"Mercedes Sprinter" Truck of the third generation - Reviews and Specifications

Different people buy different cars, but that's "Mercedes" - this is the dream of many motorists.Most people with this brand is associated high level of comfort, reliability and durability (and this is really true).But some forget that together with powerful and maneuverable light vehicles "Daimler-Benz" makes more commercial vehicles, which are also known for their reliability and durability.To the list of commercial vehicles can be safely attributed to all the famous "Mercedes Sprinter" cargo that is in high demand not only in Germany but also far beyond its borders, including in Russia.Today's article will be devoted to the review of the third generation of the legendary vans, which is made from 2005 to the present day.

Ā«Mercedes Sprinter" cargo - photos and an overview of the external appearance

design of the new car has changed significantly - headlamps, radiator grille and hood have changed their shape and become a little higher, but the body of news still remains painfully recognizable.German

designers managed to do the impossible - to significantly upgrade the car to the current requirements of the European market and at the same time keep it recognizable for many drivers and passers-by on the streets.Also, the development of new design "Mercedes Sprinter" cargo became more secure and dynamic.

And now the numbers

worth noting that the machine is slightly changed its dimensions.Now the length of the minibus is almost 7 meters, width 1.99 meters and height of 2.72 meters at all.The wheelbase in this case is 4.3 meters.These characteristics have allowed engineers to maximize the spaciousness of the body.With regard to the carrying capacity, when its curb weight of 3.5 tons machine can lift loads weighing up to 1300 kg.However, do not be upset.It also provided the manufacturer issues freight wagons, the hallmark of which is the larger capacity of the body (it can reach as much as 30 cubic meters, depending on the length of the chassis), and the presence of 4 dual wheels on the rear axle.All this has increased the capacity of the vehicle up to 2.5 tons.It is quite a decent figure for a van.Also, "Mercedes Sprinter" 515 truck is able to tow a trailer, the total mass of which reaches 2,800 kilograms.


Engine - is a major part of each vehicle designed to transport cargo.From his performance it depends very much on the speed of movement starting and ending margin traffic."Mercedes Sprinter" trucks equipped with third-generation four-cylinder diesel engine of the new capacity of 150 horsepower.The maximum torque of this unit at 1400-2000 rpm is 330 Nm.Complete with new six-speed manual transmission only.


average price of a new "Mercedes Sprinter" cargo is about 1 million 830 thousand rubles.In the secondary market you can buy 2-3 year-old van was over 150,000.