Vans "Renault Master" - an indispensable tool in the field of freight!

If you plan to engage in commercial activities and want to seamlessly carry freight on the near and far distance, stop your choice on the French truck "Renault Master".Of course, the 20-ton loads they can carry, but as a small tonnage of transport at the time, especially as the cost of purchase of spare parts will be 10 times less than in the heavy-duty tractors.

Vans "Renault Master": the characteristic

Originally these vehicles were designed for consumers engaged in entrepreneurial activity.For over ten years, this truck is one of the most popular in Europe, while in Russia to see such a vehicle - not a rarity.

This French car is remarkable in that it is produced in several versions, each of which has its dimensions and load capacity.This is what allows the buyer to choose what he wants.For example, if the future owner will transport only small cargoes, the best option would vans "Renault Master" with a low roof and short base.

But if the owner will make international and inter-regional tran

sportation of various goods in different directions, in this case the manufacturer has provided the establishment or tilt isothermal vans, which are able to accommodate extra sleeping bag on top of the cab.

For driver comfort

Comfort - it is no less important feature for commercial vehicles.To date, vans and minibuses "Reno" (new models) are equipped with all the necessary amenities for the driver, improves comfort for traveling long and short distances.The basic package includes innovations systems such as climate control, branded audio system and heated seats.In addition, the new vans "Renault Master" have a pretty broad windshield, which (together with the high landing) significantly increases visibility.Excellent build quality and improved noise insulation also affect the comfort of travel.


On the Russian market the machine comes in two variations of diesel engines.Among them is to provide a 125-horsepower turbo diesel engine volume of 2.3 liters.Less popular 100-hp engine, which is also the working volume is 2.3 liters.Both engines have an increased service life.Also worth noting is that the entire line of engines complies with environmental standards EURO-4, which allows problem-free transportation of the countries of the European Union.With regard to the level of efficiency, there is quite an optimal machine (8 liters per 100 kilometers) fuel consumption.

«Reno" (minibus): Price

cost of a new "Master" 2013 release ranges from 998 000 to 1 million 300 thousand rubles.

acquainted with the characteristics of the truck "Renault Master", entrepreneurs come to the conclusion that it is convenient and practical light truck with a high level of comfort and safety.