Budget travel: we go to Belarus

In order to travel, do not necessarily spend a lot of money.There are wonderful places to travel that will relax well, and most importantly - cheap.One such solution is a trip to Belarus.This country is rich in architectural monuments.Interesting and its way of life and traditions.There are some places that are especially recommended for visiting every tourist.

Old Town

capital Minsk is divided into new and old town, which is also called the Upper Town.This location is the first of all tourist routes.Its center - the area of ​​Freedom, and earlier - the area of ​​Napoleon, is considered to be the "heart" of the city.Once there were markets and shops, the city authorities sat and lived in the mansions of local aristocracy.Today you can see built in the early 17th century Town Hall and other historical monuments, as well as walk along the paths laid out stone blocks.Hotel accommodation in Minsk should be booked in advance.Your apartment Island Boulevard Mulyavin 3 will be an excellent solution for tho

se who want to see the city and stay at the same time in a comfortable environment.


Learn about the culture of the Belarusians, visit the museum "Dudutki."It is located 40 km from the capital, on the river Ptich.This museum is huge: it takes about 160 hectares.This is where you can plunge into the provincial life of the past centuries, learn about ancient crafts, folk customs and way of life.At this point, everything is very realistic.You can bake a loaf of their own hands in an old bakery, and try yourself as a master potter or blacksmith.Dive into the atmosphere and will help the historical reconstruction.For connoisseurs of authentic cottage is located in the territory, where you can spend the night and take a steam bath.For the connoisseurs of antiquity can be held overnight in the hayloft.

Shults Shults - a small town, which is worth a visit for its architectural landmarks.One of the main asset here - Corpus Christi Church, built in the 16th century.The interior of the church consists of numerous frescoes and bas-reliefs, and the main altar is decorated with "The Last Supper."In the basement of the church is the tomb of the Radziwill family dynasty.Among the other attractions of the town is worth noting Nesvizh Castle and City Hall, built in the 16th century, and Slutskaya Brama - arched gate connecting road from Niasvizh in Slutsk.