"Elk Island" - a park within the boundaries of the capital.

Natural Park "Moose Island" is the only national park in Russia, which is located within the city, just 15 kilometers from the Kremlin.

little history

land on which today is a park "Elk Island", which once belonged to the palace Taininsky parish.More Ivan the Terrible loved in these places to organize the hunt.The name "Moose Island" Park was during the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich, who also liked to hunt and get down here hounds moose.

Already in the beginning of the XVIII century it was organized by the forest guard.In large areas conducted deforestation, draining of wetlands, construction of roads.We were working on the tab of coniferous trees.Shortly before the revolution, "Elk Island" would be turned into a national park.The plans have not been implemented - began World War II.Park "Moose Island" could attain this status only in 1983.


Today this area, 90% consists of forests, occupies 116 square meters.kilometers.It includes three zones:

  1. specially protected.The area is 54 squar
    e meters.km.The zone is closed to the public.
  2. for sports and walks allotted 31 square meters.km.
  3. Recreation area covers 31 square meters.km.and borders the residential areas of the capital.

Pekhorka and Yauza River originate here.More than three ponds make a pleasant variety in "Moose Island".The National Park has a large area of ​​marshland.Here it is dominated by flat terrain.Klin-Dmitrov ridge causes of woodland north and south-west wind rose.


Over 60% of the vegetation are presented hardwood from which dominates the oak.There are birch groves.Distributed lime.The rest of the forest is represented pine, spruce and larch.Alexis grove, located in the complex for more than 250 years.Some of the pines trees more than 200 years.Unique trees managed to maintain due reserve status.The grove is considered to be unique and is decorated with a "Moose Island".

park pleases visitors and an abundance of herbaceous plants.There are growing lilies, bells, European globe, fuchsia, Epipactis palustris, and many others.At the same time the reserve no flora that are listed in the Red Book of Russia.


More than 40 species of mammals, 170 species of birds, 14 species of reptiles and amphibians inhabit "Moose Island".

Park has become a haven for moose and wild boars, martens, hares and many others.In marshy meadows inhabited by hare populations have been steadily declining due to habitat reduction and urban factors.The waters Yauza lives of more than 15 species of fish.

Recreation Area

The recreational part of the park there is always a rest, especially from nearby residential areas.In the middle of the forest you can meet the many benches, clearing with a children's playground and space for sports.

Sports equipment in the park can be rented.Excellent many kilometers of trails attract cyclists, skaters and joggers in "Moose Island".National Park is a unique place for hiking.Here you can wander into a dense forest, like the one that is described in Russian fairy tales.

has its own stables.Lovers of horse-riding love "Elk Island".The park was created just for walks on horseback.

Walking trails, you can feed the squirrels.There are many animals, and he is not afraid of people - ready to take food from your hand.

special charm gives the Reserve winter.Skiing on virgin forest, the freshest air make this place popular and in the winter cold.Skating enthusiasts can satisfy their impulse to mirror one of the frozen ponds.

sanitary maintenance service cleans every day reserve of more than 2.5 hectare recreational area from various debris, suhostoya.Takzhe necessary to eliminate the effects of the illicit picnic places dumps.Pay more attention to the places most crowded - site pond, a popular walking trail.No matter how trying to sanitary services, their work is not diminished.The situation can change only to improve the quality of cultural education of citizens.


The estate is forest preserve cultural and educational center "Russian way of life."Exposure of the on display, telling about the life of the Slavic people in the period of 19 - 20 centuries.There is a large collection of folk toys from clay.

also exhibited here archaeological artifacts found during excavations of burial mounds Vyatichi times.The place where they found the burial in 1989, became a Park "Moose Island".Photo exhibition presents some of the items below.

Near the site ranger station is elk.Here, not only can see elk or wild boar - you can talk with the animals and feed them by hand.Just walking through the park, the elk found problematic.He is a very sensitive animal, and at the slightest noise is removed deep into the protected zone.

laid around multiple environmental pathways.Taking a walk on the centuries-old forest, you get not only aesthetic pleasure but also get acquainted with the pristine nature of the native land.

festivities held here on Shrove Tuesday, Midsummer, Christmas time and many other holidays are very popular among visitors.

Natural Park "Moose Island" are always welcome at his guests.The unique nature reserve in the center of the city makes it possible to stay in a mad rhythm of the capital, enjoy the untouched nature and silence.