Uglich Kremlin address, photo, history

One of the points of the Golden Ring of Russia - Uglich.It is an obligatory stop cruise ships traveling along the Volga.Every year thousands of tourists visit Uglich, and many of them come from abroad.The ancient city had once played a major role in Russia's history.For example, it cut short branch of the royal family of Rurik, which gave rise to a long strip of the Troubles.But even without this circumstance Uglich would be worth a visit.In this city, many ancient monasteries, which are beautiful examples of Russian architecture.But the main attraction is the local Uglich Kremlin.Photos of this strengthening, towering on the right bank of the Volga, are the hallmark of the city.In this article, we take a virtual journey back centuries: visit Knyazhye Chamber and the Church of Dmitry on the Blood, see "exiled" bell, Let us feel the importance of this place in Russian history.


Tourists will be easy to find Uglich Kremlin.URL of this fortress-museum - "not a house or a street."The city is loca

ted in the Yaroslavl region (Russian Federation), and the Kremlin - the historical center of Uglich.Postcode object - 152615. You can reach the city by train and bus.From Moscow (metro station "Botanical Garden") bus ride to Rybinsk.They drive Uglich.From the bus station in the capital city of Shchelkovo in Golden Ring three times a day are sent flying.Finally, train.It is the most convenient form of public transport, especially if you plan an independent tour of the day.The composition of the "Moscow Uglich" sent on Friday evening with Savelovsky station.If you prefer to travel on your own car, then the path to the Kremlin will take about four hours.You must first taxied on the Yaroslavl highway and drive along the M8 to the settlement of Sergiev Posad, then turn on the P104.You can choose a different route by: A104 (Dmitrov highway) to turn in Taldom, and then - the directions for Kalyazin.

Where to stay

If you want to explore in detail the Uglich Kremlin, we recommend choosing a hotel "Assumption."This hotel is just opposite the historical and architectural complex.The museum is open from nine in the morning until six in the evening.In the warm period (May-October) it operates without holidays and lunch break.From November to April the museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Uglich kremlin history

Traces of the first settlements belong to the tenth century.It was then that Yang Pleskovic, feudal prince, begged Olga permission to build on the right bank of the Volga stronghold, surrounded by a system of fortifications.Inside were the streets and houses, churches and squares.All of this was surrounded by wooden fortress walls with eleven towers.Uglich Kremlin was built between the tributaries of the Volga: stone creek and river Shelkovka.In addition, the ditch was dug linking the two waterways.So the Kremlin stood like an island connected by bridges with the outside world.The walls and buildings inside the fortress were made of wood.Now about the inaccessibility of the Kremlin shows a dry moat.In the fifteenth century, the share of grief Prince Andrew started in their own backyards large building.In particular, he ordered to build for his family stone chambers and other facilities inside.But the Polish intervention destroyed buildings.It is retaining only a smaller part of the prince's chambers, which represent a rare example of medieval Russian architecture.

Uglich and young Prince

With the strengthening of autocracy and the annexation of the principality of Uglich Moscow palace of the former rulers began to be used as the residence of the royal governors.But in 1584, he served as a place of exile last wife of Ivan the Terrible, Maria Nagaya.The royal couple were not married, because monarch before had several marriages.Therefore, the right to the throne young son of Mary, Dmitry, could at any time be questioned.Ivan the Terrible died when the prince was only two years.He came to the throne the eldest son of John IV - Fyodor I. And the new king sent his widowed stepmother and stepbrother in Uglich Kremlin.And keep track of them instructed devotee deacon Michael Bitiagovsky.In May 1591 an eight-prince found with his throat cut.As Fyodor was not the offspring of the male gender, the Rurik dynasty faded.The time of the Troubles, and a succession of False Dmitry.

Exiled bell

The fact that Moscow wants decided to do a minor prince, Uglich long been whispered.The circumstances of the child's death were very vague.Some said that the Tsarevich Dmitry played with their peers in the knife throwing, as here, he suffered an attack of 'falling sickness' (epilepsy), resulting in his throat, he stabbed himself.But the queen and her brother defended the version of the murder and named the culprit - the son of the clerk, Daniel Bitiagovsky.As a result of a frenzied mob ravaged the two Muscovites.A few days later from the capital arrived Investigation Commission (in its composition was also SHUISKI, who later became king).She acknowledged that the death of a minor prince was the result of an accident.A confusion of citizens responded in full.More than two hundred people were executed.Victims and Uglich Kremlin, to be exact - Belfry.With her "Fedot Cucumber, widow of pop" sounded the alarm, alerting the death of Dmitry, thus calling for the massacre of his killers.And because at the ill-fated Bell cut off "ears" pulled "language" and sent him into exile in Tobolsk.He came back from the kind of links only in 1892.

Church Dimitry on the Blood

on the spot death of a minor prince soon erected a small wooden chapel.In 1630, in its place built a church.She, too, was made of wood.In 1690 it was replaced by a stone building, which we can observe today.Church of Dmitry on the Blood - an elegant pattern of Russian architecture.It consists of the church, refectory, porch and belfry.A crowning edifice of red brick five turquoise domes.

Uglich Kremlin with the Church of Dmitry on the Blood constitute a single ensemble.Red and white facade of the temple perfectly with half-columns, architraves and cornices.Inside the church should pay attention to the frescoes of the seventeenth century.They are not very canonical.They portrayed the death of Tsarevich Dmitry, and the massacre of his killers.The paintings of the refectory are more typical.You can see the paintings of biblical scenes.On the low-tower at Church of Dmitry on the Blood hangs the same "exile" bell.

Uglich Kremlin: the princely chamber

This is a unique monument of the early medieval civil engineering.As we mentioned, the palace was built in the fifteenth century, the brother of Ivan III, Prince Andrew Uglich grief (more).The bulk of the chambers had been destroyed by the Poles.Archaeologists have found a base of the walls, covered with a large layer of soot and ashes.Fire survived only a small part of the palace, built of large red bricks.This three-story building with a front porch with ornate decorations.It leads into the hall.In the basement of the building two rooms on the second floor - three.At the top level there is a spacious room with a vaulted ceiling decorated with paintings.After the tragic death of Tsarevich Dmitry in wards no one lived.They are dilapidated, and even thought it out.Yet in 1892 they restored.It was then decided to create the Uglich Kremlin Museum.Festive porch princely houses - inauthenticity.It was built in the late nineteenth century, the architect N. Sultanov.

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral of the Epiphany and

there on the territory of the Uglich kremlin and other sacred buildings.Transfiguration Cathedral - a striking example of the Yaroslavl architectural school of the seventeenth century.This five-domed church is visible from almost all points of the city.Especially beautiful southern facade, decorated with vegetable and floral designs.However, in the spirit of classicism portico, adjoined in the nineteenth century, a few did not fit into the overall ensemble.The interior is valued mural, made serfs Golitsyn, some T. Medvedev.Very near the Saviour's Transfiguration stands the Kremlin Cathedral of the Epiphany.It was conceived as a temple for the worship of winter.Construction of the cathedral lasted from 1814 to 1827.The temple is completely made in the classical style.The building has large windows, its facade is cut pilasters and crowned all gable roof.It adjoins the church apse in the shape of a semicircle and a small porch with a portico.

Museum of Antiquities

Uglich kremlin, whose photos are often the best advertising a trip to the Golden Ring, known also by the fact that it is an old museum.The first exhibition was opened in 1892 with the participation of the emperor's brother, Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich and his wife.Initially held only one exhibition hall on the second floor Knyazhye chambers.Gradually the collection grew.Now the museum holds the church of Dmitry on the Blood.In this department stores exhibits related to the death and canonization nevinnoubiennogo Dmitry.On the third floor you can see the princely chambers Uglich antiquity: silver jewelry, wood crafts, sewing pieces.