List tiniest continents in the world.

The ocean is constantly there are numerous tiny number of continents, but not all remain "afloat", they simply go back into the water depths.But there are also those that are inhabited, t. E. Colonized people.I'm sure many do not know what the world's smallest island, and where it is located.This will be discussed in this article.

Rock Bishop Rock

title of the tiny island rightfully received this piece of land.Rock even listed in the Guinness Book of Records.It is located in the south of the UK and is a protective barrier between England and the Atlantic Ocean.The island is so small that it is the only one lighthouse - more on the rock did not fit, it's not designed for habitation.Height (with construction) is 52 meters.The main task of the beacon - signal the next ship sailing on the location of the tiny piece of land and does not allow them to run aground.

Bishop Rock - is the smallest of the islands thousands of archipelagos.A rich history.Near its shores there is a lot of shipwrecks.However,

the history of its existence, the lighthouse has repeatedly saved the boats from destruction.Founded in the 19th century building (1847).Builders struggled to establish a lighthouse, this prevented the powerful waves and strong winds, which are simply demolished structure.As a result, the lighthouse was built of sturdy stone, iron beams and granite blocks.Already in 1858 the construction of illuminated water surface.

tiny inhabited island Dunbar Rock

Another of the tiny areas in the world.The smallest island in the Gulf of Dunbar is Guana peninsula, 70 km from the coast.According to official data, its area does not exceed half a hectare, and the rock itself is more like a beautiful coral reef.Many times the land area resold, today the mysterious land of the white three-story hotel was built, which is surrounded by an oak forest.It turned out a truly heavenly place in the midst of the bottomless ocean.Frequent customers of this villa is a fan of scuba diving.

Travelling mainland Sable

Even a smallest island on earth?It is a small sandy patch of land off the coast of Nova Scotia - Sable.He constantly roams on the water surface, it happens because of the counter flow of cold and warm seas.The sailors called it the island of death, because during a violent storm 15-meter waves are completely absorbed by the earth, and the ships of her broke.

It is now a cemetery in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.Only documented about five hundred disasters.After installing the service beacons tragedy ceased.Today, this "devourer of ships" lives a small group of people who preserve local flora from death.However, the island of rich vegetation does not shine, it could hardly take root trees.

residential island of Caye Caulker

there on our planet beautiful corners, where you feel like a real Robinson Crusoe.Tourists find Caye Caulker one of the best places in the world.The smallest island - it is, of course, Bishop Rock, but this piece of land is also not is large.Its area totals about 7 square meters.m. This is a real exotic for tourists from big cities.The abundance of unusual vegetation combined with the blue sea makes this place truly fabulous.

Georgia, the island of St. Simons Island

Located in the Atlantic.Habitable small resort village in the midst of the deep ocean.The size of the land - a little more than 10 square meters.m. Constantly living and working here for about 30 people, the others come to relax, enjoy the magnificent landscape and privacy.

natural heritage of Croatia - a small island Visovac

ancient piece of land on which to build the temple of the Virgin Mother of Mercy and Visovatskoy, located amidst the beautiful Krka river.Of course, this is not the smallest island on earth, but certainly the most beautiful and the religious.Beyond the natural heritage of the republic is a lake teeming with trout.Around the perimeter of the site grow tall cypress trees that protect the island from the scorching rays and wind.The atmosphere of peace is in the air.You can get here by boat from the village Bristane.

lot of fabulous and mysterious mini-continents have in the world.The smallest island in the bottomless ocean is unlikely someone will be able to see to it simply do not get.But there are those who, thanks to the person who made this known to the public and small resorts that bring a huge profit.And the names of some of them are connected with ancient legends and tales.

Each island living original life, is characterized by a special flavor, its own concepts of culture and civilization.Exotic small corners of the middle of the surface of the water are attracted pristine beauty, unusual landscape created by nature and unspoilt beaches.Surely none of us would not mind to see such an amazing place to experience pristine color and immerse themselves in the fun.