Mount Kelimutu Indonesia boasts a unique natural monument

Indonesia - a country of beauty and exoticism.Even never was interested in this archipelago of man must have heard about the Komodo park or Buddhist temple of Borobudur, as if coming down to the people on the screen, from the film Indiana Jones.But what could impressing even seasoned travelers Indonesia - Mount Kelimutu Lake + tears.This unique natural spectacle no longer find in any corner of the world.And most interesting is that this complex spontaneously change with time.

Pride Indonesia

Flores Island, which is Mount Kelimutu (Indonesia), is a group of Eastern Lesser Sunda Islands.The mountain itself is a volcano and volcanic Ring of Fire element.Whole island has 14 volcanoes, some of them in "working order", in connection with which there are frequent earthquakes.Kelimutu is considered extinct, although the last eruption occurred in 1968, so that to make such conclusions is premature.Particularly high volcano will not name, he does not hold one meter to the level in 1640 m. In this case, it is

the object of an active tourist interest.And all thanks to the Pool of Tears.

Lakes evil spirits: they formed

It is because of the volcano last erupted, and there were three of the pond.When the lava has been poured, the top of the mountain subsided, and there were depressions called calderas.Since they do not have to waste, they gradually accumulated rainfall, resulting in and formed a natural wonder.Especially attractive to people coloring of these lakes: independently of each other, they change color.It is this famous lake of tears (or evil spirits) and Mount Kelimutu (Indonesia) - photos from different angles shows the unforgettable sight that this is a dormant volcano.Note that the two lakes are close, almost touching each other.The third of them is located almost one and a half kilometers.


Each of the lakes has its own name.Those that are combined, called Tivu-Ata Mboup and Tivu-Nua Muri-Koog-Tai.The first name means "Lake of the elderly" or "Lake of the souls of ancestors."The second means "Lake of boys and girls."The third, located at a distance, referred Tivu Ata Polo, translated as "Bewitched," "enchanted lake people" or "Lake sorcerers" - depends on how you announce interpreter.According to the beliefs of the locals, in colorful lakes finish your way souls of the dead.In Tivu-Ata Mboup inhabited by the spirits of wise men and elders in Tivu-Nua Muri-Koog-Tai - children and young people, and in Tivu Ata Polo - sinners and evil sorcerers.Tradition says that if you worry, anger or offend the spirits living in water bodies, which is crowned by Mount Kelimutu (Indonesia), the water in them will start to change color.Perhaps someone something already touched the dead, since such a phenomenon happened more than once: Now the lake has deep-black, turquoise and green shades, and a few years ago was different scale: burgundy - black - blue-green.Tivu-Nua Muri-Koog-Tai and did a quarter century changed the colors a dozen times.Probably because it has become a haven for the children, and they are very restless and fickle.

scientific explanation

Although the volcano Kelimutu and is considered extinct, some underground processes it still occurs.In one of the lakes goes Solfatara - crack, through which it receives hydrochloric acid and hydrogen sulfide.The latter, on contact with oxygen in the atmosphere is converted into sulfuric acid.Both compounds are very active, and since the lake is very mineralized, they derive the chemical reactions on which depends the color of water.While one of the lakes had a red hue, it speaks of the interaction of iron and hydrogen sulfide;now almost close to the color black.All shades of green and blue - the result of varying the concentration of the aforementioned acids and their reactions to the various components of the lakes.

path to miracle

Mount Kelimutu (Indonesia), is part of the national park, which is relatively small, but is far enough away from the benefits of civilization - to the nearest town to go 60 kilometers.Therefore, a great love of travel enjoyed Moni village, which is located directly at the foot of volcanoes.You can not only relax, but also to hear the details of a variety of (often highly controversial) of local legends.

To see colorful lakes, it's best to land at the End.From there the bus goes to Moni;people are not saving on costs, can hire a taxi or rent a scooter.

Another option - get on a plane to Maumere;however, the city further from the Kelimutu, 105 kilometers, but many tourists, this route is more convenient for their own reasons.There also are buses Moni;the road will have to spend 3-4 hours - depending on what the weather should not happen if the earthquake debris.

up the mountain from Moni walking bus, much to the crater have to climb the stairs - as much as 13 kilometers.

Travel Tips

observation deck, which is equipped with mountain Kelimutu (Indonesia), fenced for security fences.Climb them is strictly forbidden - and should not ignore the ban.Guides will tell you gladly the young Dane, who wished to make a picture from an unexpected angle and fell into the lake young souls.His body, by the way, and have not found.

best view of the Lake of tears open at dawn - after likely fog, because of which is often impossible to see anything.

better go down to the twilight - the mountain in the dark, dangerous, and it comes very abruptly.Go try to group: lakes highly hazardous fumes from which people lose consciousness.The crowd who will bring the fallen.

Traveling to Indonesia, do not miss the volcano Kelimutu - photos that you have made in these areas, will long remind visit truly wonderful places.And prove suspicious that the lake is really colorful.