Limited-slip differential makes available new roads

From the beginning of the history of the car before the developers was a difficult task - how to ensure its uniform motion in a turn or on rough roads.The fact is that upon rotation of the vehicle inner and outer wheels moving in circles of different radius, are different paths and have different speeds.To eliminate this in the design of the car was introduced a device such as a differential.However, he revealed its shortcomings, and this is something they should have been eliminated and a limited-slip differential.

To understand the emerging issues will have to refer to the differential device.Without going into the intricacies of it, you can simply state that this mechanism allows located on one axis of the car wheels to rotate at different speeds.The result of this technical solution was reducing the burden on the wheel, transmission, improving drivability and increase the reliability and safety of the vehicle.

However, as always happens in such cases, there is a new problem.The ability to move

the wheels at different speeds turned to the other extreme.If you get one wheel is on a slippery place (mud, ice, roll forward) torque from the engine is fed all at the wheel, and it begins to rotate at an increased rate, while the other wheel on the axis remains stationary.The car will slip, he had only one wheel is spinning, but because of the lack of grip to move the car from a place can not.Other wheel while moving.That's way out of this situation, a limited-slip differential developed.

Its distinguishing feature is the possibility of locking the wheels arranged on the same axis, to rotate at different speeds.In practice, this means that when the locking wheel speed is the same, and if one of them starts to slip, the torque continues to flow to the other wheel, and the car due to this can easily overcome a difficult stretch of road.This lock can be done in different ways - either manually or automatically, and sells limited-slip differential.

This lock has a positive effect on the car, its permeability increases in heavy and slippery roads, mud and snow.This is especially true for cars, which is developing a small engine torque.Thus, the limited-slip differential installed on Niva significantly improves its permeability.Of course, if there is a normal "mud" tires.Established such a differential can be on any axis of the vehicle, including all time.However, it should be noted that when mounted on the front axle steering somewhat worse, and drive a car better than an experienced driver.

usually embedded in the design of such a differential current, often adjustable.However, if the motor is able to develop a considerable torque, it may damage the axle shaft.UAZ limited-slip differential can cause just such damage.It requires a certain skill of the driver in driving, but its use provides significant advantages when driving on bad roads.Most military vehicles equipped with such devices.Limited-slip differential

provides an excellent opportunity to increase the capabilities of the car to overcome difficult driving conditions, while at the same time without having to make to the machine major design changes, as well as affordable.The effectiveness of these devices is well known, not without reason, most military vehicles fitted with them by default.