Terem Palace in the Kremlin - in what century was built?

Moscow Kremlin almost four centuries, never ceases to fascinate mankind.Luxury furniture impressive variety of forms.The large size of the construction and the wealth of ornaments make it possible each time coming and wonder, discovering something new, previously unnoticed.Imagine if Meursault, Camus character story "The Outsider", recalled on the details is not my wretched little room, and the Chamber.

Terem Palace in the Kremlin became an integral part not only in Moscow, but throughout Russia.Few other cities or countries not heard about it.He rightly claims to be the eighth wonder of the world.This is one of the symbols of the Russian Federation.

history of building

Terem Palace of the Moscow Kremlin was built in just one year, from 1635 at 1636. Although the timing for the construction of the shortest scale, this in no way affected the quality of construction.Moreover, given that this is the first Russian stone palace, the Kremlin has denied saying that the first pancake is always lumpy.He b

ecame an example for the construction of many other stone buildings.First, traditional building decoration as in buildings made of wood.Secondly, the strength of the assembly was hard to beat at that time.And not all modern buildings can compete with the palace.Hopefully, but hardly "Khrushchev" stand for four centuries, it is not something that without losing your presentation, and at least maintaining the foundation.

It was built just four of the best architects of the time: L. Ushakov, A. Konstantinov, T. and B. Ogurtsov Sharutin.Terem Palace was built in the Kremlin on the time-tested foundation of the northern tier of the Kremlin ensemble, which was founded over one hundred and fifty years before.Besides, this is the first building constructed of stone and has several floors.

was built as planned, the three tiers.The first site was called Boyar, which houses the master bedroom quarters.It was on the first floor.The second is for festivals and connected to the first floor staircase.Login - a golden lattice Kuznetsk masterpiece of craftsmanship.The third tier is called Michael's Mansion.

Purpose Terem Palace

Today, historians argue, why Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich ordered to build the Terem Palace in the Kremlin.Scientists differ in opinions.Some argue that the Terem Palace in the Kremlin, in what century he was neither built, had one purpose - to provide peace and relaxation of the king and his entire family.The upper floors were built as children's rooms.Others insist that such a magnificent decoration he wanted to show his wealth and the country.Because use of the facilities for the reception after the Swedish and more.Also here, in their opinion, carried out important meetings of the boyars.

Some historians even suggest such absurd idea that the Chamber intended to maintain mistresses of kings.This opinion they led resemblance to the harem of the Sultan's Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.And to date the construction of the Turkish different luxury and wealth.

Style Terem Palace

style, which was built in the Kremlin Terem Palace (in which century was built, mentioned above) also features a luxury.That is the birth of Russian baroque.Although the direction of exist in many other countries, and Russia was not the founder of it, yet their contribution to the history of architecture has made.Hence the appearance of style, which is called "purely Russian".

This style is characterized by a magnificent decoration and design stone-built wooden huts rich.

present example for inheritance became Terem Palace.Build time though dates back to the 17th century, but the house in the Russian style is extremely popular today.

Exterior Terem Palace

Externally Terem Palace in the Kremlin resembles the extraordinary beauty of the pyramid.You can even compare him with a birthday cake.So it is bright.

Each upper tier slightly less than the previous, which made it possible to use the remaining areas for a variety of purposes.For example, the area on the second floor - an area in which there are festivities.

window frames are painted white and are surrounded by a stylized image of flowers.About wooden huts resembles the character and the roof - it's gable design a painted patterns of different colors.

Attached watchtower decorated with amazing innovative features, and the roof consists of eight faces.Because of its magnificent views of the city.

Interior Terem Palace

Terem Palace in the Kremlin during construction surpassed not only on external characteristics.The building's interior also impresses unprecedented splendor.

If describe in three words, it is a luxury, diversity, wealth.If we describe all the details of the interior alone, it takes a lot of time and not a printed sheet.

Each tier structure had its purpose.Ground was intended for stockpiles.The queen was chosen on the first floor - it has settled its workshops.Second - is the reception, to put it in modern language, where there are guests and ambassadors from different countries.From one of the rooms fell a big box where wishing to put their requests and complaints.

Immediately there were also royal quarters, swimming pool.

walls painted chambers tsvetochnymy patterns and gold.Round arches are decorated with unusual patterns and ornaments, this stucco, gilding, carved wood expensive breeds.

Unfortunately, the painting has not been preserved in its original form.It was restored to the drawings of a great artist - archaeologist, painter Fyodor Solntsev - Kiselyov and his student already in the 19th century.Given that the ink of those times was extremely resistant, the reasons for re-application pattern are explained by partial or complete destruction of the wall decoration.This could be the attack of Napoleon, and the decision to alter the interior, which was never put into practice.

This is the Terem Palace in the Kremlin.In what century it was built - it is known authentically.But few buildings preserved from those times.Today, it is almost in the same condition in which it was nearly four centuries ago.

Interesting facts

Many believe that the legendary film directed by Leonid Gaidai "Ivan Vasilievich" was filmed in the Kremlin.This is partly true.But in the Kremlin Terem Palace (photo presented in the article) has no relation to the film.Filmed in the Rostov Kremlin, and then only chase scene.The king's chamber - a studio sets, and "royal clothes" - skillful work costumers.

Terem Palace in what century was built?The answer to this question is known, but opinions about the relationship of architecture to Renaissance or Baroque divided.

How to get there?

Today Terem Palace of the Moscow Kremlin is closed to public access.But to get to it is still possible.

necessary to pre-register in groups to visit.Queues are huge, because it is necessary to negotiate in advance.But that's only half the story.After dialing the group must obtain permission from a representative of the Kremlin to visit the palace.But once inside, just have fun excursions.