Tanai - a ski resort in the Kemerovo region

It's no secret that the skiers today, it is not necessary to go abroad.After all, in Russia there are a number of cities and towns, offering holidays in the winter.One of them is "Tanai."Ski Resort is located on the border of the Novosibirsk and Kemerovo regions.

Resort "TANA": photos and general information

to get to the place you need to hit or to Novosibirsk or Kemerovo.Distance from both cities about the same - 120-130 km.In the resort there is a license for more than 20 kinds of medical treatments.In addition to medical procedures, you can make a diagnosis and the body (laboratory and experimental).The list of services of sanatorium includes exercise therapy, physiotherapy, balneotherapy, herbal medicine, massage and more.In short, it has everything to relax the body and relax.

Resort "TANA" has a number of specific features, due to which he can be considered one of the best in Russia.In the treatment of advanced equipment involved, to each client an individual approach.Everywhere has an el

ectronic system of registration and distribution flow of visitors resort that allows you to avoid the queues.The big advantage of the complex is that for people with medical conditions, treatment is free of charge.The patient, based on their preferences, can choose any procedure.Special studies have shown that the air near the sanatorium has a positive effect on the respiratory system, helps to fight asthma, chronic bronchitis, and calms the nervous system."TANA" - ski resort, a visit is particularly recommended for people working in industrial enterprises and living in big cities.But, of course, the main attraction here is skiing.To do this, the resort has all the conditions.

accommodation, rooms, prices

The resort hotel offers rooms for every taste.The price includes accommodation, meals on the system "buffet" and most of the procedures recommended by doctors.The cost of a standard tour for two weeks is 37 500 rubles.Wishes can be accommodated in a superior room for which the price will be higher.There is also a free-standing cottages.They have a kitchen, a comfortable living room, two bedrooms.Cost of the permit for 14 days up to 50 000 rubles."TANA" - health spa, which offers a number of special programs and interesting offers (discounts on weekdays, the program "Mother and Child", etc.).All conditions have been created here and for family travelers.So, for kids organized entertaining quizzes, sports competitions, which can engage both children and adults.The hotel has a teacher-educators who organize leisure time of young holidaymakers.

way, "Tana" you can not just spend a long vacation, but also, for example, only 1 day.You can stay for the weekend to celebrate the holiday.And you can during the week, for example, for a business meeting.In the resort hotel has equipped conference room.


"TANA" - a ski resort with a good infrastructure.Vacationers will not be bored.Of course, anyone would like to rest on the ground was as much entertainment establishments.The resort is located the restaurant "Merchant" and fashioned restaurant "Fusion".For those who like loud music and hard liquor in a large range, you can visit the local bar.Also in the resort have a special coffee shop for travelers.Fans can visit the local billiard club.Tables there are many (and Russian, and American billiards), and the price is quite accessible - 200 rubles per hour.For young people and lovers of dance nightclub "Icebreaker".There are special programs, theme parties with prizes.

Entertainment Complex "TANA" (Kemerovo, Russia) offers a lot of entertainment.You can go as a different therapeutic relaxation treatments, and do sports.


On the territory there are grounds for sports: volleyball, basketball, football, tennis.It should be noted that they are all well equipped.The same can be said of the local gym.In the summer, you can rent a bike or rollers, as well as try their hand at the climbing gym.But, of course, most importantly fun - skiing."TANA" - a family ski resort with ski slopes.Each of them has its own complexity of passing.There are also special educational trassy.Tak that those who never go skiing or snowboarding, but wants to try this exciting activity, can safely go to Tanay.The resort provides holidaymakers with all the necessary equipment.It also tracks are modern cable cars and special lifts.Going up to them, it can be a bird's eye observe the beauty of nature.

spa treatments and baths

What do without modern resort spa salon?Any vacationer (especially when it comes to the beautiful half of humanity) do not like to just relax, and let your body to relax.And "Tana" this will be no problem.All young and old can enjoy spa treatments and massages by choice.Also, guests can go to the bath or sauna directly at the recreation center.In addition to the Finnish sauna there is also a Turkish bath.Also, that the deficit in the choice of relaxing treatments will not be.

Active walks

huge area for walking offers "Tanai."Ski Resort is located in close proximity to the Wildlife Park, where equally beautiful in both summer and winter.It walks on these beautiful surroundings will truly relax and restore your health after a prolonged stay in polluted cities or working in hazardous work.Pure pine air initially seem unusual to many who have had even a headache.But then there is the incredible lightness.

also in the resort you can go fishing, both summer and winter.In addition to the fishing of active recreation and offers horseback riding and sightseeing tours.Right in the resort you can book a tour of the sights of the area.

Why choose "Tanai"

highlight of the resort is that there are available a wide variety of forms of tourism.For example, the gastronomic tourism.For all who held a special tour of the cafes and restaurants, which describes the features of the local cuisine.By the way, the restaurant "Fusion" and the restaurant "Merchant" is prepared only real delicious and nutritious food Siberian.Also, there will not be bored and lovers of rural tourism.Apothecary Garden and the Wildlife Park nearby.