Plateau Manpupuner, Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve

Manpupuner Plateau - an amazing miracle, natural heritage of Russia.This title from Mansi language can be translated as "Little Mountain idols."

Where is Plateau?

It is located in the Northern Urals, in a remote region of the republic of Komi.This territory belongs to the Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve.It is located on a slope (west) of the Ural mountain range, between the rivers and Ichotlyaga Pechora.


with this place associated with numerous legends.The slope where towering pillars of weathering was the object of worship of local people Mansi.This amazing place, covered with mysteries and secrets, a place with strange, but very powerful energy.

Pillars of weathering on the plateau Manpupuner all called a miracle.Buttes, so still call these stone statues, located on a plateau - a business card of the Urals.

Despite the fact that the plateau is located at a distance from inhabited places, it is very popular among fans of sports tourism.To reach it on foot can only well-trained touris


To visit Plateau Manpupuner must obtain a special permit in the administration of the reserve.

Opinion scientists

Scientists believe the stone pillars - the result of weathering of soft rock.More than two hundred million years ago, there were high Ural Mountains.Wind and rain, snow and frost, heat over time inevitably destroy mountains.Today the Ural Mountains - one of the lowest in the world.

However, in the Urals were places where nature has not been able to defeat the stone.Sericite schist-quartzite, forming the basis of outliers destroyed much less, but because there are today, and the soft rock was eroded, destroyed and demolished by the wind and water to the bottom of the mountain.

Pillars of weathering

According to scientists, these stone giants - the result of selective weathering of rocks.They all have an unusual shape - some of them at the base and tapered resemble an inverted bottle.But their height reaches 30 to 42 meters.Manpupuner Plateau - a mystic place.Outcrops - so ancient that Mansi people worshiped in the period of paganism.Sometimes it seems that the people of Mansi, unlike scientists, suggests know exactly what is the true origin of these stone giants ...

Legends and myths

still Mansi, wandering in these places with their herds of deer, tell all the tourists,that in ancient times, these stone statues were seven giants who hold the way to Siberia.They wanted to destroy the ancient people of the Mansi.But rising to the top, which is now called Manpupuner shaman giants saw the sacred mountain Yalping-Ner.Horrified, he dropped the drum.He fell on top of the cone, which rises to the south and called Koypom Manpupuner.Shaman and his companions froze in horror.

There is another version.His younger brother, (t. E. Mansi) pursued six giants, Samoyeds.They chased accidents when they tried to leave for the mountain pass.The origins of the Pechora River giants almost managed to overtake the fugitives, but suddenly stood before them Yalpingner.He raised his hand up and said only one spell, but it was enough to make giants petrified.But perhaps Yalpingner did something wrong, because I myself turned to stone.Since then, they and are opposite each other.

The last legend, we'll tell you.Seven Giants went for Rifey to destroy Mansi.Rising to Koyp, they saw a mountain Yalpyngner - Mansi sanctuary.At this point, they realized the greatness and power of the gods Mansi.Fossils they of horror, and only their leader, raised his hand to protect his eyes from the Yalpyngnera.But it did not help him - he, too, became a stone.

Plateau Manpupuner (Northern Urals)

Everything seen on the plateau is impressive.No photo or video clip is not transmitted live power of these giants.Once on the plateau Manpupuner, you begin to believe in their strength, feel the energy emanating from this land.It is no accident it is called one of the places of power.

After a series of television programs about this wonderful place many people want to get to the plateau Manpupuner.How to get there (by car, plane, train), do not know everything.But we will talk about later.And now I would like to say about what time of year is best to visit the plateau.In this matter, there is no consensus.

Some believe that such a journey is best to do in the winter, skiing.They are motivated by the fact that at this time there is no black flies, mosquitoes and horseflies, swamps completely frozen and covered with frost pillars look incredibly beautiful.However, these people do not take into account that in the Ural mountains, the thermometer often falls in January to -40 degrees.Reserve Administration believes that the best place to visit is in the summer, having arrived here by helicopter.

Dyatlov Pass (Plateau Manpupuner)

Every self-respecting Shaman Mansi came to the plateau and the magical power drew here.Mere mortals Manpupuner climb to the plateau was strictly forbidden - it is considered a great sin.

Manpupuner always been sacred to Mansi peoples, though its power was clearly negative.Not far from the plateau are still neskolkoh sanctuaries - Holat-stunted (Dead Mountain), and Torah-Porro-Out.According to legend, the Dead mountain died under mysterious circumstances nine hunter-Mansi.The same fate befell the legendary group of students UPI, which was led by Igor Dyatlov, in February 1959.This group also consisted of nine people.Since the terrible tragedy of this place is often called the Dyatlov Pass.


from Syktyvkar to Troitsky-Pechora is a train.Travel costs about 900 rubles.From Moscow to Syktyvkar flight you take for 9900 rubles, and from St. Petersburg for the 13600.

can get to the post of weathered train "Vorkuta," which takes you to the station Ukhta.From you to your destination will take a bus.

About plateau Manpupuner say it is magic and magic.The average person it is difficult to speculate on the themes of magic, but the fact that this place is incredibly beautiful - a fact confirmed by many.