Spassky Lutovinovo - chateau Turgenev

family nest Turgenev in Orel appeared at the end of the XVI century, at the time when Ivan the Terrible decided to grant a tiny village with a small church of the Transfiguration wealthy old Lutovinovo.

head of the family was then Ivan Lutovinov.The name of the village - Spassky Lutovinovo - went from the first word in the name of churches and the names of its owner.

Organizer estate

Ivan Turgenev accounted Lutovinov great-uncle of the mother.He served as a judge and was known as a wealthy landowner.Noble relative, received the award in the village, he began to build a mansion there.In the center of the estate grew wooden manor house with two floors.Its facade is decorated with porticos, columns and pyatiarshinnye window.

The area around the manor house have arranged flowers and curly flowerbeds.After some time, they broke the park, placing it pine, spruce and fir.We built a small church of the Transfiguration.She though was when the estate was always the parish, dedicated to all the villagers

.Church - the oldest building is not destroyed in the Spassky Lutovinovo from the time of construction.

manor turned luxury.However, there was no hint of the mind.Numerous relatives, claim ownership of the estate after the death of Ivan Ivanovich, and then intrigued and contrive litigation in order to obtain the ownership of family nest.

carve-up of the estate takes a very long time, until January 1814, until it was recaptured in their favor and a brisk grip niece judge.By coincidence, Varvara Petrovna Lutovinovo lucky enough to assert themselves as the only legitimate heir.In those days, in the Spassky Lutovinovo life rages.The estate passed an endless series of balls, picnics and home performances.

Handsome Guardsman Sergey Turgenev, is crowned with prompt Varvara Petrovna in the Saviour Transfiguration Church at the manor, he became the proud father of the future of literary classics.He and his wife had a son Orel Vanya.In 1823 the family settled in the estate.Early life Ivan Turgenev, who later became a famous Russian writer, passed in Spassky Lutovinovo and its surroundings.

Turgenev and Spassky Lutovinovo

In 1827 the family moved to Moscow, since children needed a good education.The property owners have left for good.Family run down there from time to time.Each trip to the village was filled with the life of the young Turgenev vivid impressions.Rural lifestyle then repeatedly reflected in the works of the legendary writer.

He became that rare writer who notices and exactly conveyed in the words of Russian identity picturesque villages.The village is not only the natural wealth and beauty is Turgenev.Spassky Lutovinovo exposes them to dire poverty and powerlessness of serfs.Towns, described in the works of Ivan Sergeyevich, are authentic.He

with sincerity and truthfulness wrote Bezhin meadow, river Istra and Crimson water.The first readers of the novel "Rudin" that seven weeks Turgenev wrote in Spassky Lutovinovo became LNTolstoy, guests then estate.There Ivan Sergeyevich worked on "Faust."

He always spoke fondly of the manor, arguing that it is only able to work just fine.Here he lived for a total of 17 years and wrote the bulk of the works.When the shared possessions, defended Ivan S. Spassky for themselves.Because of financial affairs, constantly poor, he sold the estate, its owned, retaining only estate in Spassky Lutovinovo.

arrived at the estate in May 1852, Turgenev did not leave it until December 1853 while under police surveillance.Home arrest was payback for the written and published obituary Gogol.Last visit to the estate, which occurred in 1881, was preceded by a fifteen-year break.

Historical facts

The empty estate has undergone substantial changes.The manor house in 1839 there was a fire.Not only burned left wing.The destruction of a third of the building was reconstructed again, and in 1840 it was attached to the wing, where he settled estate manager.

With the departure of the writer of the life estate was empty.Bequest estate of Turgenev Spasskoe- Lutovinovo and other property of the writer moved to Pauline Viardot-Garcia - a foreign citizen.She has no desire to own the estate, and the law could not manage it.Therefore, it is transferred to distant relatives - family Galakhova.

The new owners did not want to live in it.But we bother to carry all the property in the Eagle.The house is in an abandoned homestead where did Turgenev, was burned in 1906.His recovery took up 12 years later, on the occasion of the centenary of the Russian classic.The museum founded AVLunacharsky and VJBruce.

property owned by Turgenev, stored in Orel, with the end of his revolution was transferred to a local museum.Spassky Lutovinovo will find it again only in 1968, when solved for the restoration of the house on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Turgenev.At the memorial exhibition in 1976, numerous interested visitors have already demonstrated genuine household items and furniture Ivan Sergeyevich.

Eminent guests Spassky Lutovinovo

Turgenevskoe nest nicely by guests who have visited a talented writer, because they, too, have become legends of that era.In Spassky Lutovinovo've come A. Fet, Ivan Aksenov, L. Tolstoy, M. Shchepkin, N. Nekrasov, M. Savin, V. Garshin and many other prominent representatives of the Russian culture of the time.

It is with them, with their friends, Ivan Sergeyevich kept intimate conversations in the living room, hosted a heated debate in the office or a huge library.

The memorial museum-reserve reigns unprecedented creative atmosphere.He is so imbued with the spirit of the great Russian classics that offers breathtaking.

manor architecture in Spassky

new impetus to the development of the estate received in 1988.It then began the restoration of the old park.Masters took twenty years to restore original appearance of the estate and the old image of the mansion and its neighboring buildings.Thanks to first-class professionals Spassky Lutovinovo appears before visitors the same as in the Life of Ivan Sergeyevich.

The Manor house

Spirit Turgenev era guessed in lacy verandas, drowning in green ivy, tiny window in the mezzanine, in the porches, in enfilade rooms and their inner decoration.Furnishing house is a magnificent specimens, made Russian and foreign craftsmen, create in XVIII-XIX centuries.

individual pieces of furniture - true masterpieces of folk art.Empire style furniture is striking simplicity and refinement features.The rooms are filled with light and heat emitted by the noble wood.Luxurious couch "Samson" took place in the former small living room.

homey feel emanates from the British dimensional tick hours added in the dining room.Their melodic chime half-hour intervals is heard in the silence reigned in the old mansion.Desk, where Ivan Sergeyevich worked on famous works, returned to the depths of the cabinet.

Manor park

mansion surrounded by a park, sprawled on forty acres.By the old pond descend lime avenue, which was originally undeveloped manor Turgenev.Spassky Lutovinovo proud oak, planted young Turgenev and managed to survive the hard times as well as a vast orchard and two thousand of relict trees.Among them there are centuries-old elm trees, spruce, silver poplars.

Ivan Sergeyevich loved Spasskoe- Lutovinovo.He liked the crosshairs alleys formed by lime trees and interspersed with lawns, sun-drenched and covered with silky grasses, restless bird chirping, a pond, a sparkling mirror of the water.

Natural Beauty Spassky not leave anyone indifferent visitor.

Transfiguration Church The church, originally built as a parish, is still in effect.I wish to get into it as a museum.Spassky Lutovinovo - memorial complex, where buildings are preserved in the complex.

Inside the church is a park fence lodge, transformed into a museum fund.Near the park is based cemetery where the family tomb Lutovinovo equipped.This, together with the small chapel of Alexander Nevsky made the fence manor.Description

wing exile

Behind the main building is located a house manager called a wing exile.The name of the building, built in 1840, there was twelve years later, when the writer came to the estate in exile.Family control at that time, with the consent of Turgenev lived in the main house.The writer did not evict the family of the lodge, he settled in it.

in the lodge organized the exhibition with things the writer tells about the success of Ivan Sergeyevich.Adjacent household yard, in whose territory the cellar, sauna, coach house and stables.And what a reservoir without Russian manor house ?!Spassky Lutovinovo ennobled beautiful forging pond.

During the war years (1941-1945.) The estate hospital functioned.Therefore, in the park near the oak is a common grave, where Soviet soldiers are buried.

Relics manor

Spasskoe- Lutovinovo (photo gorgeous town) stores priceless relics.The expositions of the museum Turgenev can see the icon of Our Saviour;collection of paintings, including the great works written Klodt, Dmitriev-Orenburg, Svechkovym;unique home furnishings;a huge library.Rare artifacts collected by generations of Turgenev.

value of the estate

Spassky, with its shady avenues reflected in the pages of Turgenev's works glorifying the modest and at the same time full of irresistible charm natural beauty of the vast Russian expanses.Manor Turgenev - a sample of the landlord lifestyle middle of the XIX century.The estate is of great importance for the Russian literary fame, the great historical heritage of the state.