"Cherry Mountain" (Saratov) - Hotel and park

In today's world has become appreciated nature, and the time spent out of the city, is considered invaluable.However, do not always have the opportunity to go out of town, then come to the aid places can combine work and pleasure in nature.For example, the hotel "Cherry Mountain".Saratov ready to receive you.

Features of the complex

If you need to arrive at some cases in Saratov, Park-Hotel "Cherry Mountain" happily take you.It's kind of a hotel and entertainment complex, the highlight of which is a panoramic view of the city, allowing you to take a look at the most picturesque place in Saratov.

This place is considered to be ideal for relaxing with family and colleagues, and sports with friends.Maybe even business meetings, corporate events in honor of the holiday, weddings, anniversaries, and even seminars.And all this can be combined with health-improving and sports and active outdoor activities.

The choice of visitors the opportunity to visit the billiards and bowling.In winter, the two sk

i slopes open, while equipment can be rented.

Available services

Base "Cherry Hill" (Saratov) on its territory has different types of services:

  1. Cafe.Guests can be provided with a choice of one of the two halls.The menu includes dishes of European cuisine.You can also conduct a business meeting, aligning it with the business lunch.
  2. Banquet.For large-scale celebrations provided room for up to 70 people.
  3. Bowling.It offers 6 tracks of professional level, with the effect of lighting space and neon.In addition, the tracks are equipped with large monitors, which demonstrates the bright screen, if there is no game.Skittles used fluorescent.To participate in the game can be even the smallest visitors, because the tracks are protected by special flanges, operating in automatic mode.
  4. summer terrace, where you can taste the delicious barbecue in the city and a barbecue.
  5. ¬ęCherry Mountain" (Saratov) - it is also a hotel, consisting of 46 rooms of different categories.
  6. Private car park for visitors to transport, which is guarded around the clock.

The hotel

city where the hotel is located "Cherry Mountain" - Saratov.Visitors can choose the number that corresponds to their needs and financial capabilities:

  1. Standard room.This is a normal double room, which has everything for a comfortable trip Activity: double bed, bedside tables, split-system, wardrobe, sofa additionally provided.If necessary, you can use the safe.The room rate includes breakfast.
  2. improved standard room, or a family.This type of room can accommodate three or more guests.Provided one additional seat.
  3. Junior Suite.In addition to the sleeping area, there is a zone for recreation.Some rooms have a balcony may be present.
  4. Suite.The main feature of this type of hotel rooms is the presence of two rooms: a bedroom and a hall.

All rooms have a private bathroom with all toilet facilities, which may be needed for water treatment.In addition, there is free Wi-Fi, mini-bar, refrigerator, safe and breakfast.

complex infrastructure

Hotel "Cherry Mountain" (Saratov) includes two tracks for the ski slopes, the configuration of which differ.For their service lifts used by Austrian quality.Guests with children will also be here what to do, since there is provided, and children's lift, which is located on a gentle slope that is designed for beginners.

To prepare the slopes for the season using a specialized system of artificial osnezhneniya.Thanks to her, the season begins well before going natural snow.To activate it you just temperature slightly below zero.

Even at night wanting to experience the slopes are full of ski runs, as the developers an elaborate system of lighting the ski slopes.

For the full sports both in winter and in the warmer months, there is a possibility to rent sports equipment, such as bicycles, skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing.

Additional services

Any guest, regardless of room type, where he settled, can enjoy a range of additional services provided by the hotel:

  • facilities and various events;
  • ATM, which is located directly on the complex;
  • smoking area;
  • Pool (indoor or external), steam room, sauna and spa;
  • parking and parking services;
  • room service.

Park Hotel "Cherry Mountain", which is located at the 1st Dacha, d. 11, regardless of the destination in the glorious city of Saratov will be the place that will create a very positive first impression.