Phuket in May, the weather: reviews.

of people who are not eager to travel and exotic holidays filled with bright sun and sightseeing?Who does not want to be in a tropical paradise, privacy Gold Coast and enjoy the wealth of nature?It is possible that many thought that combine all in one trip is not possible.We hasten to disabuse them: there is a place on Earth where all present.Go to Phuket in May.Weather (reviews are a testament to the fact) there is a beautiful and enchantingly beautiful places.

little about the Kingdom of Thailand

We will go on a virtual tour to the fairy kingdom of Thailand.Before you consider Phuket in May (weather), read the reviews of travelers, we briefly go over to the State itself.It is located in Southeast Asia, on the Malay Peninsula, and Indochina.The Kingdom consists of several islands, and its territory was greatly extended from north to south.Maybe it's a little inconvenient for the country from the economic point of view, it gives advantages in the tourism industry.

south and the north of Thailand

are divided almost two thousand kilometers (the distance between the extremes - 1860 km).They are located in different climatic zones, and therefore the wet and dry seasons are extreme opposites.When the southern resorts rain pours, then north welcomes tourists and vice versa.Therefore, the Kingdom is a place where all year round you can come to rest.In addition, this geographical position allows the state to harvest several times a year.

Amazing Phuket

We later consider what the weather in Phuket in May.Reviews are also listed below.And now I would like to tell you about the island itself - what it is, where is and what is so attractive to travelers.

Its name can be translated as "hill" or "mountain of colored glass."It refers to the southern region and is the largest island of the country.Its shores are washed by the warm waters of the Andaman Sea, belonging to the basin of the Indian Ocean.Phuket itself is surrounded by 32 other tiny islands that are with him are part of a single province.

Phuket in May, weather, reviews

Many travelers often prefer tours in May.This is not surprising, since this month of spring has to a large amount of output.Aware of the advantages of this island paradise, they want to come here.Some stops of the fact that the south at this time of the wet season begins.Unstable weather in Phuket in May.Reviews of tourists who visited here at this time, are entitled to assume that all depends on the year.For example, in May 2011 turned out to be a very rainy: showers were almost every day.But last month of spring 2015 was much nicer - rainfall was sparse, and the warm sun.

vagaries of weather Thai

Earlier this month, more likely it is that the weather is good, and rainfall occur occasionally.Weather in Phuket in mid-May has other reviews - it is likely that the rainy season has come into its own in full.

High humidity and inconvenience for many travelers.However, there are tourists who claim that it used to just a quarter of an hour.According to them, in May on the island a lot of kids who feel fine.There is one more thing that should take into account those who are going to Phuket.Weather in May (ratings above) though sometimes rainy, and the waves in the sea rise to a great height, it is quite favorable.The thing is that the air temperature is around 30-35 degrees Celsius.And even if it starts to rain, it is still warm outside.After a downpour nature comes to life, it becomes a lot easier.

Some travelers also noted that the weather can change several times a day.Therefore, the sun would be enough for sunbathing and pleasure trips.

This approach Phuket spring

In principle, it can be the best holiday in Phuket in May.Reviews (weather, unfortunately, is not adjusted to the needs of men) indicate that you should choose this resort to fans of extreme entertainment.As on the island at this time can be quite windy, the surfers will be satisfied.Swim will be in between quiet and windy days, because the sea water is warm all year round.

visiting Phuket in May can safely those tourists who are not going to spend all day on the beach and expect to see the sights of the island and Thailand in general.

beach paradise in the kingdom

So, Phuket.Weather in early May (ratings above) allows you to enjoy quite beach holiday.But the beaches themselves are a dime a dozen, and all of them are adapted to the needs of holidaymakers.Consider the most popular destinations.

  • Laguna Beach and Bang Tao.Considered the best area in the island, so the rest here are the richest people in the world.For them are open five-star hotels, chic restaurants, SPA-salons, golf courses and other entertainment venues.
  • Kamala Beach a bit more modest.Beside him are 3-4 * hotels and attractions Phuket FantaSea.The infrastructure is developed enough, but the beach itself attracts the pristine beauty and the ability to retire.
  • Surin - crowded but cozy beach, which is actively built recently.
  • Patong - the most popular beach among young and active travelers.At this point, a high concentration of restaurants, nightclubs, massage parlors and bars.Therefore, I will not be bored!
  • Nai Yang - small beach, famous for the fact that in 2003 there were shooting the film "Bridget Jones's Diary."Surrounded by a coral reef, it is ideal for walks and solitude.
  • Karon Beach consists of two parts, separated by a promontory.Travelers enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, the night market, quiet restaurants.Any number of star hotels are located directly in front of the cleanest promenade.
  • Nai Harn - a small and quiet beach in the bay, which will please fans of the couple and relaxing pastime.
  • Kata Beach is famous for its fantastic scenery from the hotel windows and peaceful atmosphere.This beachfront hotels are located either category.
  • Panwa - the beach at Cape on the eastern side of Phuket, remote from entertainment centers.There undeveloped infrastructure, but very nice and quiet.

Entertainment program Islands

Thus, the reader already knows what the weather is in May in Phuket.Reviews will help decide whether or not to come to the island in the late spring or not.But for those who still doubt the wisdom of travel, we will talk about entertainment.A lot of them on Phuket!This Aquarium of the Biological Research Center, and a real pearl farm, and an amazing butterfly garden and the National Park Khao Lak, and the amusement park Fanta Sea, and snake farm, and show in the garden of orchids, and "The Garden of the Apes" and cabaret "Simon "... If you do this will seem a little, then offers white-water rafting in the province of Phang Nga, a walk to the" islands of James Bond "and islets with a funny name Phi Phi, and a tour to the Thai village.Another attraction for the mandatory inspection - is the Similan Islands.They come in a dozen of the best diving spots, so fans of underwater walks will be delighted.And there are several museums.

Fishing Thai

Go to Phuket!Weather in May (responses will not lie) is quite suitable for recreation, sightseeing and fishing.This pastime promises fans quiet hunting unearthly pleasure, and production could surpass all expectations.Go to sea fishing can be both day (that is, early in the morning), and at night, if the weather permits.And it is worth remembering that in the daytime there is a chance to catch the big fish, and in the dark - squid.

for fishing tourists need to hire a small fishing boat.Depending on its equipment with special devices and different levels of comfort, its value can vary from 350 to 600 USD (2015).The price includes rental of the vessel, as well as hiring a crew of eight hours.

Phuket in early summer

reader already knows what to Phuket in May, the weather.Feedback from those who have been in this paradise in the last month of spring, made it clear that the round trip of a lottery.That is, if you're lucky, it will be sunny and clear, and if not - then the sky will be delayed by clouds and pouring rain.However, if you believe the locals, the climate in Thailand is gradually changing, and in the last five years in May, the sun shines more often than it rains.And what about June?

Weather in Phuket in May and June (responses will not lie) is somewhat similar.June also applies to the wet season, which lasts until October.In the first month of summer is enhanced wind and undercurrents, so often on the beaches you can see the red flag.It means that swimming at this time of life is risky.The water in the sea warms up to 28 degrees.The air temperature during the day is about 28-35 degrees above zero at night - 25. The rate of precipitation is slightly lower than in May, so expect longer dry days.

Hotels Phuket

course, is to visit Phuket!Weather in May, whatever it was, and will provide an opportunity to lie on the beach and enjoy the masterpieces of Thai food restaurants, and explore the most interesting places of the island.Well, as you can while away the night or in the night clubs, of which there are many, either in the hotel room.Speaking of hotels: they have a lot here for every taste and budget.The cost of living depends on the star establishment, it belongs to a network, room type, length of travel, meals, approximate to the beach.Everything is as usual.But hotels in Phuket, however, as in all of Thailand, distinguished comfort and uncompromising service.

And finally, a few words

not deny yourself the opportunity to visit Phuket in May, the weather was excellent, and the prices of tours are generally much reduced.Yes, and to issue a visa is not required.This trip will give a lot of positive emotions for the whole year.To reach the island by plane is better (the airport is situated in the north of Phuket), and then transfer to a bus or a car that dovezut hotel.No problem, you can go to the mainland by car over the bridge Sarasin.Fly direct flight from the Russian capital takes nine o'clock.

Well, in fact, all you need to know the traveler who is looking for a venue for the May holidays.Have a nice trip!