Sanatorium "Pinery" Ryazan region: prices, reviews and official website

sanatorium "Pine Forest" is located in a small resort village Solotcha (Ryazan region) on the banks of the River Staritsa.The territory of this facility covers an area of ​​nine hectares in the ancient Meshersky region, which is rich in cultural and historical monuments and other memorable sights.


Sanatorium "Pinery" Ryazan region is a complex of buildings, which consists of medical-diagnostic and dormitories, a dining room, a dance club, concert halls, swimming pools.It has a specific diagnostic equipment, superior equipment of most modern hospitals and clinics of the country.On its base operates the Department of Physiotherapy and Health Resort Medical University in Ryazan.

Leisure activities

Sanatorium "Pinery" Ryazan Region has an indoor swimming pool with cascading plants (with a length of 23 meters), sauna, gym, billiards, outdoor tennis courts with artificial turf, table tennis, basketball and volleyballplatforms.In addition, there is a shop, a cafe, rental of sports equipment (m

ountain bikes and "Ducor HST", skis with boots, snow-cats, sledges for children, backgammon, chess, bicycles for children, boat and more), hairdresser, beauty salon, cinemaroom, ballroom dancing, ballroom dance school, a library and a children's room with a tutor.On the river Starica equipped sandy beach.For leisure travelers in the resort organizes excursions in Oka Biosphere Reserve, home Yesenin in Ryazan Kremlin, Monastery Poschupovo and Holy Spring and others.


sanatorium "Pine Forest" to accommodate vacationers offers a six-story brick building, which is connected with a dining room heated transitions and medical corps.Rooms are single or double.Each room has a toilet, shower, sink, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, balcony.Superior rooms - double beds.

sanatorium "Pine Forest": prices

This health resort provides thirteen health programs, each of which provides a different set of medical treatments and the duration of treatment.Accordingly, the cost of health at different rates will be different.For example, the general direction of the program "Spa treatment" provides for the payment in the amount of 2200-4000 rubles per day per person.The price varies depending on the living conditions: single or double rooms, suites.And the program "Health and Beauty" provides for payment of 47 280-95 220 rubles per person per twelve-course.In order to get acquainted with the detailed price list of every health program and get other necessary information, you can go to the page health institutions "Pinery".The resort has an official site for a long time, address:, for more information you can call: (4912) 28-78-63 or 8-800-100-78-63.

Dietary food

The cost of the permit, in addition to medical procedures, includes accommodation and daily meals for different types of diets: № 5, № 8, № 9, № 10. The diet number 5 is indicated for diseases of the liver, number 8- if overweight, number 9 - diabetes first and second type, number 10 - for cardiovascular diseases.Appointment supply comes with a dual system: cell and of dietary.The main one is the last one, when it is made on a specific diet to develop a balanced menu of duration of one week.This ensured a rest custom five- or six-time power supply (depending on diet).The basis of this system is based on the recommendations of clinical therapeutic feeding the Academy of Medical Sciences.


sanatorium "Pine Forest" (reviews of doctors confirm it) provides an effective treatment of the following diseases: digestive system (chronic colitis, gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis and duodenal ulcer and stomach), central nervous system (neurotic andasthenic conditions, the initial stage of atherosclerosis of the brain), motion organs (bone disease, tendons and muscles, rheumatoid arthritis), respiratory (chronic pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma), eyes, gynecology, and circulatory diseases.In addition, the health center receives young patients and four years.

Medical base

Sanatorium "Pinery" Ryazan region for treatment and prevention using climate, thermotherapy (local and general mud applications, ozokeritotherapy, elektrogryazelechenie and mud tampons), balneotherapy (bath: conifer, natural mineral, iodine-bromine, magnetic, radon, pearl, carbon dioxide, radon, radon dry, contrast, swirl, carbon dioxide, dry, electrogalvanic; soul ascending, Sharko, circular, underwater massage shower, irrigation gynecological, micro enema, intestinal, gum mineral water), as well as magnetic therapy, electrotherapy, phototherapy, the treatment of air, sleep laboratory, therapy, dentistry.Sanatorium "Pinery" Ryazan region spends therapy for the following programs: "Take care of the heart", "diabetes", "Spa treatment", "hospital", "think about the vessels of his brain", "Help your spine", "Snoring is dangerous for yourhealth "," Sleep without snoring "," recovery ", as well as provides services for the preservation of beauty and health maintenance in general.For this program are "Beauty and Health", "Forget about smoking", "overweight", "Day of Beauty", "The path to health and harmony."

Ryazan.The sanatorium "Pine Forest".Treatment of children in the sanatorium

take children suffering from respiratory disorders.The resort specializes in the treatment of chronic diseases of the nasopharynx (nasopharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis), inflammation of the paranasal cavities of the nose to the acute stage, chronic and repeated pneumonia, recurrent bronchitis and bronchial asthma (mild) in mezhdupristupnom period, respiratory allergies in timesremission, neuroses, chronic gastroduodenitis and biliary dyskinesia.In addition, it assists in functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system of medium and low severity of different etiology.

Occupational diseases

Sanatorium "Pinery" Ryazan region specializes in pathologies caused by the influence of various physical factors: vibration disease, cochlear neuritis professional.Specialists resorts assisted in diseases of the respiratory system from the effects of industrial aerosols, occupational skin diseases, pathologies of the musculoskeletal system (with professional etiology), intoxication and radiation sickness.