Choose to LC: A surprising number!

find interesting and unique places, choose a gift or something exclusive and colorful - all of this is possible on you can find services for travelers and goods to tourists.LiveClime - a new social network that incorporates the tourists, travelers, and people simply fond of.Here you can share your discoveries and have a first-hand reliable information that will help make the rest comfortable and memorable for everyone.Here you will find the travel experience, those who share them on traveler LiveClime updated daily with new sites, estimates, suggestions, guides who offer their services to tourists.

One area of ​​the project LiveClime - cuisine.With LiveClime you will always find where a meal within your budget and an appropriate atmosphere - it can be a snack or an expensive restaurant.Original cuisine or something traditional.Each country has its own culinary specialties, and to see all their facets - use via LiveClime.Tourists and travelers share th

eir views and assessments.By comparing and making it possible to compare LiveClime friends at cafes and restaurants, which was able to visit various cities of Russia and Europe.And often describes places where untouched by the usual tourist, following the tour group.Someone took local friends who had accidentally stumbled upon the lovely cafe on a side street, where tourists do not walk.

Thanks to the new social network, now everyone has the opportunity to look back if you wish.And many "tasty" in terms not only described in detail, including features, menus and sample rates, but also accompanied by a rich photo gallery.

Another interesting direction of the project LiveClime - is shopping.This section provides information about the fact that some of the country's better to bring, where to buy, how to choose.For example, Italy is famous for its designer products.Therefore, from Tuscany better to bring exclusive products from local artisans, as well as designer clothes and shoes.Everyone knows that Bavaria is famous for beer and cheese, but few people know that it was made in Germany, the world-famous liqueur "Jägermeister", infused with 56 components.All these subtleties are divided seasoned travelers, making it easier for those traveling to some countries for the first time.Those, in turn, passed a new path, find something more interesting and unusual.

But you know, as it turns out, even the locals do not know all the interesting places in the city.Things to do LiveClime was founded and began its development in Novosibirsk.Therefore, a lot of participants in social networking because of this Siberian city.Designated already marked on the map LiveClime, not well known, but very interesting and useful not only for the guests.

For example, the shop "Taiga abundance", where you can buy native Siberian delicacies prepared according to traditional recipes from natural products.Or a creative workshop "Rainbow in the hands of" where you can order a special, exclusive gift, made by masters of applied arts or skilled designers.

If we talk about souvenirs or products that can represent our country, it is only in the last month, project participants LiveClime added some interesting shops.Among them are interior souvenirs and hours of cedar "Relight", representing a wide range of products of wood, bark and clay.Or store "Russian Flax", where you can treat yourself and loved ones of products from natural fabrics, and friends - painted matryoshka.The souvenir shops on Karl Marx can be purchased and Tula samovar, and tapestries and exquisite porcelain, painted in different techniques.There is also a lot of souvenirs with symbols of Novosibirsk and Russia.

you want to please yourself and loved ones to surprise - go to, look for unique places.Choose to LC and do not forget to share what impressed.After adding to the common fund of knowledge, we all are winners.

By the way, if you can produce something interesting and unique, then - welcome to LiveClime.You can find here the goods and services for travelers.Tell the world about yourself.Read the impressions of tourists, travelers opinions and reviews.It is often people are looking for something special and do not always find.Those who produces exclusive things, do not know how to reach their customers.So playground LiveClime - is open to all.She is active in helping tourists and travelers, local residents and those who he offers his goods or services.There are and get something unique and unforgettable.LiveClime - is a tourist guide and guide to different cities and countries.Choose to LC: A surprising number!And for those who do not know, our page in the VC