differ from each other only by arcs.While each of these trunks has its advantages.

What else can you say about the positive aspects of the new model Chevrolet Niva?Noise body significantly reduces the noise level inside the cabin.New comfortable seating designed to make the car comfortable ride.For our particular way of roads will be increased permeability of the new model.Chevrolet Niva received some improvements compared to their predecessors.This refers to "otvyazannost" from the engine front differential, drive design change gearbox, intermediate shaft elongation.

Chevrolet Niva collects various reviews of the owners.Analyze them with the words of many happy owners of cars, you can draw conclusions about the positive and negative aspects of this model.In the column with the "plus" people celebrate light steering, a wonderful view through the mirror and decent work lights.High landing and a good glazing provide a good overview.Motorists also note a spacious interior and high-quality ventilation.Engine runs well even in extreme cold.

But there are also negative aspects.Firstly, many car owners say that the machine has a weak, in their view, the engine.In addition, some have complained that after overcoming the turn speed of 60 km / h starts to make noise razdatka.This car is not recognized as a family because of the small trunk.A fuel consumption sometimes seems simply unnecessary.

Anyway Chevrolet Niva has its pros and cons.But you can definitely say that this is another achievement worthy of AvtoVAZ.