Where is Honolulu, which country?

«Do not you ever been to Tahiti?" - Asked the cartoon parrot Kesha.We continue his monologue: "Do you know where Honolulu?In which country? "In our minds Honolulu associated with azure tropical sea, white beaches and slender palm trees.And we are right in this.Because Honolulu - a town on the Hawaiian archipelago.But the answer to the question, what state it belongs, may make you wonder.United States of America!Yes Yes.Honolulu residents of their capital (and there are, according to the 2010 census, there are about four hundred thousand) consider Washington.Although this backwater town also will not name.After all, it is the capital of the entire state of Hawaii.And of course, a tourist mecca.On sunny Honolulu, read this article.

Geographical location

Hawaii archipelago lies in the tropics between the 19th and 22nd degrees north latitude and near the 160th meridian west.The islands are washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean.The main town on the archipelago of Hawaii is Honolulu.Where is the capit

al of the US state?It lies on the southern edge of the third largest in the archipelago and the most populated island of Oahu.The very name of Honolulu (Honolulu) is translated from the Hawaiian language as "protected, quiet bay."And it's true.Typhoons, tornadoes and hurricanes bypassed Honolulu party.And even here the rainy season does not look so rain, as in other tropical countries.And all because of the terrain, where Honolulu is in the lee of the trade winds.From its strong vortices reliably covers Koolau mountain range.Not far from the town stands the volcano Diamond Head (Diamond Head) - point of pilgrimage for tourists.

How to get to Honolulu?

Isolated from the world of the island does not leave you with no choice.Only the plane will take you to a tropical archipelago lost in the Pacific Ocean.From Moscow it is possible to identify two routes.The first - via Frankfurt and Los Angeles, and the second - in New York and Los Angeles.From this last US city to fly to Honolulu for five and a half hours.The lion's share of passengers arriving in the archipelago, landing in the Honolulu International Airport.Where is it in relation to the city?The airport is located in the western suburb, close to the war memorial, "Pearl Harbor" and the Bishop Museum.This is one of the major hubs of the USA.Every year, it takes more than twenty million passengers.The airport consists of several terminals, between which an interval of a few minutes free shuttle shuttles "Wiki Bass."If your plane landed late at night, you will not need to take a taxi.City buses run around the clock.In the center (downtown) that the route № 19. The most favorite tourist destination is the beach area of ​​Waikiki.There followed the company's vans and city SpeediShuttle flights № 20.

history Honolulu

Polynesians first settlement arose on the island of Oahu in the eleventh century.The capital of "calm bay" was in 1804, when the king of Hawaii Kamehameha I moved here with his court.First, the palace was in the area of ​​contemporary Waikiki, but later was built in what is now located downtown.Europeans know where Honolulu in 1794, when the British sailor William Brown swam in the "quiet bay."In 1845, when Kamehameha III, the capital of Hawaii was again moved from Maui to Oahu.Since then Honolulu takes a modern look.It was built the Royal Palace Iolani, St. Andrew and Aliyolani-Hale.In 1898 the archipelago became a member of the United States.In the neighborhood of Honolulu was the naval base of Pearl Harbor, the United States, which was attacked in December 1941, Japanese aircraft carriers.After World War II Hawaii gained rapid development in connection with the tourist industry.


Hawaiian Islands lie in the tropical natural surroundings.However, the rain shadow of the Koolau mountain range, where Honolulu is located, reduces the amount of precipitation.Even the dry and wet seasons, are typical of the tropics, it is not clearly expressed.Just in winter it rains a little more.In general we can say that in Honolulu holiday season lasts all year round.The climate is beneficial.In the summer the thermometer fluctuates between marks 27 and +31 ° C, and in winter + 18-25 ° C.Hawaii - sunny archipelago.Meteorologists here account for no more than 90 cloudy days a year.The sea off the coast of Honolulu is always warm.The water temperature never drops below 23 ° C, and in summer it warms up to 28 ° C.Severe storms - a rarity.Dangerous currents and no.


Waikiki Beach - it's nestled in the magnificent many kilometers wide strip of golden sand.The name means "flowing water".There are many streams that flow down from the mountains to the sea.Waikiki Beach - a kind of business card of Honolulu.Where the rest is up to you.After all, there are many on Oahu beaches committed to various categories of holidaymakers.In the rest of Waikiki moneybags and fans of entertainment on a small Sunset Beach - parents with young children, Hanauma Bay is selected divers and snorkelling.North Store at the north end is known for its high and sustained wave, so to go professional surfers.Kailua Beach is located on the windward side of Oahu.It is ideal for windsurfing.


Hawaii, Honolulu, and in particular in no way be called budget resort.Prices are high, and all the goods, since almost 99% of the required life is delivered from the mainland.In Hawaii, the highest property values ​​in the United States.Therefore, it is not necessary to choose the vacation in Waikiki (Honolulu) where the sector chic luxury hotels.You may find acceptable housing prices in Chinatown or in the countryside.Despite the smooth climate throughout the year in Hawaii have high and low tourist season.Peak prices accounted for the winter months and March.In summer comes the so-called middle season.If you want a little bit to minimize their spending on vacation in Hawaii, choose the off-season (spring or fall).

Historical Sites

Do not limit yourself to just a beach holiday.Where is Honolulu, is something to see the inquisitive tourist.The city itself is only in the United States royal palace.It is called Iolani.Translated, it means "the palace of heavenly bird."The building was built in 1882 and has got electricity and telephones before the White House and the residence of the British Queen.Now the building of the Royal Palace is a museum.

Another attraction is the Honolulu Memorial Complex "Pearl Harbor."But the house-museum of Barack Obama in Honolulu not, although it is known that the 44th US president was born here and graduated from the local high school.

Natural attractions

luxurious nature of the island of Oahu, where Honolulu is located, attracts tourists like a magnet.From the city is visible volcanic crater Diamond Head, which you can climb.From the top of a stunning landscape.Another attraction of the island - Hanauma Bay on the southeast coast.Children will be interested in visiting the Waikiki Aquarium, which demonstrated about two hundred species of fish and aquatic animals.The Bishop Museum enormous collection of Polynesian culture.You can walk through the jungle to the waterfall Manoa (about a kilometer from the city).Or visit the local zoo.Sacred Falls (the highest in Hawaii, 335 meters), you can witness only from the air.Many travel companies offer helicopter tours to this unique natural object.