Fishing base "Karalat" (Astrakhan): description, pictures, reviews

huge demand among fans of wildlife enjoyed fishing camp site located in the Astrakhan region on the banks of the Volga River overflowing.This area has long been famous for its rich flora and fauna.It visited by people tired of the frantic pace of city life, in order to rejuvenate and restore emotional balance.

Want to spend a weekend with health benefits, get a lot of positive impressions?Fishing base "Karalat" (Astrakhan) throughout the year opens its doors to welcome guests.The attentive staff is pleased to offer comfortable accommodation, a versatile leisure and recreation.

Introduction to fishing base

At the heart of almost untouched nature nestled complex "Karalat" (base).Astrakhan - a picturesque city on the Volga River with the developed infrastructure and unique climate, which has favorable conditions for fishing and good hunting.Trophies and holiday season will bring indescribable joy and emotional satisfaction.Going on fishing and hunting complex, everyone will find something of inter


businessmen come here to combine working moments and leisure.Most corporate events are held here, which are aimed at achieving the objectives of cohesion and team spirit of the union.Base is perfect for family and romantic vacations.For companies granted a small discount.No charge for children under six years of age.

Hotel service

Choice tourist base "Karalat" (Astrakhan) offers several accommodation options:

  • well-appointed rooms in the three-storey building, equipped with bathroom, air conditioning, furniture, appliances.
  • houses fisherman - a residential building with rooms "standard" category.All rooms are renovated and equipped with kitchen units, facilities and necessary furniture.
  • Hunter House on the bank.Metabolite.The rooms are designed for 4 people.It offers a personal bathroom, compact freezer, microwave, comfortable beds.In the lobby there is a kitchen for cooking.
  • tent city - a great choice for people who want a complete unity with nature.Camping electricity, there is a BBQ and shared facilities on site.

Local cuisine

The main building is a spacious cafe, decorated in oriental style.Custom menu.The range of dishes is impressive variety: in the presence of oriental delicacies, treats European cuisine and, of course, the native Russian dishes.It should be noted that the complex has a small farm agricultural production.

also inhabits animals: ducks, chickens, turkeys.Meals are prepared only from natural products that do not contain harmful impurities.Base "Karalat" (Astrakhan) has a barbecue and a smokehouse, where guests can engage in their own cooking.Tourists have the opportunity to cook food from the trophies.

Weekend Program

addition to relaxing, offers sightseeing tours of the great expanses of the Volga.Base "Karalat" Astrakhan is organizing routes through outstanding geographical, historical and architectural objects of the region, including the Golden Horde, lotus fields, salt lakes, the mausoleum of Kurmangazy and more.

Travel in unique places you can make on the bus and on your own car, accompanied by a professional guide.In addition, you can rent boats.After an interesting excursion want to relax, and this will help Russian sauna, Turkish bath or sauna.At leisure, you can play pool, have a swim in the river, walk through the local neighborhood.

Astrakhan fishing

In any weather you will find an amazing fishing and spearfishing.With this experience in this case it is irrelevant because the aid comes ranger.Accompanied by an experienced instructor you will be able to fill a bucket of large carcasses.Base "Karalat" (Astrakhan) provides rental boats, boats, fishing tackle.

About Diversity heard many underwater inhabitants.Spinning manages to catch a big pike and perch.On worm peck good bream, catfish, roach, bream, rudd, tarashka.The water "boils" in the abundance of different fish.Conducted dive for underwater hunting.Those who have ever visited these places, become an avid fisherman and come back here again.

fishing base "Karalat" (Astrakhan): holidaymakers reviews

complex receives a huge number of enthusiastic exclamations.Satisfied guests with one voice declare that the base is one of the best corners in the Astrakhan region.People talk about friendly and even a friendly atmosphere, quality service and a clean environment.

Outside fills the life-giving energy, and human nature is generously large trophies.It leaves pleasant memories and enriches horizons fishing complex "Karalat" (base).Astrakhan no worse overseas resorts!