Poltava Attractions: photos and descriptions

Poltava - the ancient and beautiful city of Ukraine.Most residents know it thanks to the play of Ivan Kotlyarevsky "Natalka Poltavka".Meanwhile, in this village, which has gone from the twelfth century since its foundation, a high concentration of cultural and historical monuments.Despite his age so dear, Poltava still looks young.It is not squandered its perfection, and every year becomes only more beautiful.And today Poltava attractions are included in the list of the most visited places on the planet.

architectural ensemble of the Round Square

begin a tour of Poltava is, perhaps, with Round Square and its architectural ensemble.This is one of the most striking sights of the city.The complex is located in the center, so to get here is absolutely not difficult.

Appearance Round Square began to take shape at the very beginning of the XIX century.In general, all the sights of Poltava (photos, which you can see below) have started to be established for a long time.This is not surprising when you co

nsider the age of the city.Thus, the architectural ensemble of the Round Square in the style of classicism.Patron building made famous while Semyon Kochubey.But the construction work lasted for 1805-1840 years.

The ensemble of attractions includes the following administrative offices: Vice-Governor of the house, the house of the governor-general, the Little Russian post office.There is also an old-governor's house, building of the Noble Assembly, the provincial official place home, home communication and county building official place.Today, these buildings are converted to the needs of modern people.And now they can be called like this: Poltava attractions of the XXI century.

Kotlyarevskiy And still there

describe the sights of Poltava and the Poltava region, and not to mention the house-museum of Ivan Kotlyarevsky, so forget the most sacred of the city's history.It is impossible without Poltava Ivan Petrovich as the day can not exist without the night, and the moon without the sun.These are two inseparable concepts.

So, in the Ukrainian village, on the Cathedral Square is the house-museum of the great masters of the word.In this room Kotlyarevskiy spent almost all his being.Most of his literary masterpieces of the writer created in this house.Among them are the famous "Natalka Poltavka" and "Aeneid."However, the real estate of Ivan Petrovich could not have survived to this day with you.But in the late 60s of the last century on drawing no less famous Taras Shevchenko was restored manor classic of Ukrainian literature.

memory about another classic

Poltava Amazing!Attractions Guide which can be purchased at any kiosk and you can use our article - the proof.The town was once a shelter on its territory not only of Ivan Kotlyarevsky and and another genius of Ukrainian Literature.And his name Panas Rudchenko.Although he is known under the pseudonym Panas Mirny.In 1903-1920 years he lived in one of the houses of Poltava, which today is the literary-memorial museum P.Mirnogo.The first special, gave the establishment of valuable exhibits was Alexander Rudchenko - the writer's widow.In 1940, the museum began operating.Today it boasts the presence of the memorial house of the writer, literary exposition, as well as the garden, which covers an area of ​​half a hectare.There are some plantations planted by Peace.

landscape art

Attractions Poltava, belong to this category - a local arboretum.The area of ​​the garden, so to speak, occupies more than 124 hectares.During the time of the Battle of Poltava The park occupies the territory of modern Yakivchansky impenetrable forest.It is mainly grown oaks.But when the German fascists came here, it was decided to destroy this beauty.

the spring of 1962 began laying the park.But its official opening took place only 25 years.So, then it dropped more than 200 different species of trees and bushes.But over time, many plantations were destroyed either temporarily or human influence.

historic heart of Poltava

Consider all the sights of Poltava is possible on Ivanova mountain.This place is the best specific platform of the village.There is a huge range of outstanding monuments.Here is the symbol of the city, referring to 1909.And the name of his white rotunda.The famous food - dumpling, also found refuge on Mount Ivanova.With magnificent views of the mountains can be seen on the entire Poltava.On the right side you can see Institutskaya mountain, on the left - Collegiate.Below is the city itself, and Vorskla flows, and on the hill, located next door, emblazoned Holy Cross Monastery.

Come to Poltava - eat dumplings

Attractions Poltava - is not only the monuments of architecture and nature, but also symbols of the city that do not relate to material attributes.Dumplings are considered to be the pearl of the local cooking.This native Poltava dish, glorified the city as all over Ukraine, and the state of the near abroad.Dumplings a bit like dumplings, but still different from this dishes.

In this village chefs prepare more than a dozen varieties of dumplings.A monument above the dish is an association with wealth and prosperity.The monument is a huge deep bowl in which the dozen finished koloboks flour and spoon.

Poltava Come and look at its own attractions.