Finland, Helsinki attractions, photos and reviews

Finland's capital city Helsinki, the development of tourism attractions which are astonishingly varied, located in the southern part of the country.

social order

Helsinki is the capital of the province of Uusimaa and, together with its satellite cities of Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen forms a region that is home to more than half a million people.Greater Helsinki consists of 12 municipalities on whose territory the 8 universities, many social institutions and technology parks.The population actively migrates to the capital, Helsinki, and this makes the fastest growing municipal area in Europe.

In Finland, the main international airport is Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, which is just 20 kilometers from the center of the capital.From the air port to carry out flights over the world the most modern airliners.


In 2014, the city of Helsinki and attractions of interest to hundreds of thousands of tourists from different countries, came in fifth place in the ranking of the best cities in the world,

according to the British magazine "Monocle".But according to the newspaper "New York Times" among the cities that are worth visiting, the capital of Finland is in second place, after Panama.In addition, Helsinki is recognized as one of the safest cities in the world - an international consulting company put it in fourth place in this list, the championship was given to Luxembourg, on the second and third position proved to Zurich and Bern.

Tourists in Finland

City Helsinki attractions which leave no one indifferent - is an ideal place for tourists gather in the Finnish capital from around the world.Architectural masterpieces, historical monuments, curiosities, as the integral part of world culture - all this attracts travelers.

Attractions Helsinki describing their stories included in many tours.Guides, which can be purchased at any kiosk, help plan visits.The City of Helsinki and attractions which you can explore again and again, is a friendly and hospitable place.Impressions after the tour will remain.And because a single visit is impossible to inspect all exhibitions, museums, fairs and visit the many other activities in Helsinki, the re-arrival in Suomi is quite possible in the framework of a guided tour.

Attractions Helsinki describing their history, architectural masterpieces and more made the capital of Finland peculiar Mecca of tourism.Most cultural sites are located in the city center, getting to know them is not difficult, associated with the movement, as it happens in other European cities.

In case if you need to visit tourist sites in remote from the center of blocks, then the services of public transport travelers, ideally organized service for fast movement.Trams in the Finnish capital and other cities of the country are subject to a per-minute schedule follow the route, which is never broken.Comfortable coaches will take you to your destination quickly and comfortably.Poezka public transport are expensive, but if you buy a ticket for several landings, the cost of travel is greatly reduced.In addition, transport Helsinki has a system of group travel, when several people riding on one general ticket, and this method also costs sravitelno inexpensive.

history and modernity

Finland, Helsinki, sightseeing, cultural values, way of life - everything that lives the country, causing visitors keen interest, many lacked the two-week tour to learn about the history of the state andexplore the memorable places.

Travel agencies offer a fascinating journey through the centuries, the ancient Finnish civilization as architectural masterpieces were built, differing northern restraint, minimalism and refinement.Old buildings, churches and cathedrals of Helsinki, sightseeing, photos of which can be found in guide books, brochures and special editions, shrouded in the past centuries, but nevertheless available today to the general public.


In Finland, the construction of many buildings in the style of modernism, but a special impression on visiting the architectural ensemble of Art Nouveau, the most coherent throughout the Nordic countries.

In the center of the city, particularly within the Senate Square, are unique masterpieces of neoclassical architecture.Largest Orthodox church - Cathedral of the Assumption - reflects the Byzantine-Russian architectural tradition.

architectural masterpieces of Helsinki, attractions, reviews of which for decades allowed to appreciative tourists occupy the first position in the ranking of world architecture.Many buildings in the cities of Finland combine several styles, but the combination of neo-classical, and, for instance, of Modernism so organically that it seems some of the new architecture.Later the direction of the Center for Architecture presents the "high-tech" in the area of ​​Ruoholahti, building "Sanomatalo" and the museum of modern art "Kiasma".

Finland, Helsinki winter attractions

Scandinavian countries have a number of characteristics of the northern mainland.Sweden, Norway and Denmark - the three Scandinavian countries (geographical origin).When Scandinavia mentioned along with Finland, it has called Fennoscandia.

Attractions Helsinki winter - a special tourist trips around the country.Dog sledding, sleigh light musher running, reindeer racing - all this is an interesting range of winter pastime.That is the residence of Santa Claus in Lapland, the northernmost province of Finland, which is open to all who wish to visit the magical Santa Park.After riding the rides you can go on a gingerbread kitchen Mrs. Claus and enjoy the fragrant biscuits.

attractions in Helsinki in winter (very positive reviews) appear in a special way, white plains around, the snow dazzling purity fascinate.Even the architectural masterpieces look under the snow unusual.

main attractions in the center of Helsinki, Senate Square is the main attraction: the Presidential Palace, the National Library, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas Lutheran Cathedral, built in 1852.Well-preserved merchant houses, now they are souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes.

And in the center of the square stands a monument of Alexander II, the Russian Emperor, by which the Finnish people gained independence.12 times the king dropped in Finland, took part in the public affairs of the country, hunting, retreated to the Valaam monastery, which was located on the territory of Great knyazhenstva Finland.When Alexander II in the country to build a railway will connect Helsinki and St. Petersburg.

Helsinki today

explore the city in a short time is not possible, the capital of Finland, all in historic buildings, parks, museums and entertainment centers.For the youngest visitors are excellent entertainment complex, dominated by amusement park called "Linnanmäki".For adults, in addition to city tours, it offers many nautical activities and excursions on the boats.

Visit historic memorials begins with the medieval fortress of Suomenlinna, for many decades defended Helsinki against enemies from the sea.Another historic exhibit is Temppeliaukio Church, located right in the thick rock.

Tourists who prefer the beauty of the landscape, can visit the zoo, conservatory and marine center "Marine life".Lovers of wildlife will have an unforgettable experience of visiting the island Seurasaari, entirely populated restless proteins.

Visitors of all ages will be satisfied with a visit to the popular science center "Eureka", which opens the way to the amazing secrets of the universe.Hundreds of exhibits from the sphere of astronomy, chemistry, biology, physics, immediately seize the attention of tourists.

particularly interesting unusual style monument to composer Jan Sibelius.Monument, where the maestro is depicted in profile, against a background of stylized organ pipes.Finn is a great country.

Art Finland

As in any other country, in Finland, there are exhibition halls, offer visitors a genuine national creativity.The central institution of this profile is the art museum in Helsinki called "Athenaeum", which together with the exhibition center "Kiasma" is the Finnish national art gallery.The halls are equipped with huge collections of paintings, sculptures and other objects of Finnish art.

National Museum

history of any country requires a material reflection.In Helsinki, a repository of historical artifacts is the National Museum, which collected the cultural heritage of the country.Numerous exhibition covers the period of Finland from ancient times to the present day.

Besides static display at the museum periodically hosts exhibitions of local lore sense, telling the ethnography of the past and prospects for the development of Finnish society.Service of tourists held in different languages, including Russian.The museum is a bookstore with literature about Finnish culture, and also in different languages.

The collection - a national treasure of the Finnish people by exposure can trace the evolution of the country, collections are distributed on thematic sectors, each of which is in a separate room.

biggest department is historic, which is represented by the archaeological artifacts found during excavations on the territory of Finland.An extensive exhibition covers several eras and cultural periods, it is represented by the numerous thing of the past.It household items, weapons, jewelry, clothing, shoes, pottery and bronze ware.