Date of opening the metro station "Kotelniki" in Moscow

«Kotelniki" - is the first station of the Moscow

metro, located in the Moscow region.That is why the inhabitants of nearby towns looking forward to its opening.

This event will be extremely important for the residents of the Moscow region.Construction has been going on for almost three years.A date of opening of the metro station "Kotelniki" repeatedly postponed for substantial reasons.When the authorities are planning to tell the exact time?

History station

decision to build the metro station "Kotelniki" was adopted in spring 2012.And in the autumn we began the first work.Responsibility for the timely implementation of them was given to the deputy mayor for urban policy.

This section applies to underground Violet Metro line - from the station "Zhulebino" to "Kotelniki".Its total length is about nine meters, and of station complex - about 374 m. The length of current deadlock is roughly 246 m. ​​

Construction is of paramount importance due to the fact that it is the first station of the Moscow metro, located in the Moscow region.That is why the residents of nearby settlements so concerned about the issue of when the expected date of opening of the metro station "Kotelniki".The answer to this can be obtained by tracing the progress of construction.

Start of construction work at the station "Kotelniki»

So, the construction of "Kotelnikov" started in autumn 2012.Then here we brought the necessary equipment and prepare the territory.At the beginning of the winter we started work on the construction of current deadlocks and the station.Interestingly, the work was carried out openly.This is due to the fact that the station complex is laid is not very deep.Estimated date of the opening of the metro station "Kotelniki" was scheduled for the last months of 2013.However, due to certain circumstances, identified in the course of construction, it was postponed.

work continued until the end of autumn 2013.During this time, the builders managed to finish the driving of both tunnels.However, in November, the work is almost complete.With the object was removed almost all the equipment and personnel.It was only a guard.Then the question of when the open metro station "Kotelniki" again became urgent for the residents.

resumption of construction by the end of the winter of next year some of the works were resumed.Construction of the station complex and current deadlock lasted until August.And by the end of the year most of the work has been completed.It started interior decoration and installation of ventilation systems and video surveillance.It was about a new date of opening the metro station "Kotelniki".He planned to spend the spring of 2015.However, due to non-compliance deadlines have not earned a new metro station "Kotelniki".The opening date of which was administered first in March and then in May, we had to move again.

All the while construction continued.By the end of this spring is fully completed finishing work.Concerned residents of the region are interested in re-metro station "Kotelniki" (opening).The latest news reported that there are only to coordinate all the necessary documents.

why the postponement?

As already mentioned, the construction period has repeatedly shifted.Therefore, the date of opening of the metro station "Kotelniki" transferred more than once.What was the reason?The first postponement was connected with the problems that have emerged due to the owners of the surrounding land.Because of these difficulties, the opening of the metro station "Kotelniki" was postponed to mid-2015.

In the course of constantly expressed different views about the timing of completion of construction.Including stated that it may be completed by the end of 2014. However, this solemn date was transferred again.This time the reason was delays in construction.

Final date of opening

Accurate and have probably the final date for the opening of the metro station "Kotelniki" - 9 August.It is planned to coincide with the feast of the builder, is celebrated on this day.As expected the government and the people, from this time station "Kotelniki" work in full force.And currently under the process of registration documents of the past.The very same station is already fully operational.

now allowed under the test train without passengers.All of this suggests that really soon earn metro station "Kotelniki".Opening date on which the plans will not be tolerated, it will be one of the most anticipated events for the residents of nearby residential areas.

architectural features of the station

station "Kotelniki" is located at a depth of about 15 meters.It is reported that her style will be the main traditions of Stalin's empire.First of all, direct ceilings and rounded columns.With regard to the structure, it is similar to the nearby station "Zhulebino".From the bright colors of the architects refused, replacing them with a clean and calm.Thus, the walls decorated with grayish-yellow marble elements with copper hues.Finishing the floor is made predominantly red granite.

station is equipped with two underground halls, each of which will have two outputs.East will be located on both sides of the highway Novoryazanskoe, where plans to build a transport hub.

far from the station will be built parking for cars and public transport capacity of about two hundred people.

equipment and machinery

But citizens are interested in not only the metro station "Kotelniki" (opening).Latest news generously report technological innovations and modern equipment to be installed here.In particular, we are talking about the latest energy-saving escalators.Seven of these models purchased for the plant.It is reported that if the passenger is small, the device automatically slow down your work, and if not for a considerable length of time, the escalator stops altogether.The new devices combine the high level of safety and long life - up to 50 years.

To make the station "Kotelniki" most convenient for people with disabilities and the elderly, it will equip with roomy elevators.A stage located at the entrance to the underground, equipped with heating function.Thus, the station will be provided with maximum comfort for all passengers.

Further construction

station is notable for the fact that one of its outlets located within the capital, and the other - on the territory of the Moscow region Kotelniki village, near the Experimental field.After putting her government intends to build a station, "Rumyantsevo" and Salaryevo "on nearby lands.But when they open the station "Kotelniki" in Moscow, planned to create a transport interchange hub for a number of buses plying on long lines.It will be located between the station and the highway Novoryazanskaya.

station "Kotelniki" well located - close to residential areas.Its opening will allow the authorities to give up some flights land transport.Thus, when they open the station "Kotelniki" the situation on the streets greatly relieve.And citizens will enjoy cleaner air and convenient, and fast way to travel.Now residents of areas located near the station will be able to get to the center of Moscow, about half an hour faster than the bus.

So soon you will earn metro station "Kotelniki"?When the opening?Good news - very soon.But nearby residents have to hope that the promised date will be final.