The most interesting cities in Russia, to visit each

To see the most interesting places of the world, it is not necessary to do a visa and fly somewhere abroad.Russia has everything from wildlife to unique in its architecture and the beauty of the city, who did not concede anything to European countries.Which ones are worth a visit?Will they be interested in children?And what are the most interesting cities in Russia?

St. Petersburg

include not only beautiful but also interesting cities of our country St. Petersburg ranks first.It is considered the most visited in the world, as brought to its territory huge and unique collection of architectural and cultural monuments.Here is one of the most important museums in the world - the Hermitage, the highest cathedral in Russia and the 4th largest in the world - St. Isaac.Admiralty, Mariinsky Theater, Peter and Paul Fortress, and over three hundred bridges, thirteen of which are bred, the deepest subway in the world.Also in the city every year, many activities, "Scarlet Sails", Sensation, Geek picnic and many

others.Tourists visiting the most interesting cities in Russia and arriving in St. Petersburg prefer excursions on the roofs, specific platforms, walking through the streets, embankments, parks, canals, watching the bridge.


In second place ranking the most beautiful and interesting cities, which is made on the basis of surveys of residents and guests of Russia - Moscow.It is considered to be the hallmark of the Tver region.This is where the main attractions: the Sign and Epiphany monasteries, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Bolshoi Theatre and many other well-known cultural monuments, including the Kremlin.It is a city that combines contrasts - tiny little old streets and courtyards adjacent to the immense futuristic business center.The list of attractions can be listed indefinitely.Moscow, like the other most interesting cities in Russia (Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Rostov-on-Don), has a large number of unique and beautiful places that attract tourists from around the world.There are many interesting and for children, such as the Botanical Garden, NVTsitsin.It presents plants from different continents of the planet.There is a large pond where you can feed the birds, to make beautiful pictures.


city is extremely attractive to travelers.Its rich history is closely related to German culture.The most interesting cities in Russia for tourists, what is Kaliningrad and certainly not for nothing that attracts visitors to its territory from around the world.This is a beautiful part of our country, located on the Baltic coast.It is interesting to visit the ancient city, which preserved many buildings of different architectural styles - German, Teutonic buildings, beautiful castles.Also here, the mild climate and beautiful clean sea.You should also mention the zoo, which is a unique monument of nature.On its territory is a beautiful arboretum.

most interesting city of the Golden Ring Russia

About 20 cities are included in the Golden Ring.However, Suzdal, Kostroma, Pereslavl, Vladimir are the most interesting places that clearly show how the country looked like when it was built up monasteries, churches, small wooden houses.Vladimir - a recognized capital of the Golden Ring.The city's history is rich and fascinating.Among the many attractions that have survived a great many, the most grandiose is the Golden Gate, Demetrius, the Assumption Cathedral - they are included in the UNESCO list.

most interesting city in Russia for the child

most interesting city for the children became Sochi.Since the last time he actively funded and developed as a resort place, there appeared a lot of changes for the better to attract holidaymakers.The children can go to the park "Riviera" - he is considered the best in Russia.Also in the works is the oldest Sochi circus country, which is one of the most beautiful and big.In addition, there is a wonderful climate, not just a warm and comfortable, but also has healing properties, warm clear sea.What else besides the most interesting Sochi city of Russia, who like children?Tula - here is the famous Belousovsky park, Gelendzhik attracts water park "Golden Bay", located in Kazan, the children's railway - an attraction where you can ride on a real train, but it operates only in the summer.


Another no less beautiful and interesting city in Russia.It is not just the largest port of the Volga, but also cultural and educational center of the country.By number of architectural objects and their level of safety of the city ranked Classification "A", which puts it on a par with Moscow and St. Petersburg.Kazan Kremlin tower Syuyumbike, Spasskaya Tower, the island Sviyazhsk - interesting places to visit.

most interesting and beautiful cities of Russia are rich excursion sites, many architectural structures included in the list of UNESCO.List attractions of beautiful places is extremely high.Travel, travel the country provide an interesting vacation not only for families but also for the company.This is a wonderful opportunity to spend both holidays, and a small vacation.