Yalta: the private sector.

most famous and fashionable resort of Crimea, no doubt, is Yalta.This town lies on the gentle slopes of the hills on three sides surrounded by high mountain ranges, which are preventing the penetration of cold air on the coast of the mainland, contribute to the formation of a unique climate.

Climatic conditions

winter is incredibly short and mild, the snow if it happens it is just a few hours, without having to please the kids.Summer begins in May and sunny days per year is fixed, even more than in Sochi.The bravest swimmers open season towards the end of April, and the beaches are completely emptied until the end of October.

History of Yalta

Residents often tell a beautiful legend that explains the origin story of the city.Hundreds of years ago, Greek sailors wandered far seas in search of new land.Stern turned the Black Sea, had to sail in thick fog, for a few days did not stop the strongest storm.Sailors over fresh water and food.But suddenly, the fog parted before them, and they saw in the

distance a long-awaited land."Gialos!Beach! "- They shouted.Since then, the coastal settlement and acquired the name of Yalta.However, researchers have not yet found the Crimea confirm this romantic legend.

It is known that as early as the 5th century BC.e.coastal areas inhabited by brand, in the 13th century on the southern coast of Crimea descended Venetian merchants, who soon ousted the Genoese.At the end of the XV century Yalta passed into the possession of the Turkish sultan.And when in 1783, Crimea became part of the Russian Empire, it represented only a tiny settlement, consisting of 13 yards, but that there were also a church and a mosque.

impetus to the development

huge role in the development of Yalta played Count Vorontsov, who became governor of the Novorossiysk Territory.He dreamed of the poor instead of sad to see the beautiful villages of the Crimea resort and did a lot to make their dreams come true.MS Vorontsov built a road between the settlements and establish sea links, distributed for the use of land for the cultivation of vineyards.The result was not long in coming.Despite the fact that in the village there were only two streets and one stone building, and virtually all the rest of the territory occupied by the private sector, Yalta already in 1838 was declared a city.

rapid construction in the region started in the seventies of the 19th century, when the royal family being acquired very close to the village of Livadia.Rest in Yalta became popular and prestigious.The city turned quickly build luxury hotels, restaurants, shops.Many of them today and delight their customers.

City hotels

first hotels were opened in Yalta, even in the middle of the 19th century, but "Russia", received its first visitors in 1875, it was the most comfortable.It stayed in her famous Nekrasov, Chekhov, MP Musogorsky.It is from this period has begun does not stop, and now competition among hotels.Hoteliers compete, someone will be the most luxurious hotel, who will be able to offer our guests a full range of various services.Today, one of the most popular are "Oreanda", "Crimea", "Bristol", "Tauris", "Yalta".

However, since Czarist times what is especially famous Yalta - the private sector.And if before the travelers were offered a modest cottages and small rooms, now offers a variety of private hotels and apartments makes the choice destinations very long and enjoyable process.

private sector

course, hotel accommodation makes it possible not to think about the many domestic problems.The maid always put things in order in the room and in the morning in most of the hotel offers a hearty breakfast.But for those who want to relax on the sea Budget and remove low-cost housing in the city such as Yalta, private sector seems to be the best one.

Feedback from tourists, independent travel and have a lot of advantages.As the most expensive resort in the Crimea Yalta is a private sector provides a good opportunity to save money.Guests of the town continue to live the usual life, adhering to the established order, not tied to the rules dictated by the hotel or resort.

However, not only the desire to save money leads people to the private sector.Yalta is also able to meet the needs of travelers looking for a quiet delicious rest "Lux".Many positive reviews people leave, rent of comfortable villas with a private pool, sauna, gym.

Principles of cost

Looking for a house in Yalta (the private sector or the hotel is - it does not matter), it is necessary to take into account that the land in this area is incredibly expensive, so the low prices you can count except in February.The closer to the sea is a house, so it is naturally more expensive.Also, in the formation of prices, landlords take into account the terrain.City descends from the mountains to the sea, so a way back from the beach all the way up can also significantly affect the amount of rent.It is also an important factor for those who plan to rest in Yalta, - the private sector is supplied with water according to the schedule.The absence or presence of a regular water supply has a significant impact on the price set by the lessor.

budget option.Apartments and rooms

wonderful place for those who wish for a reasonable price to get quality rest - Crimea.Yalta, the private sector which is growing from year to year, would be an excellent option.After all, prices in this city although higher than the average on the peninsula, but still very far from Sochi.

most budget option is to rent a small apartment or a room in the suburbs.Of course, do not expect super modern renovated room cost 700 rubles per person per day, but there is sure to be everything you need.Among the obvious advantages of this option is the placement price.As noted deficiencies reviews inevitable presence of neighbors, the queue in the common areas, as well as attention from the owners.

somewhat more expensive option that allows you to make a more comfortable stay in Yalta - the private sector turnkey, that is, without owners.The cost of rent depends on the location of the apartment, as well as on its staffing.The presence in the apartment air conditioning and modern repair instantly increases the price of the lease.For those who are willing to sacrifice comfort, it is possible to find acceptable options for 900 rubles per person.The only downside of these apartments is their remoteness from the sea.

budget option.Guest houses

Often, tourists who are tired of life in metropolitan areas are looking at holiday calm, unity with nature and the hope that they will be able to provide the desired Crimea.Yalta, the private sector has evolved over more than 150 years, a large amount of private land, which, along with the homes owners equipped guesthouses for tourists.

cottages are located farther from the coastline, the greater the area of ​​the free territory at the disposal of the hosts and their guests.Tourists are not only comfortable rooms and plenty of space in the garden to admire the marine sunsets, enjoy freshly prepared barbecue and rich bouquet of Massandra wine.Those who arrived in Yalta on your own car, do not find fault with this accommodation option.Reviews suggest that even if the remote location housing the road to the sea does not take more than 20 minutes.And if you visit the city do not have in stock cars, access to the beach can be run regularly on public transport.In this case, you should be mentally prepared every day to spend quite a long time on the road.But the fresh air, rich fragrance of Crimean pine and mountain flowers, the absence of large concentrations of people more than compensate for some inconvenience.

Accommodation sea

those tourists who are willing to pay for the comfort of the private sector in Yalta near the sea offers many options.Here and comfortable apartment in the historic buildings on the waterfront, and apartments in the coastal modern buildings and modern guest house right next to the beach.All of them provide the required level of comfort: the presence of air conditioning and hot water, good repair and comfortable furniture.The hosts are ready to provide its guests a regular change of bed linen and towels.

As a rule, in a review, guests practically does not occur in relation to the negative housing more expensive segments.Yaltintsy value their reputation.And if the announcement stated the availability of air conditioning in every room, you can be 100 percent sure that it will be so.It is also firmly adhered lease agreement.It is now practically impossible to see unscrupulous owners, offering tourists the private sector.Yalta with its diversity allows you to quickly find a replacement dishonest property owners.

Pros and cons

And despite the proximity to the sea, entertainment, shopping, some tourists as a lack of say overcrowding, overcrowding, lack of individual space.And it's not a gram is not surprising, because the demand creates supply, and the number of those wishing to rent a house close to the beach is not reduced.

Accommodation in the center is unlikely to be quiet - loud music, noise, singing, the hum of voices are unlikely to go to sleep before midnight.But if the program is staying in Yalta, includes a visit to night clubs and discos, the accommodation close to the waterfront tourists will not disappoint.

Elite rest

addition to the standard living conditions, which are offered by the private sector, Yalta is able to provide its guests something special.Secluded villas that can be rented for family or company will make an unforgettable vacation in the Crimea.They guarantee atypical privacy and comfort levels to satisfy the most demanding customers.Usually villas are located at some distance from the coastline, but have their own swimming pool, garden, gym and sauna often.As the rave reviews of the lucky ones, in terms of quality holiday villas at the Yalta can be compared with the Italian or Spanish resort.

search for suitable options

Nowadays rental properties presents no difficulties for those who are going on vacation in the Crimea.Yalta, a house (private sector and the hotel) where you can find for every taste, with joy opens its gates youth and seniors, mature couples and families with children of preschool age.

How not to make a mistake in choosing the right option?You can go the traditional route and contact the travel agency.Typically, each of them has established contacts with the owners of small private hotels.Manager necessarily familiar with all the nuances of recreation.Guaranteed settlement 100 percent.Among the disadvantages - limited number of proposals and additional costs.

few independent search allows you to save homes.On the Internet there are many sites offering quality holiday in the Crimea.It is no exception and Yalta.The private sector, which make it possible to review photos tiniest details premises is presented in a variety of specialized sites and sites for classified ads.The possibilities are truly endless for selection.In this case, all of the risks borne by the individual traveler.

Whatever it was, all people are unique.And what will be the long-awaited vacation depends largely not only on ambient comfort and quality of services provided, but also on the general mood, which tourists will share with others.