Sightseeing Europe.

Attractions in Europe - these are the cultural heritage of the Earth, which do not need to advertise them or argued about the importance of their visit.Europe has always been a place in which dream to get many tourists.It is part of mainland Eurasia and washed by the seas of two oceans - the Atlantic and the Arctic.Also, in Europe more than 40 countries, which account for about one eighth of the world's population.So here the various outstanding location just abound.And each of them - is a different story, life, the universe.About these architectural masterpieces heard every citizen, and many of them just break records on the number of attendance.After all, how can you not want to see the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or the Roman Coliseum?Therefore, we will not waste time and go back to where breathing stops, quickens the heartbeat, and the mind is transferred to the far-distant past.

Western Europe and attractions of this part of the world

Somehow, the country is in Western Europe have always attracted th

e greatest interest among tourists and those who dream of a good life.And, perhaps, so much excitement is well founded.Indeed, in countries such as Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and others. Who belong to this part of the continent, there is a high standard of living, a strong economy and an unusually interesting culture.And if you move here possible not to relocate everyone, then take in the sights of Western Europe can be almost anyone who has the opportunity to travel.

describe them all is impossible, so we will focus on the most famous cities.One of the first I would like to mention the German Baden-Baden.While in the city, be sure to visit the Museum of Faberge.It is the only museum in the world, the founder of which was the collector and artist of Russia Alexander Ivanov.Therefore, other sights in Europe can boast such an interesting fact.The museum is dedicated to all the articles of Russian masters of Faberge jewelry cases.The collection includes some 700 masterpieces.The most valuable exhibit is the "Egg Rothschild", created a master in 1902.

London Millennium

Continuing sightseeing in Western Europe, do not miss the Millennium Bridge, which is the capital of England.Another name for the bridge - Millennium Bridge.This place is a crossing steel suspension created for pedestrians.The bridge spans the River Thames, London.Millennium connects Benksayd and City.

In 1998, construction began on the Millennium Bridge, and its official opening took place two years later.During one of the charity events the participants had a chance to move this design.They felt a slight staggering, so it was decided to close this very hour Millennium.Two days of pedestrian access to the bridge was restricted, and after that all the crossing was blocked to fix the problem.Millennium Bridge Reconstruction lasted until 2002, after which he was again open for mass use.At the moment, the Millennium Bridge - is not only an object that is included in the sights of Europe, but also one of the symbols of London.


European capitals European capitals - it is something unique: London, Paris, Stockholm, Kiev, Sofia and Prague left in the memory of tourists unforgettable experience.Each of these cities is striking with its grandeur, is the breath of history is felt at every step.And the sights of capitals of Europe - a unique architectural masterpieces, rich in museums and unsurpassed towers and castles.That only is one of Stockholm, which is the capital of Sweden.The city attracts people high standards of living, beaches and monuments of history and modernity.

arriving in Stockholm, not immediately, and will deal with all the sights.But you can start the tour, such as the television tower Kaknastornet.It was created in 1967, and the author of its project was Bengt Lindroos.Sculpture height reaches 155 meters without the antenna.With it, the figure will rise to 170 meters.

also recommended to visit the Museum of ABBA.These are two places that make up the best attractions in Europe of today.Apart from these there are many more objects in this category, but we remember only these.In 1974, the group ABBA musical world exploded.And in 2013 on the island of Djurgården opened a museum dedicated to the work of this group.There are outfits musicians that visitors have the opportunity to try on.

Belgium Brussels Brussels (Belgium) - another city where gathered many foreign landmarks in Europe.At the heart of the capital and the whole country is the area of ​​the Grand Place.Immortal Victor Hugo referred to this place the most beautiful area of ​​all European areas.And his words have a right to exist.

Grand Place translated means "big market".There are two equally important and wonderful masterpiece: King's House and Brussels City Hall.Earlier in the territory of the location of the area was swamp.But in the XII century on the site of the dried bodies of water originated Grand Place.Later, in 1402 it began its construction.

And Brussels is known park Mini-Europe, which in just a few hours you can see all the major sights in Europe.So, in an area of ​​24 thousand. Meters located 80 cities and 350 buildings.There are Eiffel Tower, which reaches a height of three-storey house, four-meter Big Ben, as well as a small copy of the most evocative monuments of the European Union.

From west to east

Western Europe - is not the whole of Eurasia.Famous places of this part of the European continent no less surprising than the attractions of Eastern Europe.States are those boundaries belong to: Belarus, Moldova, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary and other countries.And let the architectural masterpieces there are not many, but they are of great historical value.

Take, Hungary, almost all of whose territory is rich in natural, cultural and historical objects of planetary significance.Hungary, or as it is called - Pannonia, in the old days served as the eastern border of the Roman Empire.Here they lived Slavic tribes, the Romans and the Germans.Hungarian tribes arrived only in the year 896.Szekesfehervar famous museum called "Ruins Gorziuma" and Szolnok impossible to imagine without the Archaeological Museum.

Attractions, which are heard every

There are some attractions in Europe, which are known to every person on Earth.These include a British Stonehenge.This monument was erected in prehistoric times, and it is located in the county of Wiltshire.This is one of the most mystical and mysterious structures.Stonehenge is a Neolithic and Bronze Age, it consists of hundreds of mounds.

In Belgium, the most visited attraction is the Atomium.At the end of 1950 in the capital, there was a World's Fair.Belgians in honor of this event a huge monument erected reminding nine atoms, which are combined into a crystal lattice of iron.It increased 165 billion times.

Eiffel Tower

How can you describe the sights of cities in Europe, not to mention one of the symbols of Paris - the Eiffel Tower?Do not know this design is simply impossible, unless you have frozen thousands of years ago, and you've just woken up.The author was the object of Gustave Eiffel.He created his masterpiece to commemorate the centenary of the French Revolution of 1789.It was decided to celebrate this date for the Paris World Exhibition.And the 360-meter tower of metal has become its main exhibit in the nomination of the newest technical achievements.

Interesting facts about the tower

There are some curious cases of the Eiffel Tower.And here's one of them: Franz Reichel, a tailor, in order to check the work of his own hand-made coat parachute jumped from the 60-meter-high tower of the first tier.Naturally, the poor wretch to his death.