Children city trades "Kidburg": reviews

City jobs - this is a relatively new format of children's entertainment in Russia.Today it is represented in almost all cities.It is a kind of mini-town, which has the necessary attributes: a school, a clinic, a bank, pharmacy, supermarket, utilities, pizzeria, beauty salon, theater, television and more.

analogy life

This town covers a large area and is usually in a large shopping center.In Moscow area in this format is the "Children's World" on Lubyanka Square, and St. Petersburg - on the third floor of the "Grand Canyon."Here you can find a children's city.It just like in real life.The city's name - "Kidburg."Reviews of him overwhelm the Internet.

When you first visit the children get a passport and a certificate.Now they - the locals.In the form of a game children learn about the rules of entry.Employees tell them about the passport and customs control.Children begin to understand better what is the state, and why it is necessary to protect its borders.

First Steps

What makes a person movin

g permanently to a new city, even if it is "Kidburg"?Reviews suggest that the first step is to look for a job.And in our town.Life here starts with a visit to the unemployment office.The child is considering job and selects the job to your taste.So, playing, kid discovers important information and learning to use their knowledge in practice.Assimilates another life model.

What you need to do before you start to work?Of course, to get an education.Choosing the profession, the child is sent to study."Kidburg", reviews of which are very positive, provides such an opportunity.Educated, kid starts to work.Under the guidance of experienced animators it performs simple work.

Financial literacy and safety

first salary is very pleased crumbs.He immediately wanted to buy something.And received an important lesson: Money can not squander.Adults offer to put the game currency in the bank.So the child gets acquainted with the basics of financial literacy.This investment, interest, passive income.All this, unfortunately, is not taught in school.Thus, the visitors of the town "Kidburg" reviews which left the grateful parents formed an opinion about the extreme usefulness of game activity.

The center child to ensure maximum comfort and safety.Log in adults who are not accompanied by children, is prohibited.Protection of the complex ensures that no strangers.If a small child, the parents should be with him.The duties of employees does not include child care and care for the baby.All adults in the city wear a special bracelet that identifies them as escorts.It is produced as children who are over fourteen years.Owners bracelets can visit and leave the territory during the day.


assistants who work in the city "Kidburg"?Feedback from staff Detailed and argued.Many animators have pedagogical education.Often a job in town, students are organized specialized high schools wishing to obtain professional experience and practice of communication with kids.Employees encouraged flexible and mentoring system.Skilled craftsmen prompt, help and inspire the beginner.

Before starting work, all are trained.Classes on child psychology, theories of conflict and first aid to offset end.What is the portrait of a novice who wants to work in a small town "Kidburg"?Feedback from staff give us a complete picture.Typically, this is a young man, a student of pedagogical high school, eager to gain professional experience.His good looks and resonant voice.

animators have to deal with a group of children.Eventually he learns to speak loudly, but do not shout.Works such employee shifts, does not have time to get tired.He was always courteous, friendly and ready to help.

Where can I find children's city

Moscow "Kidburg" is located not far from the Kremlin, at the metro station "Lubyanka".Entrance to the shopping and entertainment center "Children's World" is right in the underpass.The town is located on the fifth floor."Kidburg" in the "Children's World", which reviews the Internet often leave parents happy, always full of people.According to the comments on the forums around all professions in one visit is not possible.The child begins to get tired and cranky.Introducing the profession requires activity, attention and intense mental work.However, there are close to recreation areas, cafes and a cinema where you can relax, eat and watch a movie that lasts a few minutes.

Comments and opinions

Parents note that attend "Kidburg" better in time - in the town then there will be less people.For a child need to take a change of shoes.In normal room temperature, so you should provide for light clothing.Describing the disadvantages of the town, visitors often write about a small wardrobe.In winter, it adds worries.

Child city trades "Kidburg" gathers reviews just gorgeous.Mommy say excellent design play areas, water coolers, electronic scoreboard with all useful information, free photography.Among the disadvantages, in addition to a small wardrobe, called the queue, and high prices.Those who come on holidays, there is a shortage of places to relax adults, poor choice at the cafe, the noise and bustle, the inability to freely observe and photograph children.

profession there for crumbs

In "Kidburg" parents can bring even the smallest tots.For them opened several play zones: soft Museum, Farm, School of Arts and tourist camp.At certain times for groups of kids held educational sessions.The "Kidburg" (city of professions), reviews of which are good, offers crumbs and their parents build a house, to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the forest, to paint the world in different colors.Classes are held with children from one and a half to four years.Necessarily the presence of parents.

four-year children get access to all professions.Toddlers are more familiar with the activities that they have encountered in life.For example, it is possible to lead the crumbs to a clinic and a supermarket.Toddler is still difficult to understand that such investment or insurance, so it is best to restrict familiar occupations.Useful

be parents who visit with children "Kidburg" reviews.5 years - round date for the baby.With this age crumbs have been available for many professions.After all, "Kidburg" - is a world in which there is not only a job, but also food, movies and other entertainment.Reviews of parents say that most preschoolers love the farm.Here you can collect apples, milk a cow, lamb brush.Walk around the yard geese and chickens, cats sleeping peacefully under a tree, and the dogs guarding the house.

Team play

City jobs - this is a real excursion into adulthood.Students can master it without any restrictions.

important part of the harsh reality - the ability to work in a team.For the development of this skill "Kidburg" offers group visits.For groups of students developed special programs.Children learn to help each other in difficult situations together and achieve results.

Reviews "Kidburge" in St. Petersburg is always pleasing to the organizers and staff.In this city, you can come along with your friends, or even the whole class.Young intellectuals invited to the program, "the League of experts".As part of the interesting contests kids will fight for the championship, win prizes and awards.And what could be more interesting than the class putting on a play?City director will get the leader.The rest will be actors, screenwriters, cameramen, make-up artists and dressers.And the result of teamwork, all visitors will see the town because the play will be shown on the center stage.

Baby celebration

"Kidburg" in St. Petersburg, which reviews can be easily found on the Internet, offers services for the organization birthday, graduation and other celebrations.Hero of the occasion, together with the administrators up menu and select a program.You can order any goodies at will, as well as professional videotape.

animators "Kidburge" work even real theater actors.They are always ready to entertain the child and his friends a merry performance.On a visit to the kid and come Carlson Dunno.Older children will be introduced to the real cowboys of the Wild West and help unlock the secrets of Sherlock Holmes himself.Create a program of entertainment and fairy-tale characters, you can select individually.Employees' Kidburga "must take into account all your wishes.City professionals also carries out outreach activities.

Festival must continue

Holiday - a special time for all students.These days, parents try to please and entertain your children so that was enough for the next quarter of a long and hard.Therefore, the holidays city jobs offers bright and original educational programs for children of all ages.

Young fans enjoy school detectives detectives.Children will learn how to take fingerprints and draw an identikit, as well as get acquainted with special techniques of investigation of crimes.Animation studio, which is constantly in "Kidburge" during the school holidays offering interesting programs.Draw characters or dazzle them out of plasticine - as usual.How about to construct something with the help of Lego?For older children during the holidays pass psychological trainings dedicated to friendship, leadership, creativity, journalism, and other interesting topics.

its guests "Kidburg" offers numerous loyalty programs.Unlimited packages enable significant savings.Moreover, in the town of professions you can get for free!To do this, take part in a weekly quiz questions which are published on the site.Lucky, who sent correct answers to five times in a row, receives a gift of a free visit.