Yaroslavl Church of Elijah the Prophet: description, history

One of the oldest Russian cities of Yaroslavl is.Church of Elijah the Prophet is considered one of its main attractions.History of Yaroslavl and this architectural structure tightly intertwined.Now we find ourselves in the mists of time and learn that hides the city and the Church of Elijah the Prophet in Yaroslavl.Description of their joint historical path you will find below.

Base Yaroslavl

According to legend, Yaroslavl was founded in the XI century, in Elijah's day.By name it is clear that it was named in honor of the Grand Duke of Kiev Yaroslav the Wise.However, when the city was laid, he has not had such a resounding title, and was just a specific Rostov prince when his father.

First of all, as it should be at that time, was founded the main fortification of the city - the Kremlin.

But the first chronicle of the city of Yaroslavl certificate applies only to 1071.That is, after the death of Prince Yaroslav.

Building Church of Elijah the Prophet

As mentioned above, the legend says that

the city of Yaroslavl was founded on the day of Elijah the Prophet.It was a great holiday in Russia and throughout the Orthodox world after the famous prophet and bogougodnika drevneiudeyskogo.But especially he honored in our homeland.Maybe not in vain Jaroslav chose this particular day to lay their city.

Although the legend the future Grand Duke laid the city in honor of the victory over the bear.And this miraculous victory just coincided with the Day of Elijah the Prophet.In general, what to believe - everyone decides for himself, but the truth is still available for us, hidden in the shade of centuries.

Then, as expected, the church was founded in honor of the guardian of the city.So there was the Church of Elijah the Prophet in Yaroslavl.It was built as the whole city, from the tree.

more we do not know anything about how to "come" in Yaroslavl Church of Elijah the Prophet.The information contained in miserly form only in the "Tale of the construction of the city of Yaroslavl ', which modern historians considered of low reliability.Nothing about the interior of the church of this period we do not know.

Center fiefdom

Meanwhile, the city grew and developed, built and sold.Before the Mongol invasion it appeared the first stone buildings.Rostov-Suzdal Prince Constantine actually made the Yaroslavl their capital, although formally it and the number of growth.And even when his second son, Vsevolod, the city became the center of an independent principality.As such it remained until 1471, when he was finally gaining momentum attached to the Moscow principality.

It grew and developed Yaroslavl.Church of Elijah the Prophet of this period, again, hardly covered sources.

City as part of Russian kingdom

Meanwhile, Muscovy increasingly grew stronger, and under Ivan the Terrible it was called - Russian kingdom.In this state, and was included Yaroslavl, managed the royal governors.During the feudal period was completed, which contributed to the development of trade, crafts and revitalization of urban life in general.

Finally there comes a time when the Church of Elijah the Prophet in Yaroslavl has healed a new life.

construction of a new church

new life healed Yaroslavl.Church of Elijah the Prophet, too, need to be updated.Therefore, in 1647 under Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich began construction of a new, stone building.It was founded on the spot where it stood before the old Church of Elijah the Prophet in Yaroslavl and the Church of the Intercession of Our Lady.Construction was completed as early as 1650.

Material of construction financing by famous patrons and merchants and Boniface brothers Ioanniky Skripin.It is pleasing to God, of course, they will be counted in a better world.

It was re-erected the Church of Elijah the Prophet.Yaroslavl history presents as a regional center of that time, and the church - as the heart of the city.

Fire in Yaroslavl

In 1658 at the Yaroslavl hit a great mountain.Burning a large number of buildings, many families lost their homes or loved ones.The fire raged inexorably it seemed that nothing can stop him until he "eat" the entire city.

So burning Yaroslavl.Church of Elijah the Prophet miraculously remained almost untouched.Only burned the outer part, and the interior remains almost intact.And then the fire retreated.

Painted Church

meantime rebuilt the city of Yaroslavl.Church of Elijah the Prophet rose, symbolizing a miracle to stop the flames.And then we think about the inhabitants of the city to paint the temple again.

for this business were invited in 1680, well-known artists from Kostroma - Sila Savin and Gury Nikitin.Their golden hands, driven by divine inspiration, the temple gave indescribably breathtaking views.Pleasing to the eye Church of Elijah the Prophet in Yaroslavl.Murals painted brilliant hand all attracted new members to take part in the ritual sacraments and church services.

Yaroslavl in the Russian Empire

Under Peter I, Russia acquired the status of the empire.She became one of the strongest and most developed states of its time.Even more power of our country has grown at Catherine II.

This could positively affect the development of Yaroslavl.Though at the time it remained a small provincial center.

In 1778, when the general plan was approved by the city of Yaroslavl Church of Elijah the Prophet the scheme was to be his natural center.In the years 1898-1904 held a general reconstruction of the temple.

Perhaps this is the most glorious period in the history of the church when he was surrounded by spirituality and serenity.But Heavenly Father often sends his children to the test strip and the well-being should be a bitter period of troubles and persecution.

Soviet period

Soviet time, it was the massive persecution against ministers of religion, the destruction of the temples, the propaganda of atheism.The church was handed over to the museum.Luckily, it had passed the most bitter fate - demolition.Ministries there were discontinued, but the beauty of the temple could not outshine any other sights of Yaroslavl.Church of Elijah the Prophet ceased to be a place of worship of God, but more importantly, it has been preserved as an architectural and historical building and was not destroyed as many churches in that period of history.

City at the time he lived his life, perhaps even happy, but it was far from spirituality.It was a major regional center, which was held electrification, development of industry, cultural clubs and places of entertainment.People were bustling, hurrying to work, was heard the roar of transport, the laughter of children, old women gossip.In general, the city lived, but at the same time it lacked special spiritual rod.

resumption of worship

With the collapse of the communist ideology in 1989, serving in the temple have been held back.This fact marks the spiritual and cultural revival of Yaroslavl.Since that time, the religious life of the city began to shine in a new light, as in the old days.However, at present services are conducted only in the summer.In addition, the temple continues to be pleasing to the eye and the museum of art lovers.

modern Church of Elijah the Prophet - a place of worship, a museum, a masterpiece of architecture.

modern decoration of the temple

As mentioned above, we now know little about how the church was removed in the old days.But everyone can go to Yaroslavl, and his eyes contemplate all the beauty of the Church of Elijah the Prophet is now.

Currently, the church is the four-pillar temple.He painted many wonderful frescoes, many of which are household compositions on the subject.But alone among them, should be allocated fresco "Fatherland" and the song "The Crucifixion", which are particularly pleasing to the eye and overwhelmed the visitors for many years.

How to get to the temple?

If we are talking about immediate visit the temple willing, let us clarify how to get to the Church of Elijah the Prophet in Yaroslavl.Location is quite simple - Soviet area, 7. Ironically, the temple is located on the square, named in honor of his former persecutors.But all in all, even know the exact address is not necessary - just head to the very city center.All roads lead to the temple!


As we have seen, and the city of Yaroslavl, and the Church of Elijah the Prophet had a rather complicated, often closely intertwined destinies.They knew the times of ups and downs, the greatness of faith and religious prohibitions, fires and restorations.But most importantly, that in spite of all the troubles and difficulties divine spark remained in Yaroslavl and in the temple, which is sent to a series of pilgrims, tourists, scholars and lovers of beauty.Each of them is the Church of the Prophet with his personal goal, not knowing what really is their own God.