Kamskie Polyana.

Kamskie field is a small town located in the district of Nizhnekamsk in the Republic of Tatarstan.The population is a little more than fifteen thousand people.The village Kamskie Polyana is located on the left bank of the Kama River, 35 kilometers southwest of the regional center.


exact information about when people settled here, no.According to some sources, founded the settlement of runaway peasants during the time of Ivan the Terrible.However, the official date is the eighteenth century, at least, this is the first record of the Kama Glades, then it was a village.The village is in its modern form was built in 1981 because of the start of construction of nuclear power plants is Tatar.It was terminated in 1990 by the Supreme Council of the Republic.


Kamskie is the village Polyana (map contained in the article demonstrates this) in the Republic of Tatarstan, Nizhnekamsk region.You can get here by car from the district center Nizhnekamsk (there is a railway station), the distance

of the route is 47 kilometers, the road to the village is through Sheremetevku.There is another way - from Kazan, the distance by road will be 193 kilometers, along the way you pass the following locations: Sorochyi mountains, Wet Kurnaev, Alekseevskoe, Chistopol, Starosheshminsk.

Description village

Kamskie fields are in the east of the East European Plain.They occupy an intermediate plateau between the hills of the republic.The nearest neighbors are the cities of Nizhnekamsk (45 km), Zainsk (50 km) Chistopol (50 km), Naberezhnye Chelny (90 km).The first of January 2006, in accordance with federal law, Kamskie Polyana village acquired the status of municipality.From that moment began a new stage in the history of the village.Inside the administrative border are more than 23 square kilometers of land, divided into three arrays: top, bottom area and residential area.


Kamskie fields have two schools, a gymnasium, four educational preschool, children's music, youth sports, Sunday school, youth sports school of figure skating and ice hockey, the branch of Nizhnekamsk welding and assembly college, the station and children's tourism youth "Turgai 'and Children's Creativity Center" Rainbow ".For teenagers operates a youth center, "Alan" and place the cultural life of the population is considered to be the center of "Chulman-Su."

Master Plan

May 27, 2010 decision of the local Council approved the general plan of the village.The comprehensive investment plan for the development Kamskoe fields were included projects which are aimed at diversifying the economy and employment.They are based on the development of public-private partnerships, representing small and medium business, as well as new sectors of the economy and housing.In particular, this included a number of projects for the construction of fish processing complex, industrial park, construction of health facilities, modernization of the housing sector, the system of measures to support small and medium businesses.

Industrial Park

UK "Industrial Park Kamskie Glade" is a complex of modern and cost-effective enterprise for the production of raw materials for construction, automobile industry, agriculture, textile industry trends, as well as the manufacture of packaging materials.Created this facility in 2010.It is formed by a network of high-tech enterprises specializing in the processing of polymers as the main element of the national innovation system.Full-scale implementation of the project is able to stimulate the development of depressive region.It is planned to create the infrastructure necessary for the smooth operation of industrial facilities also need to increase the level of investment attractiveness of the area.It is planned that the project will reduce the share of imports of petroleum and chemical products in the region are more than fifty percent of consumption.It is also proposed to establish a set of cost-effective production, new jobs, leading to higher living standards.

Unusual tourism

This object quite interesting for people who want to spend their holidays by the sea, in the woods, in the mountains or other places rich in historical and cultural attractions.However, for those who are constantly expanding their horizons, believes that knowledge are not redundant, and absorb them on every side, it is useful to visit are near the town of Nizhnekamsk Kamskie Polyana.This industrial town will be interesting for those who have been at the coal mines of the Donbass, the Far Eastern gold mines, kimberlite pipe "Mir", offshore oil platforms and the largest industrial enterprises of the modern industrial world.UK "Industrial Park Kamskie field" (Tatarstan) still does not have a rich history, but already loudly declared itself on the Russian market.


For those who are not interested in industrial tourism, municipal Kamskie field can offer another kind of outdoor activities.It is the fourth consecutive year, opened a summer camp of the military-patriotic "Summer Lightning" for college students, colleges and schools Nizhnekamsk region and Zainsk, Naberezhnye Chelny and Tukayevsky District.Students learn in the field of military-applied sciences and soldier life.The camp takes young men aged 14-17."Service" includes tactical and combat training, shooting, unarmed combat, military and applied sciences and technical sports: parachute, automotive, art, mountain climbing.At the end of every shift to produce more militarized relay.The organizers of the camp by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the growth (DOSAAF), the Republican center "Patriot".