Beaches Chelyabinsk.

Chelyabinsk - a beautiful big city, which is located in the hollow of the Ural Mountains.While in Asia, but being a Russian, this locality absorbed the two different cultures and the related traditions, beliefs and customs.Breathing completely opposite worlds - Western and Eastern - it is also reflected in the architecture, tourism features in the way of life of ordinary citizens.Another feature of the city is surrounded by water it: there is Shershnёvskoe reservoir, river Miass, lakes first, Smolin and Sineglazovo.Therefore, Chelyabinsk city beaches are found practically everywhere.

Sunny Beach is one of the biggest beaches of the city, located on the lake Smolino.Roomy and volume, it is ready to welcome travelers to take 3000.It occupies the entire recreational area of ​​12 thousand square meters, which are divided into four sectors: general, children's, sports and cafes.

in general (central) parts are sun loungers and parasols, comfortably situated on a beautifully paved sidewalk tile.This sit

e is intended for sunbathing young couples and retirees.If you have kids, it's best to go to a children's area, as there are many attractions that can entertain the noisy boys and girls: slides, swings, trampolines and a café for children.

people leading an active lifestyle, will be interested in the sports of the beach.There's sports fields for volleyball, badminton and mini-football.Also, their services provide experts massage room and gym.Do aerobic simulator area and massage room.Sand gently sloping beach and Sunny Beach (Chelyabinsk) offers visitors a good rest for a relatively low price.


Lake Smolino On many other interesting places for relaxation: swimming in the area of ​​Magnitogorsk and Yampolsky streets and Sunrise Beach.Chelyabinsk boasts and thematic areas.For example, recently opened on the lake relaxation area for athletes.It is situated in the Leninsky district near the street Wasilewska.The beach has no name, but judging by its orientation, called "Sports."Special areas for fitness and aerobics, various sports games attract people here who never for a moment forget about their figure and health.Is there also an excellent tennis courts and the largest in the Russian Federation area WorkOut - so-called yard gymnastics.Athletes train on the horizontal bar, parallel bars, or simply on the floor, with an emphasis on the development of endurance and the ability to work with its own weight.

If you want a break from training, it offers rental of catamarans or music that puts specially hired DJ.Under her sound you can lie on a lounger or swim in the waters of the lake.Beach Sports (Smolino, Chelyabinsk) - the perfect place for rest and training.

Beach City

So just locals call the recreation area on Shershnёvskom reservoir.It is most popular among Chelyabinsk, therefore, it becomes their "city."The beach is free, which explains the bulk of tourists in any, even the weekday.Of course, sun loungers and water slides are there, but the sandy shore and relaxed atmosphere attract lovers of summer holidays.

Territory groomed, there are cabanas.If you get tired of lying on the sand, and you can hire a catamaran ride on the water surface.In the recreation area there is a café, which serves tasty barbecue, baked vegetables on the grill.Nearby is a forest belt, in the shade where you can relax from the scorching summer sun.

Beaches Chelyabinsk this type are usually designed for students and pensioners who wish to save money on entrance fees.Couples with children is not recommended to go here, because the infrastructure is not designed for children.The rest of the beach is in no way inferior to other areas for bathing, so remains a favorite destination for many of Chelyabinsk.

West Beach

So it was called because of its location on the western shore of the reservoir Shershnёvskogo.Some call it the Caspian, with an emphasis on the fact that the area is similar to the eponymous sea shore.Beach divided into two parts: vip-zone, not regretting for people to pay an entrance fee of 150 rubles, and the usual sector, which is half the price, but nothing special is no different from the first.

If you come by car, then it undeveloped special parking.Presence of umbrellas, deck chairs and toilets also pleases visitors.There are also several water slides, the choice is small, but makes a variety of leisure travelers.Way of entertainment are boats, catamarans, jet skis for rent, which cut through the water surface of the reservoir.By the way, the locals call it simply the Hornets, as it is located near the village of the same name.To reach here, as at other beaches Chelyabinsk easily.Buses and taxis run regularly and without delay.

White Sail

Another sitting area, which can boast the Hornets (Chelyabinsk).Beach paid, like most recreation areas in the city.From person to take the entrance 120 rubles.To put the machine on which you have come, you have to pay on top of another 50 rubles.But constantly guarded parking lot: you can not worry that the car was stolen or damaged hooligans.For children and seniors provided input prices - 50 percent.For toddlers, preschoolers can not pay.

cozy cafeteria at the beach area offer visitors delicious dishes and refreshments.Small children can frolic in a special area with swings and inflatable figures for pupils opened a lot of water slides.For most adults work jet skis, catamarans.There are special beds and cabanas.

addition, the Hornets have other beaches.For example, in the streets of Kaliningrad (stop "Energy College") or Lane Large village (bus stop "Red Bridge").

Rest on the lakes first and Sineglazovo

same people come here to spend a weekend or holiday.First on the lake equipped with sitting areas.Most of them belong to private owners, so the input is usually paid.The golden sand, cool waves and the presence of attractions attract people from the eastern part of the city, as the lake is next to the neighborhood.Beaches on Lake First Chelyabinsk always filled with a mass of visitors who are lying on the lounge chairs, drinking cocktails in bars and have fun on the water slides.Other

lake Sineglazovo to rest is not appropriate.Wetlands, dense thickets of reeds on the banks do not promote bathing.But there are a lot of fish.So if swimming and sunbathing you are not attracted to, and fishing is just what you need for relaxation of body and soul, lake Sineglazovo for you.The wonderful nature and peaceful atmosphere will give power and remove fatigue.Lakes, as well as other water bodies of the city, are constantly monitored by the local sanitary and epidemiological stations.


Beaches Chelyabinsk - it's not just lakes and reservoirs.They are located on the banks as quarries, swim where the locals do not stop.Nothing special about it, because pay an entrance fee not necessary: ​​come, choose a convenient place to sunbathe on health.

One of the most popular - Emerald quarry, which is located near Shershnёvskogo reservoir.When the weather warm clear day, the people like flies stuck to its shores.Here, clean water, except that the area is not equipped, so swimmers jump into the water from the cliffs.Students - another Chelyabinsk careers.The water there is dirty, as a result people are not quite willing to go to these places.The largest quarry in the city, Blue instead collects notices of tourists as more or less suited for those who want to bask in the sun.

Where to spend a weekend - on a career or a lake, free of charge or the beach - everyone chooses.The main thing that the rest was not harmful to health, as well as bringing fun and enjoyment of the summer days.