1940 Mercedes Benz 320 W-142 Aerodynamic Convertible Wendler

Passing through numerous halls of Europe's largest exhibition of classic cars Tehnoklassika 2011 Essen, surprised me especially unusual shapes representative of Mercedes-Benz 320 -Mersedes bodywork company Erhard Wendler (Reutlingen) is one of the most famous manufacturers in the world of sports-spec machines 30-50 years of the twentieth century.

Optekaemy, amazing beauty, slightly reminiscent of the Italian style design, this car is clearly distinguished from their standard counterparts.

As it turned out the owner of this unique car is our compatriot living in an EU country, Alexander Vereshchagin. From the conversation with him revealed that convertible Wendler was acquired in Germany in 2003 in a dilapidated sostoyanii.Hotya original equipment was more than 90 per cent and this is a very good pokazatelem.K Moreover, present all the evidence base of origin of the original car-registration documents of 1940 and 1951, as well as a catalog company Wendler description and the first photograph

s of this particular mashiny.Po According to the owner, came from her aura, which also led to the decision to expensive pokupke.I truth-in this car you can fall in loveat first sight.This is evidenced by the constant accumulation of visitors around the machine, and their reaction to unique exhibit.

Of particular interest is his story .In postwar period in Germany revived rapidly destroyed by the war, the economy and hozyaystvo.Narod tired of the monotony of war and deprivation, he wants something special, elegant and komfortnogo.Izvestny inWhile in Germany, entrepreneur and metsinat -Robert Koenig, 1949 orders in body firm Wendler special car based on the Mercedes-Benz 320 which is intended to present the well-known dancer and ballerina Lily Tsaysner living in Konstantse.Uchityvaya wishes ladies and special landscape areasneeded a lightweight, reliable and comfortable, extraordinary beauty avtomobil.Bylo decided to create an aerodynamic, lightweight, aluminum body polusportivny tsveta.Sideniya silver and leather interior green and beige kovry.Spetsialno for ballerinas, was intended to mirror the temperature and altitude.tak in 1950, this car was postroen.Semya Tsaysner owned it until the end of the twentieth century.

car restoration took place in 2003-2004 in several etapam.Motor, gearbox, mission were sent for repair Italiyu.Kuzovnye work was carried out in the Baltic States, but for aluminum has been transformed by a specialist from the UK, which is great andto quickly deal with the job.Wooden parts of the body have been partially replaced by a new ethnographic museum restorers.Part of the work to assemble the chassis body painting and general assembly was held in the Czech Republic.Repair salon held in Germanii.Nyneshny owner, he organized the recovery process, monitor progress, which contributed to saving spent sredstv.Kstati, experience of the restoration works at the Alexander for over 15 years and about a dozen restored vintage cars and fifty

mototsiklov.Prichem really exclusive samples, such as pre-war Mercedes 540K, 380K, 320, 290, 230, 853 and 780 Horch , 830

Thus, Mercedes-Benz 320 aerodynamic , sport convertible Wendler, received histhird life and still pleasing their masters, motoring fans, visitors, exhibitions and retro ralli.K way, Tandy and the owner of the car involved in such major events as the Grand Prix in Monaco Classico.Mile Milia in Italy.Competition de Elegance in Schwetzingen -Germany, Retro Classic in Salzburg, Austria, Techno Classic in Essen -Germany, Riga Retro-in Latvii.Po to Alexander Vereshchagin, participation in such a show, very, very expensive, but is a great academy life.Meetings and live communication with the great contemporaries, simple companionship with politicians and stars of show business, with the global elite and the Colleges of hobbi.Eto wonderful pastime with representatives of the automotive world and its legends.

possession of such rarities -udachnoe attachment kapitalla.Analiz market Autoclassic guarantee 10-15% per annum is particularly tempting to look at the idea of ​​the threshold of a new economic recession and political instability.

Let's hope that in the near future, this legendary car will appreciate the Russian public and its appearance on platforms Rossii.Pozhelaem him a long and wide road.