What are the reviews on UAZ Patriot and why

Recently, one of the most popular cars in Russia is the UAZ Patriot.Among all the other SUVs, it is highlighted the low price and outstanding qualities inherent to the representatives of his family.It's pretty big and powerful car that has excellent maneuverability, attractive appearance and low cost.Through the combination of these qualities in the UAZ Patriot rarely negative reviews because it is fully consistent with its mission and the expectations of the target audience.

car produced since 2005, and in 2008 started to collect diesel UAZ Patriot with economical 2.3 liter diesel engine Iveco, whose fuel consumption is around 10 liters per 100 kilometers at a speed of 90-100 km / h.It makes the car more practical.

owners who decided to leave for UAZ Patriot reviews, including positive qualities tend to celebrate a spacious lounge with plenty of comfortable pieces, very roomy trunk, wonderful cross-country and, of course, very low cost.Many say that the Patriot - is the ideal machine not only fo

r lovers of hunting and fishing, but also for the whole family, not just for going on nature.In urban areas the car also proves to be very worthy, especially after the first will take place several thousand kilometers - the owners say that generally, after reaching the mark in 3000 fuel consumption is significantly reduced.However, there are rare cases where this does not happen - as a rule, the fuel consumption while initially quite high and sometimes reaches 30 liters.Typically, this problem is easily solved to the service center.As the car owners, leaving at UAZ Patriot reviews, the average consumption of gasoline at the new car up to 20 liters per 100 kilometers, and then it becomes in the area of ​​13-15 liters in the city to 17. For such a large and powerful a car is pretty good.

Body UAZ Patriot is of several types: a classic body, pickup and appeared in the 2010 Sports - smaller and lighter version of the UAZ Patriot, looking at the expense of more modest and restrained.It has a shorter wheelbase that the best way affected his cross, and already have a good base modification.While this option is available only with petrol engines, but it is planned that there will be a diesel UAZ Patriot Sport.

UAZ Patriot Pickup - This is the ideal car for active recreation and suburban life.This is a classic farm truck - this body type is very popular in the west.He can carry a significant amount of cargo not only on bad roads, but also in terms of their total absence, which is important, for example, hunters and lovers of extreme sports, requiring the delivery of cross-country equipment.

course, UAZ Patriot reviews can not be exclusively positive.As a rule, the owners are dissatisfied trim materials, in particular, the quality of plastic - but for this price it is quite normal.Also, not all, but many complain about the poor quality of the assembly and an unwillingness to correct it masters at station.Sometimes some unlucky motorists with the quality of the painting, but it is even more rare: in most cases is done quite efficiently.There are also comments about the inconvenient location of devices and steering switches relative: they are not always convenient to use, but it all depends on personal preferences and habits.

Thus, it is quite a good car at a great price with a much more weighty advantages than disadvantages that support left on UAZ Patriot reviews.Most people are satisfied with their purchase, drive this car a few years, and to adequately assess the value for money - is still quite difficult to expect only the best materials and parts from such an inexpensive car.As for the amenities, spaciousness and off-road qualities - then this car is exactly what all the promises and expectations of consumers.