The new generation of cars "Peugeot Partner": technical specifications and not only

«Peugeot Partner" - a compact commercial van, which is produced by the French company "Peugeot-Citroen" since 1996.During this time, the car managed to win the European and Russian markets due to its practicality and reliability.Due to the characteristic appearance of our car owners called him "behemoth" and "pie."But how to describe it, it is this van several times larger than the domestic IL.Specifications "Peugeot Partner" attracted the attention of entrepreneurs.

Brief History

first generation of French commercial vans impressed everyone with its simple design.It was purely a working vehicle without any expressive forms.In 2002, the designers have tried to remedy this situation by creating the second generation, but still did not reach the new date.And only in 2008 concern "Peugeot" managed to create a car is not only appealing to the technical data, but also with beautiful design.So, let's look at all the features of the third generation of the legendary van.


The appearance of new items has been made in a single corporate style of the French group, for which he was often confused with the 308-th model "Peugeot".Yet the exterior of the machine like many of its unique and beautiful lines.The third generation of "Peugeot Partner" features a new grille, which, coupled with the renewed light engineering gave the car a certain aggressiveness.However, this trend is just in front of new items.Behind the van remained the same gray - the only change is affected rear brake lights.Side of the car is characterized by its wide wheel arches, through which new look is not working.

salon car "Peugeot Partner»

Specifications and updates in the field of ergonomics noticeably felt in the new generation of the van.Of course, there are no expensive leather upholstery, dashboard and innovative multifunction systems of comfort, but to find fault with a comfortable lounge is difficult.In addition, the instrument panel truck quite informative, and most importantly - easy to read.Handle PPC is also the inconvenience.Thus, engineers have been able to make novelty more comfortable in the first place for the driver.

«Peugeot Partner" - the technical characteristics of spaciousness

It should be noted that the new generation of machines has a spacious luggage compartment, the volume of which now stands at 3.7 m3.Also increased and load capacity - novelty can lift loads weighing up to 850 kilograms.

«Peugeot Partner" - the technical characteristics of engines

completed 2 new petrol engines with a capacity of 90 and 109 horsepower.Their working space is exactly 1.6 liters.There are also three diesel units with a capacity of 75, 90 and 110 horsepower.All engines are equipped with a five-speed manual transmission.

«Peugeot Partner" - price

cost of the new French wagon varies from 600 to 673 thousand rubles.

Great car "Peugeot Partner"!Specifications it speak for itself!