Santa Claus Village in Finland (photo)

If you want to give your children an unforgettable holiday in the New Year's Eve, then you will be Santa Claus Village (Finland).Here you will be able to dive into the atmosphere of the main European celebration and get a lot of impressions.In this article you will find out what famous Santa Claus Village in Finland.Photos and description of this wonderful place will help you to make your own impression of him.

Children's rest in Finland

This amazing country has long been a favorite northern Russian tourists as there are all conditions for a family holiday.But most of all relax here like children who feel a special relationship.Their leisure time is organized with all the detail: in all public places for them organized special game rooms and playground for recreation.Children in the country year-round fun, but it was winter they can get into a real winter wonderland.Santa Claus Village (Finland) give you the indescribable beauty of the northern lights, riding on reindeer and, of course, the unforge

ttable meeting with the chief magician of the country.

Where does Santa?

Every child knows that the main winter wizard lives at the North Pole, somewhere in the Arctic Circle.And this statement is far from the truth.Magic coordinates are as follows: 66 ┬░ 33 '07'.Daily Lapland come thousands of letters from children all over the world, and often do not have the exact address envelopes.Fortunately, the postman know where the village of Santa Claus, and immediately sends the message to the address: Santa Klaus, 96930 Arctic Circle.To get to this amazing place, you must first buy a ticket to the capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi.And here it is necessary to take the bus number 8, and after 20 minutes you will be in place.

Santa Claus Village: photo and description

Since its opening (1950) Santa's residence has increased significantly.Now on its territory you can see the house-office chief wizard in which it operates year-round.Here he reads the letters from the children, and enter the names of the thick books obedient and disobedient kids.When you get to the office of Santa, you'll have to wade through a magical clockwork gears on suspension bridges and crossings.The fact is that at this point the Earth's crust is very thin and the guests do not have to burn a red-hot lava.Overcoming obstacles, you can see most of Santa Claus and even make him photos.The village has a post office, where a team of true dwarves.From here you can send anywhere in the world a letter from the Finnish Santa Claus, and the envelope will show off printing of the Arctic Circle.The village of Santa Claus will not leave your guests without souvenirs, so in its territory are several shops and stores.In them you can buy the original snowmen, Lapland handmade jewelry, dolls in local folk costumes and much more.Also, there are cafes and restaurants where you can relax after sightseeing.

Santa Park.Attractions Finland

village of Santa Claus - not the only place where you can heartily fun for adults and children.Not far away is a wonderful amusement park, the holiday which lasts all year round.It employs true elves, kids are fun, flavorful baked sweets and teach everyone in your school.If you want to meet Santa and tell him about your desires, you can look into his office, located in the center of the park.If you want to learn a lot of new and interesting things about the nature of the north, about the animal world of Lapland and the indigenous population of this area, be sure to check out the ice gallery.Here you'll see amazing sculptures made of ice, and try refreshing drinks at the Ice Bar.In the park, you can ride the Santa train "Seasons", a fascinating journey and cross the Arctic Circle at a depth of 50 meters, and visit the Secret toy workshop elves.

Zoo "Ranua┬╗

Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi and Santa Park will leave in your memory a lasting impression.However, to a Christmas program has been implemented in full, you should visit the Polar Zoo, located 80 km from the Arctic Circle.It is home to caribou, wolves, moose, polar bears, lynx and many other cold-loving animals.

Adult Entertainment

Santa Claus Village offers visitors a unique opportunity for adults to marry among the glittering ice from Ice altar or at a depth of 50 meters under the ground right on the Arctic Circle.After this unusual ceremony, newlyweds can celebrate the joyous occasion with their guests in the restaurant of the Arctic Circle or in the cafe "Cat", where they will be a whole concert, dance performance and a disco.

How to celebrate New Year in Finland

Santa Claus Village is pleased to its guests throughout the year, but the hottest time begins on the eve of New Year holidays.So if you decide to arrange a holiday for his family and go to the New Year celebrations in Finland, you should decide for yourself a few important questions:

  • time travel.If you do not take care of the tickets in advance, you can stay in Russia for all holidays.In addition, you should note that during the Christmas holidays for a few days abate all busy streets, freeze traffic, closed shops and cultural attractions are unavailable.The fact that the Finns, like hundreds of years ago, will gather in the church to listen to the festive service.And the rest of the time they will try to spend with his family.
  • place of celebration.This can be a secluded cottage, situated far away from civilization, but with the ability at any time to go to the big city.Neighborhoods Rovaniemi traditionally chosen by families with small children as the proximity of the famous village of Santa, husky and reindeer farm, arctic zoo and much more will turn your holiday into a real adventure.Those who want to save money, experienced hikers recommend the lodge to the ski resort of Levi and go on trips as needed.
  • outfit.Do not forget that the Finnish frosts did not softer Russian.So do not be superfluous to stock up warm clothing, boots, gloves and thermal underwear.
  • travel organizer.If you do not want to take the hotel search and organization of entertainment, contact the travel agency.Thus, you will know the time of your stay, number of trips, and the opportunity to visit other countries and cities.