Manor Aseeva (Tambov): history, discovery and address

Manor Aseeva (Tambov) - one of the most remarkable places in the city.The building has several names: "Aseevsky Palace", "House of the merchant Aseeva" and "homestead Aseeva."As is clear from the title once (end of XIX - early XX century), the building belonged to a wealthy Russian industrialist Mikhail Vasilyevich Aseyev.


Manor Aseeva Tambov, despite hitting time, proudly keeps a worthy appearance.This building is unique and as an architectural monument and as a historic site.It harmoniously combines styles such as eclecticism, classicism, Baroque and Art Nouveau.All the elements of elegant and proportionate, so the palace looks nice and easy.

Manor Aseeva (Tambov) is located in a quiet and pleasant area of ​​the city.From the windows of the building offers a wonderful view of the tranquil expanse of the bay and river gave.The house was considered the best manufacturer and extraordinary buildings constructed in the city in the XX century.Its exterior finish is very diverse: here and s

emicircular window openings in the Renaissance style and stylized capitals, and openwork lattice parapet, and a huge skylight with crystal hexagonal cells on the roof.

Manor Aseeva (Tambov)

history of the manor begins in the first half of the XX century, when it was acquired by a wealthy Russian merchant Mikhail Aseev.Then, in 1905, the building underwent a thorough renovation.The project made the capital architect, loyal and Tambov specialist Fedorov.In 1906, when construction came to an end, has been landscaped area around the estate, the owner of the means of the artist's studio built Shevchenko, as well as paved three streets adjacent to the manor house: the waterfront, curfew and Soldiers.

merchant Mikhail Aseev was a prosperous man.He owned and worsted woolen mill all the industrial cities of Tambov province.Most of the products manufactured in the factories, used for the needs of the royal army.Thus, over 50% of all the soldiers wore overcoats made from cloth produced in the factory Aseeva.For works and services to power the Emperor Nicholas II in 1916 he granted the merchant nobility.

hard years

By 1918 manor Aseeva Tambov is a large building with a laundry room, maid's house, stables, sheds for coaches and building their own power station.However, with the advent of Soviet power, everything changed.During the ensuing wide campaign for the nationalization of property, "the rich and the bourgeois" all factories merchant Aseeva passed into the possession of the state.Merchant family (wife and seven children) decided to leave the hostile states against them.

At the beginning of May 1918 the manor Aseeva (Tambov) was requisitioned by the authorities, and there is a summer colony for minors.In November of the same year in the estate lodged a detachment of soldiers and early winter body located Tambov University (Faculty of Agronomy).

In 1931 the building was transferred to the management organization of the resort, and there have arranged a sanatorium for people with cardiac problems.In this position, the manor stood for more than seventy years.In the basement of the building located mineral baths and treatment rooms of the sanatorium, which adversely affected the condition of the estate.The old roof is completely sprung a leak over time, but no repair or reconstruction of the Soviet authorities did not produce.

unexpected proposal

After Aseeva family went abroad, heard about them was not very much.So, in 1921, it became known that the leader of the white immigrants was none other than Aseev.This shows that Russian merchant had a great popularity and prestige in the emigre revolutionary environment.However, most of the family did Aseev was not audible.

But in the eighties of the XX century, during the restructuring, the regional party committee received an interesting offer from a mysterious multimillionaire from Canada.He said he wanted to at their own expense to repair the house, which belonged to his grandfather before the revolution.And this farm - Finca Aseeva (Tambov).Restoration of the building at that time was necessary as air.Grandson Aseeva offered a large sum of money for reconstruction, but it has put forward the necessary condition: renovated building had to stay in a museum dedicated to his grandfather, and Tambov beginning of XX century.However, the Soviet authorities did not accept such a generous gift of Canadian businessman and the main jewel of the city still continues to deteriorate.

Restoration Work on the restoration of the manor, built more than a century ago, began only in 2009.Until that moment, the city authorities for a long time defended the monument of architecture at the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Rosrazmeschenie" which put up for auction the estate and collects rent for twenty years.To repair the monument has been spent over 400 million rubles.Most of the funds - from the federal budget.

Today the historical style, the appearance of the estate, as well as the functionality of all the rooms are fully preserved.Repaired roofs, balconies, facades, fortified foundation restored marble platforms, stairs, artistic parquet and painting.

were restored not only the building itself, but the area around it.According to the project, on the estate is situated park.To date, only one is built fountain.But this is only the beginning.The park will operate 18 fountains, modeled Peterhof.

According to Culture Minister Vladimir Medina, will be the pearl of the black earth Russia manor Aseeva (Tambov).


And that day has come.September 27, 2014 after the restoration of the manor was opened Aseeva (Tambov).Location and time of the ceremony have been placed in all printed and electronic media, to allow more citizens come to the feast.The guests of honor at the opening ceremony were the Minister of Culture and director of the Museum "Peterhof", which is now housed in the merchant Aseeva.The ceremony was attended by the first men of the Tambov region, and happy citizens.

After the ceremonial ribbon-cutting, congratulatory speeches and exchange of gifts came into the yard of the estate owner - manufacturer Aseev.Not myself, of course, and by the local drama theater actor.He told guests the history of his possessions and invited on a tour.

What to see, of course, the first thing you need to pay attention to the renovated main building - a manor Aseeva (Tambov).Left photo made after the restoration.Skilled today managed to preserve this old furniture that was in the house from the time of its first owners.

first floor room occupied by the estate Aseeva manufacturer.Visitors will surely be interested in everyday objects early XX century.Anyone can go to the pantry, living room, study and master the other rooms.On the second floor there is an exhibition of the head of the Museum "Peterhof".It is devoted to Anatoly Shemanskomu, a native of Tambov, who lived in the 20s-30s of XX century and wrote a book about the palaces and parks of the Russian Empire.

Own Manor pride - its park.It was founded in the period between 1905 and 1907.There are trees: lindens, pines, oaks, elms and exotic poplar, silver and blue spruce.In the shade of the trees murmuring fountains, and the smell of honeysuckle and roses poppy.The highlight of the park - English oak-survivor.According to the scientists, its age - about 500 years.Oak declared a natural monument and protected by law.

Facts and speculation

Like any historical site, Aseeva manor surrounded by legends and fiction, as well as the hard facts and evidence.Here are some of them:

  1. Argued that once in place, where now stands the manor housed the home of the commandant Buldakova, who died under mysterious circumstances.
  2. According to "Memorial", on the territory of the manor park are dumping the Bolshevik repression.
  3. In tsarist times the place adjacent to the park area of ​​the estate, popularly known as the wolf hollow.They said that in the forest was operating a gang of bandits who kill and rob travelers.And the ghosts of these accidents are still wandering around the park.
  4. Leaving in a hurry from Tambov merchant Aseyev hid in the territory of Sway Manor countless treasures that have not been able to take away with them abroad.
  5. addition to the estate, Tambov Aseeva have had another name - the estate Arzhenka Rasskazovo.

Visitor Information

Manor Aseeva (Tambov).Address: Str.Gogol, d. 1.

museum work as follows: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday - from 10.00 to 18.00;Thursday - from 13.00 to 21.00;Monday - the day off.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office, located in the basement of the building.There is also a cloakroom.Ticket price for adults is 150 rubles.Children, pupils, students and trainees are entitled to a discount of 50%.