Ski resort of Playa (Carpathians): photos, prices and reviews

What stops most lovers of active winter sports from having to go to a ski resort somewhere in the Alps or the Pyrenees?Well, first of all, the prices are in Courchevel or Andorra really bite.Secondly, the need for a Schengen visa.In the third, a long and expensive flight, which, if you focus on a family vacation, too, will stand a pretty penny.Fourth, the language barrier.But if we choose a place for a winter holiday ski resort Plai, that any of the above problems do not have to overcome.After Plai is in the Ukrainian Carpathians, in the Lviv region.For many years, our compatriots go to the neighboring resort of Bukovel (Ivano-Frankivsk region) and come back alive, and most importantly, satisfied.Let's try to find out what is the new ski resort of Playa.

Where is

As already mentioned, this complex is located in Lviv region.To be more precise, in Skole district, between the villages of swimming and Oriava.This is a young resort, is an ambitious project.It can compete with the "untwisted" Bukovel.It

was opened in 2007.How to assure the ratings of Russian tourists in newness Plai GC has pluses and minuses.Advantages of the resort is that it was built from the beginning of modern European technology in accordance with international standards.Everything here - Equipment trails, lifts, etc.- New, "a brand."A disadvantage of the reviews referred to the fact that currently there are not enough hotels.In the absence of price competition in two hotels unjustifiably high, so most tourists prefer to stay in the private sector.Also, there is some congestion lifts at weekends when residents come to the city.


ski resort of Playa is located in the immediate vicinity of the highway Kyiv-Chop.Since the highway is across the state border in Europe, covering her good.Air transport to travel to the city.From the regional center at weekends runs charter bus directly to the resort.Departure from the main train / railway station at 6 am, the price - 50 hryvnia.The nearest train station - and Volovets Skole.From both points of the resort shuttle bus.If you drive your vehicle or leased, it is impossible to miss a turn - as billboards and road signs will point you the way.If you go to Lvov, after Skole village have to pass a scab, and Kozёva Oriava.Before reaching afloat, you need to turn off the road.Parking is free at the resort.

When to go to Playa (Carpathians)

Ski Resort is located on the low altitude.Therefore, there are no hard frost.Normally, the winter temperature does not drop below the mark of 15 degrees, which is a positive factor if you are going to bring small children.Do not be scared little snow winters.Just install the first light frost (late November - early December) is beginning to work, special gun manufactured by Nivis.And when the neighborhood Playa are covered with snow, the slope out professional snowmobiles Pisten Bully.This technique maintains the track in good condition until the end of March, and in some years up to mid-April.


Since Plai (Carpathian) - ski resort is very new, but nowadays it employs only two hotels.And they all have the same name.Big "Plai" - a three-story building in 42 double rooms, located in the heart of the resort.It has all the amenities, including Wi-Fi.Prior to the lower station of the lift to go just a couple of minutes.But the pleasure of living near the ski area is not cheap.Room costs 750 hryvnia.Small namesake hotel - motel "Plai" - is located near the highway.There is exactly the same amenities, but due to the remoteness of some living there cheaper - 400 hryvnia.But in a motel with 11 rooms, so they must be booked in advance.An alternative to the hotel are numerous mini-hotels in the surrounding villages: afloat Oryavchyk, Kozёva, scab, Oriava.If you are "on wheels", you can stay in a comfortable hotel "Golden Trout" ten kilometers from the ski resort.


ski resort of Playa on its territory has a restaurant "Polonyna" and two bistro.All schools you can enjoy dishes of European and Ukrainian cuisines.From the panoramic windows "Poloniny" open enchanting scenery of the snow-capped mountains.There is also a restaurant, "Plai" on the ground floor of the same name Motel (near highway).Drink hot mulled wine or tea, infused on fragrant Carpathian herbs, as well as a snack can be right on the slopes, top lift station.Bistro "Verkhovyna" is located at the bottom.Reviews say that the average price for a meal in the restaurant - fifty hryvnia, which is insanely cheap for the Russians, but a little expensive when compared with the cost in such establishments in the surrounding villages.Tourists are recommended to try banosh, mushroom yushku, sheep's cheese and other dishes Hutsul cuisine.


Many Ukrainian skiers and snowboarders choose to ski resort of Playa.Carpathian Mountains, with their enchanting scenery, local flavor Hutsul and developed infrastructure according to European standards are attracted to this new competitor Bukovel and Dragobrat tourists.Skiing takes place on six tracks on the slopes of the mountain massif Plai and Flint.The longest of them - one thousand two hundred meters.The difference in height is 260 m. The reviews say that Plai is ideal for beginners and insecure skiers, although there are trails at the resort for extreme.The slopes are served by four chairlifts (from Doppelmayr) and one bracket.Last delivers skiers to the top of the track for beginners.The path of each chair lift stretches for a kilometer.There are also bebi- and multi-lift.Children can enjoy snow-tubing.Unfortunately, the resort is no night skiing.


ski resort of Playa, where the prices are inferior Bukovel offers skiers and snowboarders a variety of services.You can buy a day pass - 250 UAH.on kreselnik and 80 hryvnia per bracket.It will be better and more convenient: it is one of the lifting will have to pay 20 or 10 USD.respectively.Queues are, especially on weekends, but they move quickly.In the resort there are a ski school for children and adults.You can hire a personal trainer.There fracture clinic.At the lower station of the lift operates office equipment rental.Ski or board cost 80 hryvnia per day.Therefore, reviews recommend taking equipment or rent it from the villagers afloat.Next to hire operates a luggage storage - free.

après ski

Since Playa was built (and continue to be built) by European standards, it is designed to trifles evening entertainment program.There's a swimming pool, sauna, spa, gym.Of particular note is the museum boykovskoy and Hutsul culture.By visiting it, you can see the effect of the forge, to follow the process of making cheese, see weaving and carpentry workshops.Very beautiful spot their little church.St. Michael the Archangel.It operates (the rite Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church), and if desired, you can admire the exquisite carvings and filigreed wrought, not only outside the building but inside as well.