Reserve museum Dmitrov Kremlin (photo)

ancient city of Dmitrov is not as well known as Moscow, although it is the same age.It is situated a little further north than the capital.Its founder, Yuri Dolgoruky, laid back in the city in 1154.Then it was the extreme northern outpost, which covered the road to Suzdal.Then begins absolutely wild places, endless swamps and marshes.Almost from the founding of the city was an important strategic center, which made it possible to get there by water through Yakhroma, sister and Dubna on the upper Volga.Here was a road to Suzdal, the river Vela.

History Battle Fortress

strategic points could not do without fighting fortifications, which is why already in 1181, the town was a powerful fortress.Dmitrov Kremlin, the present miracle, a living museum, a heritage of ancestors, while carrying a well-defined function.The earliest buildings were earthen ramparts with deep moats.Marvel at their height of 15 meters and a total length - about 1000 m. A little later they were built the walls of the timber with a p

owerful battle towers.Dmitrov Kremlin grew and developed, to the XVII century, according to the surviving documents, he already had eight towers of the fortress.

In those days, all the buildings were made of wood and burned during the Troubles.Stone building did not exist.The inner area of ​​the fortress was relatively small, had its hut princely houses of artisans and merchants.Today Dmitrov Kremlin recreate, ancient history museum come to life within its walls, creating an incredible atmosphere.Despite the fact that many buildings are reconstructed, they are very accurately convey the spirit of his time.If you are traveling along the Golden Ring of Russia, be sure to visit this cozy corner.

Why is it so unique is the Dmitrov Kremlin

Most Russian fortresses were built on the hills, the hills, it is allowed to occupy the best observation position, and have a significant advantage during the siege.However, the ancient builders used a different principle when laying the Dmitrov Kremlin.History shows that alternative solutions were often more effective.The fortress was built in the swampy lowland and swamp, starting immediately behind the shaft, it serves as a natural defense.To this day, this historical monument is a symbol of the highest skill of its creators.We'll try to take a virtual tour, which describe the main attractions.

road to the museum

easiest way to use the services of the railway.Every day, several times a day, the train to get out of Odintsovo Dmitrov, Golitsyn, Cuban women, and many other localities.If your starting point - it is Moscow, then sit on these trains can be to Savelovsky station and at the station near metro Fili and running.From 2011 to Dmitrov Altufievo from the metro every 30 minutes a comfortable air-conditioned bus.Just half an hour on the road - and you have goals.If you have a private car, the road will not take you more than an hour.For this purpose there Dmitrov highway.As you can see, you can easily plan your way and visit the Dmitrov Kremlin.How to get there - it's up to you, but the easiest way is to ride in his car.

Chapel of Alexander Nevsky

If you were driving down the highway, the road will lead you directly to the city center, to the earthworks.Museum-Reserve "Dmitrov Kremlin" - in front of you, but before you start exploring it, you can visit the old chapel.It is located in the center of the old town, on the site of the former ancient Nikolsky gate and rampart.Until 1868 it was a wooden building, but it was completely destroyed.In its place erected a stone chapel, which still glorifies the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky.The reason for creating this chapel became a miraculous escape from the death of Alexander II.The story was a period when the desolation reigned in the chapel, but in the 90 years it returned to the Orthodox Church.

Assumption Cathedral

continue to explore the unique Museum-Reserve.Dmitrov Kremlin has stunning gem - the majestic Cathedral of the Assumption.It dates back 1500 years, but completely rebuilt in the XVII century.At this time, an amazing three-tiered bell tower was added.It is to look at this magnificent structure, tourists come here.It is very similar in appearance to the Moscow Cathedral, built in the same period.The similarity gives delicate and beautiful iconostasis carving depicting vegetation.But some experts believe that the architecture of Italian influence markedly, in particular, it concerns the decoration of facades: dormer-windows in zakomarah processing wall panels and more.

In the seventeenth century, during the restoration of the cathedral bell tower was added to it, and the upper part of the clock and spiers was built a century later.But the pride of the Cathedral - a five-tier iconostasis, the icon is more than 500 years.Captivates with its view of the tile reliefs, which are made of individual ceramic plates coated with colored lead glaze.

Elizabethan church

This is the second-largest pearl that adorns the Dmitrov Kremlin.Trips always include inspection of this magnificent facility.By the way, it was built for the spiritual guidance of the county jail inmates.Location of this structure in the general ensemble - on the northern border of the administrative complex.The building is an interesting architectural design, decorative frames on the windows replaced the lattice on the second storey balcony located along the walls for the convoy.Choir have input from the parapet.However, the church has gone through difficult times in this room for a long time was a club, then a warehouse.Today the building is once again transferred to the church, but the decoration was not preserved.

the Kremlin, and Stone Bridge desire

favorite place of the newlyweds, as well as tourists visiting the Kremlin.The bridge of happiness is quite small, and on both sides it is decorated with two huge horseshoe.Incoming passes under the arches of the first, then steps on each of the three, which supports the bridge, and is under the thumb of a horseshoe.It is believed that if you go on it, you will certainly get lucky.Couples getting married, like to decorate his small locks railing and throw the keys into the river.Very near is located a stone desires in his walled horseshoe.And the legend engraved on it indicates that it is tripped and broke a horseshoe horse Dolgoruky, which gave rise to the founding of the city on this site.

Museum "Dmitrov Kremlin»

This two-storey building in the Kremlin, which is very interesting to visit every tourist.Do not forget to plan his trip.If you want to just take a walk on the territory of the Kremlin, then you have a few hours, and to view all the exposure you need much more time.For tourists, it is important where the Dmitrov Kremlin.Location is easy to find from any guidebook Street Zagorskaya, 17. There are waiting for visitors every day.


Museum "Dmitrov Kremlin '' consists of nine rooms, which everyone will find what he is interested in. The first two of them tell the story of the ancient manors of the region. The abundance of pictures makes the exposition of visual, colorful and interesting. The third and fourthRooms are quite specific, they are devoted to the history of agriculture. However, their ordinariness brightens the pages of history of development of various crafts, which have been developed in these areas. The seventh and eighth halls tell you about the terrible moments of history, namely, the days of the Great Patriotic War, the battles on thisearth and the heroes of the time. The most interesting to many - this is the last room. It was he devoted to the history of our country. It has a fine collection of exhibits from different eras, which makes it possible to better understand the Russian people.

sure to visit the Dmitrov Kremlin! Museum-Reserve(photo can be done for an additional fee - 250 rubles) leave a lasting impression.Videography is a bit more expensive: depending on the duration, will have to pay from 500 to 1000 rubles.However, the memory of the journey is worth such costs.

Plan a visit

Admission to the museum will cost 170 rubles per person.Children under 5 are free, but the exposition designed for thoughtful study and are unlikely to be interested in children, so it's best to leave them on the playground and go inspect the Dmitrov Kremlin.Opening hours - from 9:00 to 17:00 daily.Monday and Tuesday - closed.Going to the museum, look at the calendar: the last Wednesday of each month - sanitary day.


You can view all the rooms on their own or invite a guide.There are different programs that you can choose according to their preferences."Dmitrov region since the beginning of time" tells you about the period of formation and prosperity of the city, the history of the region, demonstrates the weapons and armor of the Russian soldiers, as history and war are inseparable.If you are closer to art, then adjusts the exposure of art collections.This bright and colorful show, which show examples of icons and wooden sculptures, manuscripts and articles of earthenware, porcelain, patterns and color laminated glass.A special place is excursion on the history, life and artistic life of the region.This is a special world in which once lived merchants and nobles.You can feel its special atmosphere, meet furnishings, portraits and documents.In order to assess the completeness of the picture, and the exposition tells about the life of the peasants.Particularly interesting Qurna hut of the XIX century to the oven without a chimney.Against the backdrop of luxurious interiors aristocratic mansions, it looks especially fantastic.

Another interesting exhibition tells the story of the famous compatriot Peter Kropotkin.The exposition will be of interest to anyone who is even slightly acquainted with the activity of a brilliant scientist.Kropotkin - geography, geology, the famous revolutionary who put a lot of effort into the development of our country.Housed in a unique exhibition of the house where he lived the last two years of life.Here you can see the work of scientists, which were published during his lifetime.Additionally, you will see a large number of photographs and documents that never and nowhere published.The situation of the rooms tells not only of the academic but also the long and difficult reconstruction of houses and the creation of a museum in it.

deserves special attention exposition "You are all in my heart."It tells all about the other dimension of the life of the Holy Martyr Seraphim Zvezdinskogo.This is a fairly large exposure, which shows photographs and documents, hard life, fragments of the works of the great feats in the name of Faith.It also describes the life of the new martyrs of Dmitrov.Tickets are available at any tour, they cost only 50 rubles.Group tour lasting 1 hour costs 1000 rubles, to participate may be up to 20 people.

Instead of conclusion

local history can not but be interested in the person.That is why tourists continue to flock to the Dmitrov Kremlin.Photos magnificent monuments of ancient architecture will long remind you of the wonderful and informative walk.Such a trip - it's not quite entertaining event.Rather it is a journey of discovery that enriches the tourist and gives him new knowledge about their land.Here come to life pages of history, long past the era reveals to us its secrets.