Attractions Gorokhovets: where to go.

ancient Russian town in the Vladimir region - a real open-air museum.Words to describe cultural attractions Gorokhovets difficult, but they should be seen to be for a while plunge into the aristocratic life of XVII-XVIII centuries.In this city, you are sure to wander through the picturesque streets, look over the mountain panorama of the city and its surroundings, and then going down and going over the bridge, to see reflected in the surface of the river Gorohovets has retained the charm of past centuries.

Architecture city

beautiful churches, old mansions and stone merchants' houses - and highlights the main attractions of Gorokhovets.Russia kept on its territory is only 20 merchant chambers, and 7 of them are in this town.Interestingly, among these buildings no two are alike.Each house has its own "status", which can be seen on the site of its former owner in the social hierarchy.Here are preserved mansions of wealthy merchants and the House, the house of merchant guild mediocre and simple huts or

dinary workers.

Houses as though dissolved in temples and monasteries, built on a lot of donations of rich citizens.

Churches and monasteries

Numerous churches and monasteries - is not the main attractions in Gorokhovets, but also worthy of attention.In the central square stands the Cathedral of the Annunciation.The majestic and austere five-domed church with a tall and slender belfry was built by the merchant Ershov at the beginning of the XVIII century.The funds of the same merchant previously built another church - Resurrection, which was the first stone church in the city.The largest disputes the old-timers and local historians turned around All Saints Church, built in Russian style in the early XX century.Until now, opponents are not agreed, at whose expense it was erected.

in Gorokhovets survived 3 monastery, built in the XVI-XVII centuries.The oldest among them - founded in 1568 Znamensky monastery, surrounded by endless forests.And the title of the most outstanding attractions Gorokhovets belongs Sretensky Cathedral, located in the eponymous monastery in the south-eastern part of the city's main square.Crowned with a dome decorated with stucco volume and interesting decorative elements, he unwittingly attracts admiring glances.

house merchant Sapozhnikov

However, not only and not so much famous monasteries Gorokhovets.Walking through the city is bound to be run by the old buildings of the city quarter.The first building that we "visit" - a merchant's house museum Sapozhnikov (Ershov).The three-storey building rises above the ordinary one-storey buildings.Unremarkable in appearance, it is startling in its interior decoration.On the first floor - a spacious porch, master bathroom and a ceremonial hall for the reception.On the second - the bedchamber, the interior of which was restored with great care, you can see and appreciate the decoration of the rooms of the wealthy merchant city at the time.On the third floor in one of the rooms contains interesting specimens carpentry toys that were making from the remains of the wooden chips and painted in bright colors.There is a merchant's house and secret passages, through which owners could discreetly leave your home.

House Morozova

Gorohovets and its attractions better explore on foot, visiting the most interesting places of the city.On Lenin Street, close to the central square of the city, is another very beautiful one-story wooden structure, painted in light green tone - the house Morozov.The building is decorated with delicate carvings and bizarre light towers, covered with scaly roof.Now a former merchant's house put on the children's library.

House Prishletsova

Further along the same street, there is another "fabulous" house where once lived the chairman of the local district council.This is truly a magnificent structure, a real curiosity Gorokhovets.Above the entrance to the house is built square cupola, covered with tiles and topped by a spire.From its foundation to the roof ridge stepwise raised triangular dormer window, barrel-shaped mezzanine, and the central part of the mansion built unusual "pot-bellied" superstructure.Another "highlight" of the house are decorating its windows with wooden frames carved amazing beauty: here the vines and exotic colors lurked birds of paradise and mermaids.

House Shiryaevo

Gorokhovets Architectural sights are not only wooden architecture, but also the stone houses.One example of stone buildings - the house Shiryaev.Merchant family, by means of which in the late XVII century built this mansion, was not alien to European culture, which is reflected in the layout of the house, which is close to the Baroque palace buildings, but at the same time close the room, thick walls and decorations are typical Russian.Preserved as an old porch with a narrow staircase leading to the "maiden" little room.In the 80-ies of the last century, the house was restored Shiryaev, restoring its original forms and details.

House Shorin

In Nizhny Novgorod highway hiding another interesting building, built in the style of Russian fairy tales - Manor Shorin, a major breeder of the shipowner and the beginning of XX century.This house is distinguished by a mixture of Russian and modern style.The main distinguishing feature of these houses - the turrets at the corners of the house and window openings wavy lines with unusual rassteklovkoy.Unknown architect and decorated the house with numerous rosettes carved in the tradition of folk artists.

house king peas

What else is Gorohovets sights?The house is the king of peas is here.Locals expertly beat the name of your city, to create a real magic kingdom in the former estate of Shorin (now the House of Crafts and Folk Art).It sits on the throne of the king Peas, and with him is his entourage and buffoon.Before visitors excursions played a real spectacle with stories about ancient Russian traditions, songs, dances and jokes, rhymes, which create a feeling of real holiday.King asks riddles to its guests and treats them mushy peas.


question which is before the tourists when they saw the sights Gorokhovets: "Where to go to have fun?"During the warmer months you can sit on the summer terrace cafes or take a dip in the holy spring, which is arranged on the territory of St. Nicholas Monastery, 100 meters above the river Klyazma.No less interesting is a walk to another area of ​​archaeological monuments - on Bald Mountain, where there is no tree.On this hill is legendary among local residents: some claim that the mountain flied witches and wizards who, starting to dance, trampling on it all alive, others believe that the trees do not grow on the mountain, asin ancient times there was a pagan temple, but scientists have a more "mundane" version of the lack of vegetation - seeds do not give grief to take root strong winds that blow in her round.

winter, should go to the most famous ski resort in the Vladimir region, which is located on Mount Puzhalovoy.There are equipped with 16 trails of varying difficulty with a vertical drop of 70 meters and a width of 40-50 meters. Wishes to be trained in the art of bends can go on a specialized track-tubing.For less extreme Guests at the resort arranged a toboggan run.Snowboarders waiting snowboard park with five dzhibbingovymi figures.Interesting there is something for everyone every guest of the resort "Puzhalova Mountain".

wonder attractions Gorokhovets attract lovers of traditional Russian medieval architecture.Once in the city, involuntarily immersed in the atmosphere of fairy tales and antiquities, brings old Russian merchant houses and monasteries.