Where to go on the sea in Russia.

closer vacation, the more urgent question: "Where does it hold?" Selecting a location for the summer holidays - is not easy, but very pleasant.In order not to make the wrong choice, do not spoil your impressions of holidays, come to the question carefully.There are many Russian resorts with well-developed infrastructure, a good level of service and affordable prices.So, where to go to sea in Russia?

popular beach resort

Summer - the perfect time for a holiday in Russia.In almost all regions of the country in July, set a warm summer, sunny weather.At rest in his native country has a number of advantages ,.This knowledge of the language and the relative cheapness, economical travel.It is also necessary to consider that all the resorts you can go without a passport.Services of intermediaries may be 20% or more of the cost of the permit.Therefore, despite the fact that the tourist industry offers a choice of a large number of Russians places for an interesting pastime, going on vacation yourself is alwa

ys cheaper and more interesting.So where to go to rest at sea in Russia?In our country the main places of beach holidays are considered the Azov and the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea coast.Fully possible to spend a holiday in the Leningrad and Kaliningrad regions on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, and the Baltic Sea.


Go to the peninsula is best yourself.It is easily accessible, private accommodation is very simple, convenient, and that there is no language barrier.Based on your preferences, you can create a route, because everyone here will find a place of employment and the soul.In June, it opened the swimming season, air temperature 25, of water + 18-20 degrees.If you decide where to go on the sea in June, Russia offers a variety of options.For example, in the Azov Sea water warms more quickly, so those who like to swim in the early summer is best to go to Shelkino or Kerch.In July, almost all Crimean beaches are crowded, the water is heated completely and begins the high season.Relax on the peninsula is suitable primarily for those who prefer to spend the whole time on the beach, sunbathe and swim.In August, the weather for a beach holiday is ideal, but since most come to rest on the peninsula in the last month of summer, the situation is somewhat clouded.As a result of the large influx of tourists, the prices for all are high, transportation is crowded, the water is dirty, a lot of garbage.Also, do not plan on his return from leave on the last day of the month, many are trying to get back to the beginning of the school year, it creates traffic jams at the crossing Kerch.


If you are planning a vacation on the sea in Russia, where to go, but in Sochi.The Black Sea is calling to its shores wanting to have a good holiday all year round.The best months for vacation here is the middle of June, July, August and September.Despite the high air temperature in May, June, the sea is not warmed by more than 17-19 degrees, so swimming can cause great discomfort.Sochi resort popular with our fellow citizens, there are many options for recreation: diving, fishing, wild beaches, water parks and more.Hotels in Sochi can be found on almost any budget: how to budget and luxury four and five star.For example, in a two-star hotel "Nairi" double room will cost 2700 rubles per day.If you prefer a high quality service and think - where to go on the sea in Russia, feel free to choose Sochi.It is well developed entertainment infrastructure, equipped with embankments.You can stay in the famous complex "Pearl", will cost 5200 rubles a simple double room with breakfast.

Gelendzhik He has the longest shoreline in the world and among the top five most visited resort cities of Russia.For vacationers Gelendzhik attractive low prices, a decent level of service, all sorts of entertainment, including cable cars, water parks, safari park and other recreation.The beaches are protected from the cold currents and storms, water is very clean.Also, if you decide where to go in the summer on the sea in Russia, to rest and get healthier, Gelendzhik has excellent medical facilities.The complex treatments using sea baths, mineral springs, hardware inhalations with sea water, and much more, all this is combined with the beneficial mountain subtropical climate.The resort stretches along the Black Sea coast more than 100 kilometers and includes three large towns: Arkhipo-Osipovka, Kabardinka, Divnomorskoe.They are similar to Gelendzhik, we can say it is a miniature copy - provide a large number of cafes and places to rest.


Where better to go to the sea in Russia?If you are going to rest with the children, then, of course, in Adler, in recent years it has turned into a real Akvamir.Hotels, holiday homes side by side with a water park, water attractions that will appeal to every child.The resort is suitable for youth recreation.He has a rich base of entertainment, very similar to the Sochi infrastructure and delightful climate all year round.Adler pebble beaches and sand and gravel, the central promenade replete with cafes, pizzerias and bars.Holidays are inexpensive, you can dine in the amount of 250 rubles.Beach season lasts from late spring to October.When choosing where to go on the sea in Russia, the advantage in favor of this place is its location.Most tourists can get here by plane, train or bus.The resort offers a wide range of hotels of varying star, so a room at the "Almira", three stars, is 2800 rubles.And in the famous Radisson Blu Ressort & amp;Congress Centre the night will cost from 7,000 rubles.


This resort is considered the best for families with children.The sandy beaches with gently sloping entrance to the sea surround the town on all sides.So go for a vacation here is chosen by those who love to soak it in the white sand, although here there are pebble beaches.The infrastructure of the city is focused on maximum comfort of holidaymakers.So, where to go to rest at sea in Russia, not in Anapa.Acclimatization will be quiet, and because there are no mountains, moisture is less than in Gelendzhik and Sochi.The Black Sea is shallow and warm, the most famous beaches are Dzhemete, Pioneer and others.Along with a decent quality of service and the resort boasts affordable prices.It all depends on individual preferences, can be arranged as a luxury holiday, and economical.In addition, the city is considered the safest in Russia, in spite of the large influx of tourists.

Baltic Sea Coast Baltic Sea is perfect for those who think where to go on the sea in Russia in July and August.In the summer, its picturesque coast turned into a popular beach resort.At the bathing season there are no clear boundaries, in the summer it can be as cool, rainy and sunny.As a rule, the season starts in late June and ends in the last week of August.The climate is temperate, more tranquil than on the Black Sea.The best places of rest are resorts in Kaliningrad region: Zelenogradsk, Svetlogorsk, Otradnoe, Amber.

Curonian Spit

This is the first and most famous resort of the Baltic Sea.Where to go on the sea in Russia, if you've been to all the sought-after resorts in the country?Curonian Spit - Great, is a unique natural area that has its own special microclimate.Few know that the holiday is not only interesting, but also useful.The air is filled with pairs of pine, so it can even dizzy!It is a popular tourist destination, you can rent a house not far from the main attractions, a house or a hotel, knead in the territory of the camp site or in the Curonian Spit.The best time to holiday here from May to November.The swimming season lasts from mid-June to late August.You can get in any convenient way, most tourists enjoy taking the bus or rent a car.

Rest in Russia is becoming increasingly popular, especially in recent years.It is important to choose the right direction to find the best place where you will feel cozy and comfortable.Then the holiday experience will remain for the whole year, and good humor and cheerfulness to attract good luck.Have good holidays!