Holiday Village "Tale" (Omsk): reviews resting

Omsk region infinitely beautiful: crystal clear air, rivers and waterfalls, forests and mountains, you can enjoy native species indefinitely.If you decide to spend time in harmony with nature, you are welcome to Siberia.For you have a variety of leisure options - from walking hiking for a few days with gatherings around the campfire and singing with a guitar and finishing with a comfortable rest, which offers recreation "Fairy Tale" (Omsk).Reviews of tourists who used to rest here, they say that it is in these places, you can have a great time, refresh and relax.

surrounding peace and harmony helps to step back from the problems and concerns, regain composure.Where you can spend an excellent weekend, corporate, celebrate family holiday.Even a few days spent at the base, are remembered for a long time.


If this summer you are not planning to travel abroad, then you will find an amazing recreation "Fairy Tale" (Omsk).Reviews say that the holiday is no worse than on the coast, but you do no

t have to pay a lot of money and spends many hours on the road.The hotel complex is located near the Irtysh River, about 30 km from the city of Omsk.Here, each room is equipped with a way that allows you to spend time with maximum comfort and convenience.Necessary appliances and comfortable furniture create comfort in the room, and at the base there is everything for active rest and entertainment.

Think where you can spend the holidays with their children?You will enjoy recreation "Fairy Tale" (Omsk).Reviews of parents say that there is everything that your children do not get bored.It's great playgrounds and sports grounds, water park and much more.It pleases itself the opportunity to relax in a stunningly beautiful location for a very reasonable pay and decent service complements the picture.

How to get to «Tales»

You will be pleasantly surprised by how conveniently located recreation "Fairy Tale" (Omsk).Reviews seasoned travelers say that the way of the city does not take more than 30 minutes.With this you can choose the transportation on your own, so to speak, for every taste and budget.From Bus Station on a daily basis goes back to the base and the bus.If you want to get faster and more comfortably, then choose taxi.For family trips suitable suburban passenger taxi.Owners of private vehicles can be quickly and comfortably to overcome the distance to the base of your own car.All year round you will find a recreation center "Fairy Tale" (Omsk).How to get to her?It can be specified in any guidebook.However, the road is so simple and easy that just follow the signs placed on it.Even a day spent at the recreation center, energize you for the rest of next week.

Residential housing

you have decided, your choice - recreation "Fairy Tale" (Omsk)?Terms of residence - the first thing that should be in this case, caring, because you and your family will spend a few days here.For guests base has several cottages and buildings.

Cottage number 1 is designed for leisure friendly company from 14 to 19 people.It consists of 7 double rooms and lounges with a large communal table.The cottage is fully equipped with the necessary furniture and household appliances, including refrigeration equipment.

Case number 2 - it is a standard two-storey hotel.It is divided into three blocks.At the same time two of them include a number of "standard", and the third are arranged by type rooms "lux".It is equipped with additional amenities, there is a bar, billiards and a children's room.This is especially convenient for couples with children.

Cottage number 3 is the most comfortable for a large family holiday or business.Its capacity - 18 people.It includes 5 rooms, and a huge recreation room with a fireplace, soft seating and kitchen facilities.This cottage - the best that can offer recreation "Fairy Tale" (Omsk).Terms of rest here, judging by the reviews of tourists, similar to those available in the famous seaside resorts.

Case number 4 - for people with good taste who appreciate the most comfortable stay.It includes 5 rooms in an "apartment".The total capacity of the base - 133 seats.Whichever room you choose, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the bonuses in the form of timely and high-quality cleaning, permanent presence of white towels and bath accessories.

Catering tourists

This is a separate issue that often causes a lot of disputes and grievances, because everyone has different tastes.But not here.Meals are buffet and the chefs try to diversify the menu, so everyone can find their favorite table on the dish.That is why year after year remains popular recreation "Fairy Tale" (Omsk).Reviews vacationing say that the menu is worthy of the highest praise.Thus the tourists have a choice: to prepare yourself in the kitchen in the room or eat in a restaurant, order the full board menu or breakfast only.This flexibility is very useful for people with different income levels.Every Friday and Saturday at the restaurant are theme parties with surprises, prizes and sweepstakes.I would like to further note that you can celebrate any celebration, order a banquet for a wedding or a birthday.Coming together with the guests to the recreation center, you can no longer worry about the cultural program.Each guest will help you choose entertainment to taste, and therefore, the impressions of the festival will remain the most pleasant.

Recreation "Fairy Tale" (Omsk), what to see

Lies "Fairy Tale" in the resort village Chernoluche that is ideal for relaxation from the city bustle and everyday worries.Reviews are always admiringly describes walking through the woods, because today it is an event for the city dweller - to be able to leisurely wander through the trees, breathe the fresh air of a pine forest.Stunning composition comprise pine and birch.The beauty of these places, the opportunity to watch live the life of its inhabitants - all this brings a special mood, relieves stress, fills positive energy, gives peace of mind and a sense of infinite joy.

Often tourists say they spent the first few days on one of the sunny lawns, enjoying the peace and quiet of the place.Infrastructure recreation offers a variety of entertainment, but a sauna and billiards today nobody will be surprised, but in the forest, we are very rare.

Attractions edge

Since you are here, the area for walking and surveys may be not only the recreation center "Fairy Tale".Omsk, Omsk region - is a fabulously beautiful place, but especially attractive local gems.About 20 km from the recreation center located Achairsky monastery.This place attracts tourists with its particular strength and beauty.Golden dome, monastery and bell tower, church Demetrios, Faith, Hope and Charity and their mother Sophia ... The picture is really impressive.In total, the seven monastery churches and three chapels.About wonderful properties of water from the source at the monastery known throughout the county.Saturated bromine, metasilicic and boric acids, carbon dioxide, chloride ions, sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium, a source of water in any weather keeps the temperature of 36.6 degrees, even in severe frost.She treats a variety of diseases.


made a trip to the monastery, you come back.You again waiting for recreation "Fairy Tale" (Omsk).Reviews comfortable stay here and courtesy of staff were evaluated for five-plus, probably, there could unlearn remnants of the Soviet era and reached the European level of service guests.In order to have a good evening, you will be offered to sit at the bar or go to the sauna, play a game of billiards.Lovers of spas will be delighted, because there is everything you need to relax - it is a massage parlor and oak barrels.Wizard will offer you a whole range of additional services - manicures and wraps, peels, permanent makeup and more.Always waiting for its guests a restaurant, ready to please with tasty novelties.It offers vacationers - a gazebo with barbecue for barbecue.

However, the list can be long, and will help you understand how good recreation center "Fairy Tale" (Omsk), reviews.Entertainment, in terms of visitors, here presents a variety.No man who has not found employment there would be to their liking.Often in a review can be found thanks base personnel for their active assistance, advice, and even the function of the conductors.

Active Life

Besides hiking and informative travel, you have a lot of interesting.How about sports games, skating, skiing, skateboarding, biking and scooters?Anyone who is tired can go to the pool to swim and relax.Almost every night hosts small estafetki and competitions, entertainment.Plus, the entire territory of the base there are sports fields, table tennis and a game of billiards.In addition, there is a great opportunity to play in a real paintball in the woods.All this abundance of entertainment offers recreation "Fairy Tale" (Omsk).Quality holiday for a reasonable price!

Winter Holidays Summer passed quickly, and the rest still want to?Then welcome to the recreation center "Fairy Tale"!In autumn of life does not stop here, on the contrary, someone very much like in crimson and gold-clad forests.And when the earth hides a dense blanket of snow, the season opens again.As in the summer, for you and your children will be working all staff have the opportunity to leave the baby in the game room under the supervision of the nurse.But in the cold season offers a skating rink, snow slopes, rental skates, skis and snowboards.And after a day spent outdoors, acquire a special urgency bath or sauna.Restaurant and bar complement the impression of a day and a professional massage relieve tension.Children's entertainment

often come here to families with small children.Fresh air is very good for strengthening the immune system, and an abundance of entertainment will not let your kid get bored.Accompanied by an adult to the territory of the base accepts children of all ages.There is a private children's room with toys for the kids, outdoor playground for older fidgets.Everyone, without exception, like a trampoline and a pool with fountains.But special attention is drawn to the water park.It offers water slides and swimming pools with hydro massage.Awesome experience provided by all members of the family.In his reviews are called "fairy tale" best family vacation spot.The restaurant has a children's table, the chefs will cook for your kids the most delicious and wholesome meals.

But most parents bringing their kids to the recreation center, I try to spend as much time in the woods.And rightly so, because how can the city breathe so fresh air with the scent of herbs, or enjoy a peaceful beauty!Such campaigns instill a sense of beauty, give harmony to the world.

cost of holidays

It is a matter of concern to all tourists.How accessible is the recreation center "Fairy Tale" (Omsk)?Guest workers help to understand what is included in the price minute own internal service and, therefore, pay more is not necessary.The most budget option for accommodation - is the number of "standard".The room has a bed, TV, bathroom and shower.Night lodging cost 1,200 rubles, and with half - in 1100. At the same time children up to 4 years free of charge, and additional space for an adult costs about 1,000 rubles a day with meals.

«single» - a single room with the same amenities, but a little more comfortable.Its cost - 1850 rubles, three meals a day, 1700 - with half.And if you get hungry, you can always have a snack in the cafe.The next number is a "mini", which has a double bed, television and telephone.It will cost you in 1200 per day with three meals a day and 1100 - with half.

offers - mini-apartments.Apart from the standard of furniture and household appliances, there is a tea area.The cost - 1700 per person per night with three meals a day and 1625 - with half.Number of the "comfort" offers guests a bed and a TV, and a bathroom with shower.Main place of lodging here costs 1,350 per day, extra - 1100 rubles.The most expensive apartments cost, the cost of recreation is 3500 rubles per day per person.Compared with many other recreation departments, the cost can be considered as sufficiently democratic.Perhaps that is why so popular is the "Fairy Tale", recreation (Omsk).Reviews below, to help you make your final choice.

Reviews vacationers

lot of them, if you wish you can get to know them yourself.We just try to combine them so that you can get a better impression.Many visitors write that rested here dozens of times.Why "Fairy Tale" - recreation center (Omsk)?Reviews give us the answer is very easy to get here, the road is excellent and does not take much time.A great option to spend a weekend or celebrate fun in nature.The area is clean and well maintained, moreover, have the opportunity to walk in this forest, and have a picnic on a sunny meadow.Meals excellent, buffet, all the dishes are very tasty, and the choice of such, it is difficult to try them all.Also the restaurant is open and cafes, and there is a huge number of pavilions, where everyone can cook barbecue, grilled vegetables on grill.Works great water park, there is a large slide, a jacuzzi, a huge pool where you can swim freely.

Summarizing, we can say that the "Tale" can fulfill dreams.Enough to come here, and they will become a reality.It will be interesting to children and adults, and you can visit the base in summer and winter.Each season has its own charm here, in the summer you can swim and sunbathe in the winter ice skating and skiing.But the special charm attached to the base of the fact that it is located very close to the city, but it is pure coniferous forest.