India: photo, nature and attractions

If you want to see a really amazing beauty, worth seeing photos of India.Nature in this country is amazing with its magnificence, it is possible to admire the infinite.On the territory of the country spread extensive forests.The slopes of the Himalayas and are completely covered by vegetation.Indian subcontinent is known for its tropical forests.They are characterized by a fairly tall trees with dense crowns.Because of them, of course, the entire lower part of the forest is shaded.Making his way among the trees, you can discover the abundant bamboo thickets.

Mysterious India

India can be called a very mysterious country, at all times, it attracted travelers is its mystery.And now people have not lost interest in it.Tourists admire the sights that are so rich in this country.It is impossible to convey in words how beautiful India.Photo and attractions which look very tempting, are striking in their beauty.

Divine country

India is among those countries whose cultural heritage makes a strong i

mpression on travelers.Therefore, for a vacation here is very interesting.Each tourist is advised to make a list of the most attractive places that want to visit, otherwise you can not calculate the time and did not have time to see everything.
If there is a country that can be called not only a wonderful and divine, it is India.Photo and attractions which truly fascinate tourists in large numbers placed on their pages on the Internet so that others have the opportunity to enjoy this paradise.

amazing architecture, the Taj Mahal

the first day of stay in India all point out the unusual architectural style prevalent here.Many places of worship of different outstanding appearance: they are peculiar and attractive form, and a great painting.Some tourists, just arrived in the country, immediately seek to visit the Taj Mahal, located in Agra.Such zeal is quite justified, because this architectural monument has long been considered a symbol of the state, in addition, it is one of the new seven wonders of the world.Day and night, marble mausoleum, complete with all kinds of semi-precious stones, attracted worldwide attention.India, which is a photo-stopping delight, it may seem a fabulous place, so everything here is unusual.

Virupaksha Temple and the Harmandir Sahib

Each tourist should enjoy the Virupaksha Temple, located at Hampi.He is one of the oldest Hindu places of worship, which today are performed the ceremony.Temple Harmandir Sahib is also beautiful, it fascinates many rich history.It is recommended to visit it in the evening, when included special lighting, making it even more beautiful.In the dark, it emits a golden glow, and it is not surprising that many tourists want to see it.India photos that often motivate people to think about visiting the country, famous for this wonderful church.

What is interesting to Goa?

once visited Goa, it is impossible to forget all my life.There are many opportunities for recreation.The first thing to do - is to go to one of the beaches, of which there are many.The extraordinary beauty of different Vagator and Palolem.The highest concentration of tourists is observed on the last.

When bored with a beach holiday, you can go to the Basilica of Jesus, by the way, it is an object of Heritage.This architectural monument and attracts many travelers to Goa.India photos that causes a real delight, generally rich in places of worship.

Dudhsagar waterfall, the city of Panaji

lasting impression on fans of natural beauty makes Dudhsagar waterfall called, the name of which means "ocean of milk".His so-called because the water in it has an unusual color.

Those who were lucky enough to visit the city of Panaji, also will not be bored.In this village there is a street of 18 June, which is a big market.Many guests countries seek to come here, because it has everything you need for a man from all kinds of spices to jewelry.India, which is usually full of photos with bright colors, a variety of markets with a wide range of products.

This is only a small part of the interesting places recommended to visit.However, the above attractions are the minimum that should be read to all tourists.India, photos of which can often be called works of art, leaves a deep impression in the heart of every traveler.